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How to Create a steady Flow of Targeted Prospects

Wouldn’t it be nice if all networkers knew their prospects “hot buttons” right away? The network marketing recruiting process would be so much easier. There wouldn’t need to be any convincing, no defending the company or cost of the products, etc.

As it turns out, this does not have to be difficult. Mlm prospects hot buttons can be found pretty easily. How? Through an easy to use brochure/survey that allows prospects to check off areas that interest them. All a networker needs to do is insert their company or products best features and benefits into the brochure and then let the prospects choose their hot buttons. This method can make the network marketing recruiting process stress and rejection free.

Here is the easy to follow technique to follow that can create a steady stream of prospects.

1. Write creative headlines that touch on benefits. Here are some examples to consider:

-How to drive a new bonus car with no monthly payments
-How to add an additional $400 a month part-time income
-The three warning signs that your family is in serious jeopardy
-How to get paid for recommending things that you like
-How to lose 10 pounds a month without dieting.
-Where to find an extra $2500 tax reduction every year
-The insider’s secret to having your own business

2. Once the creative headlines are finished, the next task is to discover which one of the benefits will get prospects very excited. This can be easily found out by simply asking them! There is no need for guesswork here. When the asking is done, is must be in a very inoffensive and non-threatening way.

This is done by putting the headlines in the brochure and ask the mlm prospect to check off which benefit they desire to know more about. For example, a networker could say:

“Our business opportunity has many unique and interesting features. We’d be glad to give you more information on any of these areas. Please check the appropriate boxes to receive more information.”

Then, include 3 columns in the body of the brochure/survey. One column should state the benefit, the next would have a “No information please”, and the last column can have “I want to know more”.

Benefits remember, are simply the headlines that were previously created. Here are examples that the prospects can check to receive more information about:

-How to drive a new bonus car with no monthly payments.
-How to add an additional $400 a month of part-time income.
-The three warning signs that your family is in serious jeopardy.
-How to get paid for recommending things that you like.
-How to lose 11 pounds per month without dieting.
-How to find an extra $2500 tax reduction every year.
-The insider’s secret to having your own business.

Once a prospects checks off their areas of interest, this will inform a networker what to zero in on.

Brochures/survey’s can be utilized in many marketing areas such as the following:

-Fish bowl technique follow up method
-Post cards
-At the end of opportunity meetings if prospects feel they need to think things over
-Stand alone mailer to a targeted list
-When people ask a networker what they do for a living, this can be a take home explanation piece

Network marketing recruiting doesn’t have to be difficult or done in a hard selling way. Using a brochure/survey is a great method to create a steady stream of interested prospects. It is a stress free way for a networker to build their business.
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The 95% Failure Factor and How To Avoid It…

If you have been looking at Internet marketing for any length of time, surely you have heard the depressing 95% ‘failure rate’ statistics for new marketers (nicknamed “newbies”). Why, one might ask, is this happening? Most people with enough intelligence to surf the Internet are capable of following instructions, so there has to be a reason for so few success stories.

The Unrealistic Expectations of “Newbies”

Most people attempting to market on the Internet for the first time have unrealistic expectations, which are fueled by all the ‘hype’ they see in ads and on websites. These “newbies” initially have no clue that they are viewing ‘hype’ that is simply meant to separate them from the contents of their wallets by unscrupulous marketers. The poor saps believe what they see in these ads, and shell out their hard earned dollars for an unending parade of eBooks, membership sites, and eCourses, the contents of which are almost all available for Free on the Internet if they knew where to research the topics! They are led, like lambs to the slaughter, on an endless road in search of the magic formula that will put them in the top 5% of marketers online who actually do succeed. These “newbies” truly believe they can realistically earn a six-figure income within 90 days as some “opportunities” claim!

Because they believe the ‘hyped’ information they are seeing on the Internet – on websites, and in Newsletters and eBooks, they spend unnecessary money and waste far too much time digging for that one big secret that will let them earn big bucks by setting up one website that will pump money into their bank accounts on autopilot! After all, isn’t that what the gurus they have constantly paid keep telling them?

