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Play It Again SAM

PLAY IT AGAIN SAM – The old saying for
“Run that by me again”

I know you have heard it over and over and over again – but it
is important enough that I feel I need to sing this song again.

“Keep on keeping on.” – I hear from so many of you that you have
done everything you are suppose to do, but still nothing is happening.

How many times have you been driving and looking for something,
or a certain address and you drive and drive and finally say – well
I just can’t find it so I’m turning back.

You go back to the starting point and ask someone the directions –
they send you back in the same direction – you find out that if you had
made just one more curve you would have found your place you were
looking for. So close – yet so far.

This Internet Marketing game is the same way. You strive and strive
and strive and think you will never find your way. You give up for
awhile and then start back again – up this same highway you go – each
time you get a little farther – your destination will be just around the
next curve if you ‘keep on keeping on.’

You search a little harder – list a little harder – place your URL in more
places – you hit the search engines a little harder – you look for new
tools to help you succeed – you weed through all the hype and the

Finally one day – you start getting questions from your customers, you
find a few orders in your account – you get a few pros telling you what
you might do a little better to help you along. You realize at this point
that you are making some headway.

There is nothing magic about it – it is a time thing – you cannot build
trust from your customers overnight – trust is a precious thing and once
you build it – it is very important that you keep their trust by providing
good service, answering their questions in a timely manner – doing
everything you possibly can to keep that trust alive.

“Keep on Keeping on” is the theme you must embed into your mind.

Those who are persistent will meet their goal. They will find cluttered
along the highway many who did not have this persistence and will
speak with their dying voice that the internet is a scam and you cannot
make it up this super highway.

There was a lot of damage inflicted when the internet first came out.
That was just get a product, throw up a web page you you can
make millions overnight. For some reason this view of the internet has
lived on. Building your business on the internet is no different than
building your business in the real world. The only advantage being you
can do it with less funds.

The Internet is the greatest advantage presented to the world. There is
no prejudice, no bias – everyone has the same opportunity. The one
who runs the fastest gets the prize. The playing field is equal.


Sharon Lambkin
Publisher e4u Newsletter and creator of the Starter Kit Haven
Collection of Building Blocks, Manuals and help for beginners.
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Staying Safe with Emails

Staying Safe with Email
By: Charlie Page

We all rely on email to communicate, do business and stay in touch with loved ones. Much like the electricity in your house, you never think of your email being unavailable.

Yet there are dangers in the world of email. People with nothing better to do than be destructive spend their days and nights dreaming up ways to infect your computer and destroy your data.

There are ways you can protect yourself and make using email a worry free and fun experience.

Let’s start with some basic ideas.

=====> Understand the Basics

Each email you receive contains what is called a “header”. This header shows you who the email is from, who you will be replying to if you press reply, and the subject line of the email. This is a good thing, since it allows you to trash emails from people you don’t know or with subjects you don’t want. But there’s more.

The ‘reply to’ address can be different from the sender’s address. Just look at the header for this ezine and you’ll see what I mean. When you press ‘reply to’ on this email, your message goes to an automated address, NOT to me.

While your email is safe with me, there are those out there with less than honorable intentions. Be very careful when you click reply. If you don’t, you could accidentally opt-in to a spam list … or worse.

=====> Avoid Getting a Virus

Whether you have the most state-of-the-moment virus scanner or not, the more email you read the more at risk you are. Recently, a very nasty virus was transmitted via a hyperlink in an email. Containing a Yahoo domain name, the link looked harmless. When you clicked the link, the virus ran. Not harmless at all.

How can you protect yourself? Here are three quick tips.

1. NEVER open an attachment without knowing that the person really sent it. Knowing the person is no longer good enough, since most viruses spread through a user’s address book. If you receive an email with an attachment from Aunt Emily, call her to make sure SHE actually sent it.

2. Look for a disconnect between the sender and the email. Would Aunt Emily REALLY send you an email telling you that ‘you are fat’? If the subject line, or the writing, look odd to you, confirm it with the sender.

3. Don’t use a ‘preview window’. A preview window is that cool window at the bottom where you read the email while the list of emails is at the top. Nice feature. Problem is that for some programs a preview window acts as an attachment opener! This will be hard to find in the documentation, but user groups for your email program can advise you.

=======> Privacy is a Myth

Understanding this concept is key to using email wisely. There is NO privacy with email. The best analogy I’ve heard is that sending an email is like mailing a post card. Every one who touches the post card can read it if they like. Just so, every server that your email gets routed through, and there are almost always six or more in the equation, can read (or store) your email if they so desire. Is it legal? No. Is it moral? No. Can it happen? Yes.

