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Who doesn’t Love a Stuffed Pig?


Many people wonder why a pig gets fatter and fatter(stuffed) as compared to other domestic animals.

Once upon a time,there lived a farmer with a dog, cat,cock and a pig.
The man said to his wife,”I think we need to slaughter one of these animals tomorrow”
Yes darling,”replied the wife!”

The cat was listening and went to whisper to other animals. Guys, “said the cat,the master is planning to slaughter one of us”.

The dog said,”I scare away enemies”. The cock said,”I wake up the master to go to the farm”. The cat said, “I keep the house safe by eating all the snakes and rats that come into the house”. But the pig said, “me my job is just to eat because I don’t want to be thin. All the other animals laughed and said, “you will be slaughtered because you finish the master’s food.

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7 Profit Pulling Pillars You Should Have Online To beat the competition

To survive in this competitive marketing world , you should have the following pillars in your business:

. A super converting website
. A hot selling product that customers can’t resist buying from you
. A powerful brand name
. Instant promotional and high quality material
. High quality traffic tracking system
. Email list with good autoresponder service
. And mentoring/training system

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How do you spend your money?


If you were asked this question today, how would you answer?

A few years ago when I started my career as a health professional, my intentions were to work hard, save money and buy a nice car to drive. It was a good idea but..
When I bought my first car, it needed fuel,warrant of fitness,license, insurance and monthly maintenance. I realized that a car was a liability, draining my merger resources.

I changed my focus and started saving money to buy a house. Today this house is giving me income every month. It is an investment that will give me profits for along time.

I have gone a step ahead by creating my online business. The road is not smooth, but I know the rewards are enormous and will set me free from debts and enjoy the
lifestyle that successful people do have.

Coming back to the question, how do you spend your money?
Many people will have different priorities.
One of the the successful entrepreneur advises people to spend their money on BDIL in order to be prosperous and enjoy good lifestyle.

BDIL stands for Business, Debt, Investment and Lifestyle.
So to be successful in this ailing economy, spend your money:

*by building a profitable business to create recurring income and be debt free.

*When you have recurring income from your business, you will be free of debts.

*When you are free of debts, you have the capability to invest and have profitable businesses, money will not be an issue to you and,

*You will have the freedom to enjoy a good lifestyle for ever

I have an opportunity that will help you fulfill your dreams.

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Webprosperity – The fastest and most profitable Internet Business


WebProsperity is a product-centric company.

Sure, the WebProsperity Freedom Compensation Plan with its 67% payout is one of
the most attractive opportunities on the Internet today,but we believe that no plan and no company has any longevity if there’s no solid products backing it up.

That’s why most of the focus is going into the development of the only suite of 6
cutting-edge, fully-integrated Internet products that every Internet Marketer

•WebProsperity Meeting (audio/video/phone conferencing)

•WebProsperity Contact(follow-up autoresponders,broadcasts,”email my

•WebProsperity Media (add audio/video to your website and emails)

•WebProsperity Finder (visual downline management)

•WebProsperity Contact (your complete contact management system)

•WebProsperity Calendar (manage your appointments, get things done)

“WebProsperity is one of the most powerful Internet Marketing Programs for
generating huge profits for anyone willing to try it out.
The products are performance proven, high end, and easy to use. The Compensation
is incredibly aggressive, and the Leadership Team is the best in the industry.
A lot of successful entrepreneurs know them, that’s why they are joining this company.They’ve worked with them and know them personally!

If you want to have a profitable internet business for yourself,

will be your path to success.”

But it’s up to you to TAKE ACTION and TAKE CONTROL! Thousands of hungry
entrepreneurs just like you have made the decision NOT to be a victim of the
economy and have secured their positions in the Matrix.

So don’t spend the rest of your life WISHING for money… take steps TODAY to
create the
Prosperity and the Life you deserve!
Opportunity comes once,you can either grab or leave it.

The choice is yours.

Be -Safe- On Line!!

Dear Consumer and all business seekers,

The internet is full of scam artist, if you are not careful, you will end up losing your hard earned dollar. Many consumers have been screwed by these “clever people who pause to be legitimate business entity but yet are thieves in their own rights. This is how they earn their living. So to help you shop safely on line get some Tips!

It’s about time someone did this to help you shop safely!

Allow me to explain, I’ll make it quick.

My web-business is a proud member of a company called HONESTe-Online.

The president of this company has just written and released a brand-
new e-book titled, “Be Safe Online.”

It teaches consumers highly-unique tips, tricks and secrets to be safe,
smart and secure while shopping on
the “Wild, Wild, Web.”

I am so thrilled to be able to give you a “freebie” copy today!

This is a “quick read” written in step-by-step format containing some
of the best tips you’ll ever discover.And the graphics are REALLY cute.

I promise you’ve NEVER seen anything like this before.

Give it a read. It’ll take you about 5 minutes and you’ll instantly feel
safer, smarter and much more secure when you choose to do business on
the ‘net.’

Grab your free copy right here:

Be-Safe-Online PDF copy

Yours for success,

-Charles Kaluwasha


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