Let’s Be Realistic Here…

First of all, “gurus” have lists of thousand that they have built up over several months or years. The guru develops a new “revolutionary, secret” informational product that is then promoted to these people who have opted-in to the mailing list. The members on these lists, also, are probably “newbies” paying for that bit of magic information that, once revealed, will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams! No wonder these “gurus” make six figures! They have the right tools (autoresponders, squeeze pages, presell pages, bonus offers, back-end offers, Newsletters, affiliate products, eBooks, and back links, joint ventures and ad-tracking software to tell them which ads and advertising resources actually work), and that makes all the difference.

Information Overload…

Most “Newbies” waste far too much of their precious time searching for the magic bullet that will blow away every obstacle in the way of their six-figure goal. Basic information that they already have is probably more than enough to get started, but they will not earn six-figures in 90 days…that much is certain.

The three most important factors the 95% fail to realize:

1. Never get bogged down in ‘information overload’. Time spent on gathering information on marketing should be limited to reading only a handful of newsletters and information sent from their opt-in lists. Too much of either is bogging a marketer down and is a veritable waste of time. If a Newsletter or opt-in list is only sending you an endless list of links that sell you stuff, and give very little valuable marketing information, they should be dropped like a hot potato. Such things are designed to do only one thing – to separate a trusting “newbie” from his/her hard earned cash.

2. Marketers should spend their valuable, and often limited, time on the Internet where it will offer the most benefit. If it will not earn you money, it probably is a waste of your time. A wise marketer always will refrain from “program hopping” and will pick only one or two long running, proven money making programs to promote.

3. Take things step by step and focus on actively promoting your chosen (one or two – not dozens at a time)programs that have proven to endure the test of time. Choose those programs carefully. A good program, if promoted, tested and tweaked properly, will be successful at earning a substantial income. The best programs are to be found in a product that is in a niche that is popular and selling well. How does one find this information?
Hint: look at the product listings in the ClickBank Marketplace. Each listing has different criteria that rank each product by popularity, and the percentage of sales that result from affiliate efforts, along with other information. One look at the product title and you will be able to determine the niche that is popular and selling well for affiliate members of ClickBank. Knowing your target niche will help you with Adwords, and other PPC programs. Just remember that the narrower and more focused your targeting is, the less your clicks will cost and the more money you will keep in your pocket.

If you follow this simple set of three steps, online success will definitely follow. Just break all this down to three words.

1. Focus – Focus on less to achieve more
2. Time – Manage your time to ROI ratio – Use time, do not waste it.
3. Target – Target to the smallest niche possible and you will keep more money in your bank account.

Keep things simple. That practice alone has worked for hundreds of successful online marketers. Quite a few successful marketers have practiced the above principles all the way to the bank to deposit six-figure incomes. Are you next?
Charles Kaluwasha is pleased to offer you a successful home business and a proven Marketing system that has already helped thousands of ordinary people around the globe reach their goals and create financial freedom. To subscribe to a Free Home Business Secrets Course and have a look at what we have to offer, visit:

Setting Goals

Setting goals should be the start of any endeavor but how many people take the time and trouble to sit down and methodically write down the steps they are going to take to achieve their goals. Little wonder so many people fail to realize their dreams.

Goals should be set for even the small things. In fact start with small goals because success here will encourage you for the bigger endeavors to come. It is a fact that small and regular success stimulates progress in life and the game of life is the first place to set your goals. Here the plan is the big picture and starts from the point you are currently at in life.

Maybe you are in your fifties and thinking towards retirement. Perhaps you are early twenties and looking forward to marriage, family and the first home. Whatever your situation put the steps to your goal down on paper. In effect these are your life goals. Then within this bigger picture each step may require its own set of goals.

Setting goals can be stimulating and hugely rewarding when they are achieved. As in everything in life there are things that seem utterly impossible. However, if you break them down into smaller steps it is amazing how easily you progress to your ultimate goal. Like the old joke that asks, how do you eat an elephant? The answer is, eat one mouthful at a time.