Email is like driving a car. In the right hands driving a car is a safe and enjoyable experience, given that a few basic rules are followed. In the wrong hands, driving a car can be a nightmare.

While you should never be afraid to send or receive email, understanding the basics and using common sense will make your online experience the pleasure it is supposed to be.

Article Source: http://www.realworldtactics.com/articledirectory

Charlie Page is a copywriter who owns the Directory of Ezines and the Directory of Marketing. If you want to sell more online, visit Charlie today at www.directoryofmarketing.com

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Stick With The Basics To Succeed
(c) Charlie Page

I think we have all asked the same question at one time
or another. That question is …

“What does it really take to succeed online?”

If we listen to the emails and websites we read, we
hear many strong opinions.

Does this advice sound familiar?

* “Create your own product”
* “Do joint ventures with the big marketers!”
* “Pay per click advertising is all you need”
* “Display Google AdSense ads and get rich!”
* “Learn Web 2.0 or be left behind!”

And they always make it sound SO MUCH EASIER than it
really is, while loudly proclaiming that their way is
the only way.

And yet we know that cannot be true.

So … what DOES it take to succeed online?

While I will not pretend to have all the answers, I
will share openly what has worked (and is working now)
for me and my clients as well.

Experience has proven that focusing on these seven
basics will yield results, no matter what market you
are attempting to reach or product you are promoting.

You can do more than these things and succeed online,
but these seven basics represent a solid foundation for


It used to be that email was enough. But today you need
a website. The reason for this is that search engines
and article directories are penalizing affiliate
marketers like never before.

While there is not room here to fully cover this issue,
the days of becoming an affiliate and promoting only
your affiliate link, without having your own site, are
coming to a close.

It is incredibly ironic that this vital beginning step
is the step where so many people fail.

Creating a website can be hard if you don’t know how.
But there are solutions.

One solution is blogging.

Using Blogger.com, you really can put meaningful
content on the web today, and do it free.

Another solution is to use a service like Site Build It
that helps non-techies like me build sites –beautiful
and functional sites.

Another solution is hiring your own programmer via a
service like Elance. This really works, and for only a
few dollars you can have you own website quickly.

If you have ever struggled to create a website, if you
have been confused by HTML editors and all the
technical mumbo-jumbo, try one of these solutions


This is probably the #1 piece of advice I give clients,
and it works almost every time. But SO few actually do
anything about it.

The logic is undeniable.

If your site is wildly successful, over 90% of first
time visitors will NOT buy on their first visit!

You read that right – most people would be THRILLED
with a 10% “conversion rate”.

But even a 10% closing rate means that 90% of people
visiting the site do NOT buy!

Now here’s the $64,000 question …

How are they going to remember to return to your site,
when there are billions of sites online, many of which
are probably your competitors?

You MUST remind them to come back. You must woo them
back with enticing offers and give them solid reasons
to do business with you. And nothing does that better
than email.

If spending money is an issue, you can create a follow
up system free at SendFree.com


There is no doubt about it … content is king. People
come online to find answers to their questions and
solutions to their problems.

When your site is the one providing those answers and
solutions, people will buy.

But first things first – people have to find your site.
And that means getting listed in the search engines.
And getting listed in the search engines means
providing new content as often as you can.

I suggest adding content to your site every day, or at
least every week.

The great thing here is that you don’t have to write
it! If you can write your own content, by all means do
that. People love to hear from other real people, much
more than they want to hear from some slick marketer.

If you can’t write, or just don’t want to, then look
for resale rights products that offer articles.

Using Google, just enter this search phrase. “resale
rights” + articles You will find lots of sites offering
pre-written articles that you can use as content on
your website after modifying them to make them unique.

If you do have your own blog you can even invite others
to post and let them create the content of your site
for you! A true win-win.


Here is a huge mistake that is made over and over again
by very well-meaning people.

They join a program, try making it work for six or
seven weeks, then quit when things don’t happen as
quickly as they were lead to believe.

This is an understandable situation, but one that will
lead to failure every time.

The fact is, success takes time. Just as you would not
expect to open a pizza shop in your town and become an
overnight success, so too you should not expect
immediate success online.

It can happen, but it is rare, no matter how many say
they have done it.

The key here is to do your homework before committing
to any program or business.

‘Doing your homework’ includes asking questions,
hearing from people who have succeeded with the
program, getting wise counsel from people you respect,
and taking the time to think it through.

Once you find a product or program you believe in, make
a commitment to stick with it until you have tried
everything possible to succeed.

That commitment will take time to accomplish, and you
might just find that an extra month or three of hard
work is the key that unlocks the success you desire.


There are many ways to make money on the Internet.
There are even more ways to advertise or promote a
product or program.

