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How To Work Smarter In Your Home Business

To be more productive in your business, you must have an effective, easy system and processes in place.

Working Smarter

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How You Can Save Money Buying Bitcoins

Bitcoin. Bitcoin.You hear about it in the news all the time, on Facebook and social media. Everyone wants to learn how to get rich with Bitcoins and get as many as they possibly can.
Buying Bitcoins is the FIRST essential step towards your Financial freedom and to leverage our wealth building strategies (more on this later).. 
So how to get it? Where to buy it easily and quickly and save money?
We are witnessing the biggest transference of wealth in history right now! As you probably know every single day 50 – 200 millions of dollars are being transferred to Bitcoin worldwide..
People are pulling money out from their banks, retirement funds, savings & investment accounts and putting into Bitcoin for a very good reason..
Why? Because the price is going UP! 1 Bitcoin can go as high as $100,000 before end of 2018!
I share a lot about the reasons why in the signature course “Secrets To Growing Your Wealth In Bitcoins” in Module 2 that you can have  FREE access to when you subscribe right now.
Millions of more people demand Bitcoin, less supply available and Bitcoins are harder to get..
So bottom line don’t WAIT! Best time to buy Bitcoins was 6 years ago, then next best time is NOW! I made a mistake of only buying 7 Bitcoins when the price was $1,100 I should’ve bought way more!
So FIRST you need a bitcoin WALLET!
I highly recommend you install MYCELIUM wallet, or Bitpay wallet, or start with online Coinbase wallet. Also get yourself a hardware wallet like Trezor. This is where you will store most of your Bitcoins and it’s MOST secure.
Just back it up with recovery master seed (Typically 12 or 24 words in Trezor) so in case you lose your phone/wallet you can restore funds.
Then you can buy Bitcoins on EXCHANGE. There are many exchanges online.
To save money buy via bank transfer/wire although it can take longer.  using GDAX for example you can buy Bitcoin virtually with 0 fees.
So you can buy Bitcoins with CASH on site like localbitcoins.com or Bitcoin ATM in your city, you can buy Bitcoin with credit card you just need to verify your account on exchange to increase the limits.
Buying with Cash and credit typically you pay 5% – 10% fees, but you pay for convenience and privacy and speed. You can get Bitcoin in as little as 30 minutes.
Bank wires cost less money, 2% or less in fees, but can take longer.
Get excited cause as soon as you get those Bitcoins in your wallet now you will have a choice.
  • One choice is to just let them collect dust in your wallet, that’s not sexy and exciting, they are not going to grow..
  • Another choice is to let those Bitcoins start working for YOU daily and that’s exactly what we teach inside the club!
How do you turn 1 Bitcoin into 5 and 5 Bitcoins into 30 bitcoins?  That’s what we will cover next!
So there you have it, now you know exactly  where to get Bitcoins and how to secure Bitcoin.
Don’t wast time procrastinating for ever!

From Debt to Bitcoin Millionaire in 9 months, a True Story

Imagine you wake up one day and realize you are a millionaire… Imagine earning $1K+ a day in passive income or even $10K+ a day, having CHOICES that give you true FREEDOM!

This is a true story from an ordinary person like you. When I came  Read it, I had to beat my head against the wall. Why? I missed the boat when Bitcoin was introduced in 2009.

Without wasting your precious time, dive in his story below:

You know, I used to slave away at a JOB for $5 an hour as a bank teller few years ago, and now after few short months I became a millionaire, and I want to share with YOU the exact steps I took to make it happen!

I founded Bitcoins Wealth Club on June 1st 2017 after I quickly realized Bitcoin is the future of money, today we serve over 100,000 people around the world.

Long story short, I live in Israel with my wife and 2 kids, for many years now my huge PASSION is to help people become financially free and wealthy leveraging the power of the Internet.

After many months of struggle, getting into ~$60K debt, I finally started to succeed, flying across the world and speaking on stages, inspiring people, and I stopped by my friend Ari in the Philippines between my flight from Thailand to Las Vegas..

I didn’t have a clue that he bought a mansion cash with Bitcoin he earned and that he earned over 1,000+ Bitcoins..