Some of the more important goals you will set can be summarized as achieving a healthy, happy lifestyle and this can include building wealth, having happy personal relationships and planning towards retirement.

The two main areas for many people are financial goals and personal happiness goals and in many ways these interlink. Although having money will not necessarily make you happy and being happy and content may not lead to having enough money to live on when you retire.

Goals make it clear to you what it is that you desire long term. Ideas change over time and goals can be upgraded and extended but generally the original themes remain constant. We all want enough money and we all want to be happy.

Without goals we can drift and allow ourselves to be led down life’s blind alleys where it can be difficult to regain your original momentum. You can vegetate in a low grade job only to wake up and find you are sixty years of age and stuck in that job until you retire, while younger colleagues are progressing to better positions.

Drifting in life is being unjustifiably content with second best and having no drive and desire to improve. It is a form of paralysis that drains life ambition from you. Goals are the footholds that allow you to rise from this apathetic state and attain the lofty heights of your earlier ambition. Setting goals are imperative to success in life and in business. Dream your dreams and set your goals. Now is a good time to start.
Charles Kaluwasha is pleased to offer you a successful home business and a proven Marketing system that has already helped thousands of ordinary people around the globe reach their goals and create financial freedom. To subscribe to a Free Home Business Secrets Course and have a look at what we have to offer, visit:

Acquiring Leads to Get More Traffic to Your Site

How will you get your site visitors back? It’s hard to tell. But there is a sure fire way to do this. To target lost prospects for your site, you need to acquire leads. FYI, a lead is a visitor that might want to purchase your products or services. This is a very critical activity in the process of lead generation.

It’s not easy to identify a prospective visitor. Not only will it be a very complex task but it is expensive as well. Some of the visitors might not be ready to be converted. To make the meaning of leads easier to understand, acquiring leads just means that you have to bring people to your site.

What are the ways to acquire leads? Simple, you can use the so called email marketing or the opt-in email lists. You can choose to do it yourself or pay a very good amount of money for internet providers who do this kind of service.

When you choose to do it manually, you will use a lead capture form and place it on your sites landing page. Also place them on traffic entry pages that offer significant newsletters.

You must create a lead capture form good enough to ask for the prospective customers email address. They should also be asked for permission to email regularly.

You can find customers from some of the reliable sources. Some sources can provide prospective customers; they let them rent their prospect lists. These prospect lists can come from a professional organizations trade groups, a list of brokers and even alumni associations.

Another way to acquire leads is through link exchanges. You can exchange links with the other sites that offer the same services on your site. Just choose one which draws a lot of attention. When you exchange links the chances of acquiring leads is good.

These are some of the ways to buy leads when you choose to do it yourself. Its kind of time consuming but it really makes sense when you achieve the site traffic you want.

The other way to acquire leads is to get email opt in lists, sometimes you can find a lot of lists online. Here are some examples of the Opt in Email List providers: acquirelist.net, AllmediaInc., Aboutlists.com, 24/7media, 1touchmarketing.com and 1000lists.com. These are just some of the providers that can help you. If you prefer another list, then you can search online for more.

The following are some of the payment options and terms that you should understand.

CPA or Cost Per Acquisition and the term of payment depends on the results of the emails being sent out. It’s like paying on how many customers you get. This is more of a per sale basis. The good thing here is that you and the provider somewhat become partners.

CPM or Cost Per M, means cost per thousand. Providers of this type of offer are called brokers. Here they are going to send you email. For instance, they will send 50,000 emails, the CPM is $40/M, so that would cost you $2000. You are going to pay them on this basis whether you make sales or not.

CPC or Cost per click is when the providers give emails that, when it goes out, there will be a link to click. This could be a web page that they can visit to acquire some information. The payment term here is actually per click to the targeted URL.

When you are going to pay the Opt in List providers, pay them with a credit card. Why? Because if you have been cheated, you have a way out through the credit card company because they will help you in such cases.