And that wide variety of choice is often the downfall
of many a well-meaning person who is new to the ways of
the Internet.

The best advice here is to choose one or two methods of
marketing, and get a deep knowledge of what to do in
each before moving forward.

One way to do that is to make a list of all the
possible ways you could use to promote your offer. Then
number the list, making #1 the method you think would
be most likely to succeed.

Learn all you can about that method, moving on to your
second choice only when you feel you have mastered the
first tactic.

Doing this will help you save money, sell more
products, and help you become an expert at marketing
online, which will give you the power to sell any
product to any market

any time you want!


This might sound odd coming from a guy who sells things
online for a living, but it’s a big one. So big, I
almost made this number 1!

If you and I were to count how many products we have
bought in the last 12 months that are going unused now,
we might get downright depressed!

It’s a fact, Internet marketers know how to sell. Their
sites know how to get us to take action now, and boy do
we buy. We buy things we don’t need, and sometimes we
buy the same thing over and over again!

The way to develop sales resistance, and keep more of
your money in your pocket where it belongs, is to ask
questions. Here are four that I ask before buying

* Do I really need this now?
* Do I already own it, or own a similar product?
* What problem will this purchase solve?
* What is my specific plan for using this product in
the next 24 hours?

I believe that we should buy what we need to succeed,
be that information, or a service, or a product to

You simply cannot make money without spending money.
But spending wisely is a must!


We touched on this in point 4, but it’s worth another
look. My friend, sites that say you will earn $20,000,
$50,000 or more in the next 30 days no matter what your
current level of experience is are lying to you.

We live in an amazing time. The Internet has opened new
possibilities to anyone with a connection and a burning
desire to succeed. And that is a wonderful thing, one
that will literally change our world.

But it takes skills and time to succeed online, and
there is no getting around that.

Can you make a living online? For most people, the
answer is YES. But that yes must be tempered with the
knowledge that it takes work, certain skills, some
startup money, and time to succeed online.

If you are realistic, it can work.

The seven secrets revealed above have passed the test
of time, working for people on almost every continent
and in every economic circumstance.

Let me encourage you to take these seven secrets and
make them your own. Take time to choose what you want
to accomplish online, then take action today using
these seven secrets as your guide.

Henry David Thoreau said “If one advances confidently
in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live
the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a
success unexpected in common hours.”

Nowhere is that statement more true than on the
Internet. I hope this year is all you dream it to be.

Charlie Page helps people succeed online. How can he
help you? Find out now at his main site or call his
toll free number. http://www.RealWorldTactics.com

Content For Your Website Or Ezine!

You may use this article in your ezine or on your site
as long as the article and resource box remain


CharliePage.com is located at 1511 South Texas Ave #326
College Station TX 77845

The Home Business Marketing Strategy That Has Never Failed

The Home Business Marketing Strategy That Has Never Failed
Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

Today I’d like to share with you the strategy I used when I
first got online many years ago to generate automated income
from home. This strategy still works today. You can use it
to sell your own products or you can use it to sell other
people’s products as an affiliate or partner. It can work
in practically any niche market.

The theory is simple. Build a list of people who have given
you permission to email them about a particular topic and
then send relevant information and special offers to those
people promoting products and services that you are selling.
This is a very easy way to make money.

The first thing you need to do this is a tool called an
autoresponder. An autoresponder is simply a tool that
collects subscribers for you and gives you the ability to
email those people in mass. For example, with an
autoresponder you can type an email message saying anything
you want, load it into a field that looks just like the text
area you type any normal email into, click Send, and your
message will be delivered to all your subscribers instantly
addressing each one on a first name basis. This could be
just 10 people or it could be thousands, even millions.

When you use an autoresponder to send a message promoting a
product you are selling to a targeted group of subscribers,
you have a very good chance of making sales if what you are
offering is something that your subscriber database is
interested in.

From my point of view, a lot of the information and systems
available online which try to help people make money are
over-complicated and often mis-guided. The same simple
formula for making money online that worked for me (someone
with no previous experience) almost 10 years ago is still
working today and it’s very, very simple to apply. In fact,
I’ll walk you through the steps I use (and so do many, many
others) to pull in automatic profits 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week, 365 days a year like clockwork.

The first thing you need is an autoresponder. You don’t
even need your own website for this. There are many good
autoresponders on the market. One that I use is called
GetResponse which you can take a look at:
http://www.FreeGetResponse.com . This is the autoresponder
I use to deliver my Home Business Secrets Mini-Course at:

As you’ll see if you subscribe at the site above, my free
mini-course will be delivered to you automatically by email
as if it’s written to you personally. This takes no effort
from me (other than writing the messages in the first place)
to deliver this mini-course to you and thousands of other
valued subscribers using an autoresponder.

