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Never write a blog post any more

Have you run out of ideas on writing blog posts? Or you don’t have time to sit and draft, proof read and then post to your blog?

Blog posts written for you

If your answer is yes, then look no further. Blo.gl has an answer for you…

Blo.gl was built to help your business reap the many benefits of blogging – WITHOUT you ever having to write a single blog post! Blo.gl helps you save time and increase profits. All you do is sing up and sit back Tessa will write all the posts for you to receive traffic to your business on daily basis.

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Happy AUTOMATED blogging…

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The changing world we live in

OFX has released “The Where the World’s Moving Global Report,”
where it reveals some insights but provides perspective and context for the changing world we live in.

The Where the World’s Moving Global Report was commissioned because the world we live in is constantly moving. We’re moving to embrace increasingly globalised ways of living and working, where people and businesses are frequently engaging across borders. OFX is in the forefront empowering global citizens and organisations by helping them move money around the world quickly, safely and efficiently. OFX has customers living in all corners of the globe and are achieving significant things – from emigrating, buying international property, supporting family members far and wide to running mission-driven businesses creating positive social impact on a global scale. With truly global customers we need to think global every day. They’re a futuring gazing business constantly looking for better ways to best serve international consumer needs. To that end, OFX commissioned an international study, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, of 800 global citizens across Australia, United States, United Kingdom and China to unearth what these worldly consumers believe to be pivotal lifestyle, work, travel, ecommerce and business trends – today and into the future. Four key trends emerged as the immediate future impactors which will be driving change across the globe. Principal international key opinion leaders were interviewed on each trend in detail to better understand the compounding influences leading the change. From psychology drivers, sustainability needs, a changing employment landscape to seamless and instant expectations around product & service delivery, each trend is unpacked to reveal the insight. The world will keep moving, and so will we.

The Where the World’s Moving Global Report has uncovered the impact of sustainability on purchasing and lifestyle decisions. Global citizens increasingly prefer to buy from companies that employ sustainable practices and are happy to see businesses put social purpose above profit. They want to live closer to communities that offer sustainable solutions to society’s biggest issues. Thomas Milburn is Associate Director of Corporate Citizenship, a global consultancy specialising in sustainable and responsible business. For the past 21 years, Corporate Citizenship has helped companies and organisations understand the sustainability challenges they face and the role they can play in solving them. Milburn says companies across the world are now thinking about their purpose beyond profit, and the role they are required to play in society. Executives increasingly understand being a good corporate citizen is not just doing the right thing, it plays an important role in “futureproofing” organisations. Businesses of all sizes, he says, need to “think about how they contribute to the wellbeing of humanity and society and how they’re adding sustainable value over the long term”.

We hope this Where the World’s Moving Global Report not only reveals some insights but provides perspective and context for the changing world we live in.

What makes you feel Amazing?

This is a question that many of us should be asking ourselves on a daily basis. In this world, everyday we are faced with crisis and we lose direction,become despondent and give up important goals in life.

Set Up an Invisible Infrastructure that’s Empire READY

Mark Hoverson, the founder of Invisible Empire talks about things that can make you feel amazing for now and for the future. His 8-Figure Secrets can give you direction to follow and make your life a lot more meaning and productive.

Done For You Marketing System

Think of it as a real-life obstacle course, which upon playing releases radical productivity, forces you to dream bigger, saves you from feeling discouraged and gives you insider 8-Figure Secrets. Put simply, “8-Figure Launchpad” will act as rocket fuel, propelling your life and biz into radical forward momentum. This is an amazing Foundation as a stand alone course to find your bearings and live your dream!

80% off expedia retail pricing with Renaissance Travel Membership

After  spending a lot of  money on airfares, hotels and resorts,  a friend of us by the  name of Mark Hoverson gave us a tip on how he managed to go on vacations every year without spending so much money. The secret was in leveraging the power of Renaissance Travel Membership.That motivated us to to find out more!

This costs $630 per week only with REN membership

As a member of our private travel membership, you get access to a network of more than 5,000 resorts around the world, including properties of renowned international tourist chains like Sheraton Resort, Marriott Resort, Wyndham, Hilton, Diamond Resorts, Club Intrawest, Fairmont, Four Seasons , WIVC, among many others.

Being a member of Renaissance gives you access to exclusive rates from only $298 up to $699 per week (total, not per person) in properties sleeping 2 to 8 people, and sometimes up to 10 people.

Renaissance is like having your own apartment in more than 85 countries, and without ever having to pay any maintenance costs.

Our vendor, Golden Crown Resort (who we have an online exclusivity agreement with) has been in the travel & accommodation industry that for over two decades. They have set the standard for superior customer service, discriminating taste, and quality accommodations, all at very attractive prices. You can access the site by entering the following guest code. To preview your Renaissance Membership enter the guest access code: 74LN23HWMY

In 1999, they developed an Internet reservation service and customer service system, providing clients with access to a global inventory of accommodation.

As a result of these initiatives, Renaissance Club Members are now served by the most advanced customer service and online bookings in the industry. Not only  that, members can earn 3k,5k and 11K  by sharing this rare  and great opportunity with members of the public.

Our commitment to superior service, integrity, and attractive prices, are the cornerstones on which we have built our growth and success.

If you like going on vacation, this is a  gate way to enjoying cheaper  accommodation anywhere in the  world as we do.

It is  easy  and secure to activate your membership.

Click on the  button  below and  enter your  name and active email address, and an activation link will be sent to your inbox. Confirm by clicking on it and you will be taken to our secure sales page for  payment.

If Your Budget Is Tight, You can Pay in 3-4 Instalments. Our coaches will be on  standby to make your experience a hassle free.Activate My Membership

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