If they don’t want to be paid with a credit card, then, don’t do business with them since they may not give refunds.

So here’s a word of advice for those who will choose to pay for the list providers. Always make sure that you obtain the lists that you order.

Now you have some of the ways to buy leads to generate more traffic. Also, make sure that you give good reasons for these prospective customers to go to your site. Acquiring leads can be easy and affordable. Just make sure that you make the right decisions to get it done.
You definitely will gain more site traffic.
Charles Kaluwasha is pleased to offer you a successful home business and a proven Marketing system that has already helped thousands of ordinary people around the globe reach their goals and create financial freedom. To subscribe to a Free Home Business Secrets Course and have a look at what we have to offer, visit:

How to Use a Newsletter to Generate Traffic

By now, you understand that there are countless ways to drive traffic to a site. But even though there are a lot of strategies, none of them can guarantee you results overnight. Driving traffic to a site is still the hardest job there is when it comes to maintaining a website. Traffic can be obtained by advertising and promotion. But do you know that you can get people to visit your website just by creating a newsletter?

People surf the internet for various reasons. But more than anything, they are online because they want to gain some information about something. Some people want to research more about a product before buying. Others are looking for suggestions from other users. And there are those who surf the internet just to gain knowledge.

Therefore, if your site has good content, the higher the chances that you’ll amass a good number of unique visitors from time to time. But what if your website is not an information portal and is actually an e-commerce site? Adding too many articles to it may be a problem because you already have loads of pictures and images to put up.

Well, if that’s the only concern that you have, the solution is quite simple. All you really have to do is to create a regular newsletter about your products and relevant information about them. Newsletters could provide you with both repeat and unique visitors on a regular basis. Just make sure that you have some juicy headlines and eye-catching offers included in your newsletters. And for sure, your visitors will visit you every now and then, check your new and old products, and stay until they are ready to buy your products.

To be successful in making newsletters drive traffic to your site, you have to maintain an active list of email addresses of people to whom you can send your newsletters. The list doesn’t have to include thousands of email addresses at once, if you don’t have that yet. What’s more important is that you’ll build your list slowly along the way. Besides, a targeted list is better than the lists you can.

A functional mailing list is the moving factor behind making newsletters for traffic. And you can get the email addresses of your visitors right from your site. Make sure that you have some scripts installed that allow your visitor to subscribe to your newsletters and to receive exciting updates that you might offer. Try to include a script wherein they can invite their friends as well. This allows them to easily recruit visitors for you. Your visitor’s friends could be an integral part of your daily traffic requirement.

The newsletters that you create regularly should be stored in one folder of your website. Always upload new newsletters promptly. You can use the actual web page to be sent to the people on your list. Or you can simply send the link that will take them there. Between these two options, it is always better to send the page itself so that people will see your newsletters at once. This way, they can easily click on the live links included in the message if and when they find your articles and offers interesting enough. Now that’s instant visitors for you.

Do the math. Imagine how many visitors you’ll get if only around 10% of the 1,000 people would come and visit you. That’s 100 unique visitors everyday. The number can’t be that high, you might say. But then again, who’s keeping you from sending your newsletters to millions of internet users? Just go ahead and keep updating your email database. Your traffic will definitely experience a spike in the days to come.

You can also keep an archive of your previously sent newsletters on a certain part your website for future reference. If you successfully create your newsletters to be both informative and exciting, then people will definitely go back and view them, even if several months old. A database of newsletters could provide you with recurring traffic without too much effort on your part.

If you have yet to use newsletters as a strategy to drive traffic to your site, the right time is now. Don’t be left behind by your competitors. Your website deserves to be seen, appreciated, and visited by hordes of traffic everyday. Start making that captivating newsletter today.
Charles Kaluwasha is pleased to offer you a successful home business and a proven Marketing system that has already helped thousands of ordinary people around the globe reach their goals and create financial freedom. To subscribe to a Free Home Business Secrets Course and have a look at what we have to offer, visit:

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