Another autoresponder I use is called AutoResponse Plus. You
can check it out at: http://www.AutoResponse-Plus.com . The
difference between GetResponse and AutoResponse Plus is that
GetResponse does not require you to have hosting. It’s
hosted for you. AutoResponse Plus requires you to have your
own hosting account where the company will install the
software for you directly. Also, when it comes to building a
mailing list, GetResponse provides an in-house service to
build your mailing list for you called Get Subscribers which
you can see at: http://www.GetSubscribers.com . If you are
using AutoResponse Plus, you would need to use a third-party
service such as List Builder Pro to build your mailing list:

This brings me to the next step of the process of making
money on autopilot with an autoresponder. You need
subscribers. The fastest way to build a permission-based
list of subscribers of people who are interested in what you
have to offer is called co-registration. That’s what the
Get Subscribers and List Builder Pro services provide. All
the details about how these work can be found at:
http://www.GetSubscribers.com and
http://www.ProListBuilder.com respectively.

Once you know about these services, the steps to make money
online are really very simple.

Step 1) Get an autoresponder.

My 2 favorite autoresponders are:

1. GetResponse: http://www.FreeGetResponse.com
2. AutoResponse Plus: http://www.AutoResponse-Plus.com

Step 2) Order subscribers.

Here’s 2 reputable co-registration services:

1. Get Subscribers: http://www.GetSubscribers.com
(works exclusively with GetResponse)

2. List Builder Pro: http://www.ProListBuilder.com
(works with AutoResponse Plus and most other autoresponder
in the market, not GetResponse though)

Both of these service can be setup to add subscribers to
your autoresponder automatically without you needing to lift
a finger. Just go through the guided setup process when
placing your order and they will take care of the rest.

Step 3) Make an offer.

Send valuable information and special offers to your
subscribers on a regular basis. This is a simple process for
making money on autopilot that has never failed me.

In the beginning, I didn’t have a lot of money to invest in
advertising. That was a good thing. It forced my mind to
think about and discover what technique had the lowest risk
associated with it. You see, I figured that if I purchased
500 co-registration subscribers, all of these people were
mine to contact as often as I wanted until they either
bought something from me or unsubscribed. So in the case of
Get Subscribers, today I need to pay $189.95 to get 500
guaranteed subscribers. That’s 500 people who have given me
permission to email them as often as I want. Do you see how
powerful this is?

In my niche market, I promote home business products,
services and opportunities as an affiliate which all pay
very generous commissions. If I email my list of 500 people
a few times and just get 5 (1%) of them to sign up for one
of the products or programs I promote, I’ve already made a
profit. But the real beauty of this type of advertising is
that even after I’ve made a profit on my initial
investment, I still have my complete list of subscribers
(minus the few that have unsubscribed) to continue emailing,
building a relationship with and promoting different
products to. If I’m even the slightest bit creative and
consistent with sending offers to my list, I can make a
small fortune with this single asset.

What I’ve described above is EXACTLY how I started making
money online many years ago and how I still earn a healthy
percentage of my money today.

Maybe you’re thinking that setting up an autoresponder and
building a list is easy, but you don’t know what to email
to your list to make money. If that’s the case, I invite
you to consider that nearly every affiliate program or
business opportunity you can join provides pre-written email
marketing letters that you can simply copy and send to your
list. In most cases, these letters are proven sellers which
is why the affiliate programs and business opportunities
provide them to you. They have tested them and experienced
positive results already.

That said, in my own experience, I usually find that I can
get improved results with letters I write myself to my list
when I am sincere and offer my own personality, point of
view and value to an offer I am promoting.

But the bo

ttom line here is that making money online can be
very simple. You don’t even need to have your own website,
you don’t need to attend any seminar or buy any expensive
marketing courses, or pay for one-on-one personal coaching,
etc. You just need to look around and watch what other
people (the big dogs) are doing to make their money. In most
cases, they are simply building list and emailing that list
special offers and announcements to promote products that
generate revenue for them. Instead of being on the receiving
end of this one-way marketing barrage, put yourself on the
delivering end of the emails and receiving end of the
commission checks and bank deposits that arrive when you
setup your own autopilot online marketing system.

All you need is an autoresponder, subscribers and an offer.

What are you waiting for? You can do it!

About the Author:
If you don’t want to do it all yourself, The Home Biz Guy
can setup your autoresponder for you and load it with that
same pre-written email marketing campaign he uses to pull in
automatic profits with 24/7/365. All you need to do at that
point is supply the subscribers. Complete details and signup
instructions are available for you now at:

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