At this point I was making as much as $62K in a month working hard in my online business for the past 3 years..

And he casually mentioned to me that he is focused on Bitcoins this year..

I’m like Bitcoins? What the heck is that? Then he and his friend started to explain it to me and I hardly understood what they were saying (maybe because it was late at night)

Digital currency, blockchain, mining I’m like what the hell are you talking about!?

…and I totally dismissed it honestly.. Later I realized how STUPID it was for me to ignore it and it cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost profits..

Later on in March 2017 as I was driving I watched one YouTube video of a guy who seemed legit telling me you need to buy Bitcoins RIGHT NOW it will be HUGE year for Bitcoins…

Then I remembered my conversation with Ari and my light bulb went off…

This guy bought a HOUSE, yes a house with Bitcoins! He was buying them when the price was just $200 and now it’s $17,700…

So thanks GOD I listened to my heart and I bought 7 Bitcoins that day with my savings at the price of $1,100! And the price quickly jumped to $1,900, then $3,000. then $5,000, $10,000 and $17,000… (Soon enough $100K)

Seriously if I knew the wealth building strategies that I’m sharing with you right now inside Bitcoins Wealth Club system back then it would have saved me $300,000 (I’m not even kidding that’s how much I missed out on)

So I started reading everything about Bitcoins and saw how many made millions already and I KNEW it was my ticket to true financial freedom.

And I was right! Month of November 2017 I generated $400,000+ in Earnings.

I knew other people have questions about Bitcoin like I had, and also HOW to EARN Bitcoin legitimately and safely online in multiple ways..

So I recently recorded a training where I shared 2 main strategies to become a Bitcoin Millionaire in 2018.

Those strategies already generate me over $15,000+ every single day!

Click Here To Watch The Training

Tomorrow I will share with you what Bitcoin wallet to set up and WHERE to buy Bitcoins quickly.

But right now I want you to see the big picture, how you can earn passive income with Bitcoins by watching this training here.

Remember you can become a crypto millionaire! Let’s GO 🙂


Founder Of Bitcoins Wealth Club

Discover How This Secret Wealth Strategy Generated Mike Over 90 Bitcoins (~1.4$ Million Dollars) in 6 Months Breaking Down The Strategies To Become Bitcoin Millionaire In 2018!

7 Figure Plan

To celebrate your New Year with the rest of the world, I would like to invite you and be part of our family, our growing community and club of over 100,000+ people who want to build long lasting WEALTH in Bitcoins.

Crazy to think that in 2011 ONE Bitcoin was worth just $1 and at the time I’m writing this it’s over $17,600+ but it’s not too late to profit, it’s just the beginning, as experts predict the price will go all the way to $100,000+ per 1 Bitcoin in the next 1-3 years.

So NOW is the time to accumulate as many Bitcoins as you possibly can and become a Bitcoin millionaire!

If you’re just watching from the fence,I urge you to get started with Bitcoins, you can relax I’ll get you up to speed fast, it’s easy 🙂

Back in March 2017, I didn’t know ANYTHING about Bitcoins at ALL…

Fast forward just 9 months and I need to pinch myself cause I am earning 1-2 Bitcoins a day which is over $17,500 – $35,000+ every day…

I encourage you to watch this carefully and:

Discover How This Secret Wealth Strategy Generated Mike Over 90 Bitcoins (~1.4$ Million Dollars) in 6 Months Breaking Down The Strategies To Become Bitcoin Millionaire In 2018! 


When the holidays are over,whats next?

Can you believe 2018 is almost here!

It’s time to Rock ‘N Roll.

Remember the old saying…


If You Always Do What You Always Did ….

… You’ll Always Get What You Always Got!


Definition: Insanity – in-san-i-ty – Doing the same
thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Issue: If you want your business and/or life to be
different next week, next month, or next year, you
must do something different today!

Solution: With Layers of Leadership, you can make
changes in your business (and life) virtually

Get started now …

If you have not done so already, complete the
following steps:

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2018 will be YOUR year to thrive.  Let’s
make it happen together.

Leading the way,

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