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Ideally, business is a romantic endeavor

Mark, an old friend of mine who likes adventures,traveling and making friends  sent me this article to spark your entrepreneur journey.

One lover, the entrepreneur, makes or invents something  that is meaningful and important (or fun or stylish or whatever the niche may be)….
And another lover, the client, is mysteriously attracted to the thing created…and is so moved to take possession of the object/idea/shirt/trip/membership.etc that they are happily (even eagerly) willing to trade away their money so they can obtain what the entrepreneur created
In short, “business (in an ideal situation) is a type of love affair.”
Maybe it’s the wine, or the reputation Italy has for romance that sparked the quote above (I’ve been saturating in Tuscany the last week or so, so it’s rubbing off on me I guess).

***And here is a pic of the Tuscany countryside from outside our bedroom window…Shanny took it on her snapchat…so I’m  pretty much in a semi-enchanted state of mind most of the time while here.But moving on…Here are 3 tips that may help power your entrepreneurial quest, and add a splash of romance to what is oftentimes considered to be just a necessary “grind” to chisel out a living :#1- Ask yourself, “Is it possible that I might be able to fall  in love with the products, services, and solutions I offer?”#2- Far deeper, and better, is to ask yourself, “Is the client who would be attracted to the product/service I promote…is that the type of person who I could truly enjoy spending time with? That question is mega-important…read on…And at some level (maybe just the brotherly-love level) could I see myself “loving” my clients? <–when the answer is “yes”, it opens up a world where your business becomes not only a lifestyle generating profit center, but also an abundant resource of every-growing “affinity” friends <—friends who have similar likes, interests, and  passions…so really your business becomes a platform for a marvellous social life.#3- Realize the stuff I’m typing above is romantic, it’s a little reaching. It’s pushing the reality of what business “actually is” a little far. However, just like a romantic relationship…romance is not 24/7/365…conversely, it seems to pop up here and there… And just a touch of that romance “here and there” softens the blows of sustaining a real-life business.

We are on a business/pleasure trip with about 10 entrepreneurs (all friends of mine, and all longtime clients as well).But here’s the weird part:

Years ago, I had a preposterous idea that I could create a thriving business simply by chasing my bliss (which is adventure, travel, creativity, bonding, friendships, scriptures, and stuff that is near & dear to my heart).

I can say with little fear of inaccuracy that no one except my wife believed it would work…and many times, I’m not so sure she believed. But somehow, I held the notion that I could become a millionaire by being myself.

And it sorta worked out…and it’s working itself out more and more as the years tick by.

Okay so to really wrap this up: If you are on this list, and are interested in learning from my bag of entrepreneurial tricks (past, present, and future), I’m piecing together a unique joint venture experience for my new and  long-time partners and clients.

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It’s Feedback; Not Failure!

One of the most damaging aspects of doing any sort of business is dealing
with the no’s and rejections that come in all forms throughout the day.

Someone can’t talk to you. Another won’t be able to make a deadline.
Still another changed their mind about promoting your products.

And on, and on…

Other slaps come in the form of poor sales, tepid or no response to your
emails, sales pages or other promotional efforts.

So how do you get past this? I mean, unless you’re incredibly
thick-skinned, at some point you may be tempted to take it a bit

This is an entirely natural response and also an entirely wrong way to deal
with this! Even though you are getting negative results, you need to
disassociate yourself from the work.

It’s not you they’re rejecting, it’s the email copy. (or headline, or
pitch. Or…) It’s not personal. You need to get to the point where you
understand that:


That statement is worth printing out and posting on the wall in your
office! This sort of “negative” feedback is actually doing you a big
favor by letting you know exactly what is NOT working, and setting you on
the road to correcting it!

Perhaps your copy is faulty. Maybe your call to action is not strong
enough, (or not present!) or maybe you need to offer more on your end to
make things more desirable to joint venture partners or prospects so they
will take you up on your offers.

As tempting as it is to do, don’t make this about you… It’s not!
It’s about the work, and everyone gets it wrong before they get it right!

The best words ever written on this subject were by Thomas Edison who said:
“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

But what he also said that most people don’t know which is rich in value
on this subject: “Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it
to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.”

Learn from your “mistakes” and turn failure into feedback that leads
you to a higher level of success
 from this day forward!

Talk soon!

Charles Kaluwasha

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Where should you invest in property?

Well, it’s all about knowing the numbers. This is a numbers game and the numbers don’t lie.

So where do you find the numbers?

When it comes to Real Estate Rescue – The Pain and Gain Report is one of the greatest sources of insider knowledge that I’ve come across.

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