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Legitimate Work At Home Business Opportunity

The best way you can go about starting your own legitimate home based business opportunity is to check out www.LifeOnTheNet7.com. This site will allow you to enjoy freedom with your job, growth, security, and less stress.

The best thing about this amazing legitimate home business opportunity offered through our company is the freedom you always wanted in your life. You can finally choose the hours you are available to work. You don’t have to worry about someone humiliating you about coming to work five minutes late. You also don’t have to go to work in suit anymore. Now you can wear what want to, even your pajamas.

Growth is a promising factor for these legitimate home based business opportunities because you are on the web. When you create an online company, you can enjoy a global customer base and not being limited to working in your local community. Remember when your friends sold many items around the neighborhood and you couldn’t figure out how to get more customers. Now you will never again be limited to a small group to sell to. You have the entire world!

The best place you can find this online company is by going to www.LifeOnTheNet7.com. You will find that by paying small fee you can become a member you can create your own company at home. This will provide you with your own website that will put your company name right on the front. Everything is already integrated into the site so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

When you work at your home, you don’t have to worry anything about commuting to work, the stress caused by other employees and more. You will have a completely new lifestyle when you begin working for yourself with us. Less stress is one of the biggest advantages you will ever find in a job and the job will be yours for as long as you want it to be.

It is time you really did take advantage of the best legitimate home based business opportunities that can be offered. You are now in control when you work for yourself at your home. There is nothing like the freedom of making the rules for your work hours, deciding what to wear, not having to commute anymore, pay for packing, pack a lunch, and listen to someone tell you what to do.

Simple Steps On Goal setting


Source:Diane Corriette
Membership Manager

With all the information available online and offline through
books on goal setting you would think it was some mega topic
that needed an MBA in order to set goals that you achieve.

I believe in simplicity and I also believe that goal setting and
planning (another thing you either love or hate) are important.

If you know you want to make $50 a day in the next six months
you have something to work towards. You have a purpose and a
reason to sit down and work on your business, develop products
for your business and market your business.

Your goals don’t have to be huge. Begin by setting goals for the
next 7 days

1. Write 2 articles and add them to article directory
2. Write 3 blog posts this week
3. Send out invitations to my free teleseminar
4. Comment on at least 10 blogs
5. Look in the forums I belong to and contribute where I can

A nice simple set of 5 goals you want to achieve in the week.
Then you just go ahead and get them done.

This is goal setting basic level style of course because what
you really need is a long term vision that feeds into a shorter
term vision that has monthly targets set for which you have
weekly goals…..!!!!!

But it is still a start. If you are not used to setting goals
for yourself having this list and getting them down is at least
It will keep you focused.

Other wise you will find yourself reading emails for 3 hours,
spending time chatting on IM for 30 minutes, watching videos on
youtube before logging off and going to bed.

Then 3 months down the line you wonder why you are not getting
anywhere with your business or making any money.

So start by setting yourself small reachable targets and build
from there. Once you are in the habit of doing this you will
notice that it makes a huge difference to your productivity

Automatic Blog Posting Is More Profitable and Time Saving

Time is precious to all of us and it can be a pain to manually update your blog with fresh content.
But today,I have good news for you. Automatic Blog Word press plugin is here,it gets fresh new articles of 300 words long each day to add and post them automatically to your blog.

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It is so “set-it-and Forget it” simple. You install it in less than 3 minutes and start working for you. It can’t be easier than that!

==> Automatic Blog WordPress

How To Select a Profitable Business Model


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First of all what do we mean when we say business model? A business model is a representation of how the company will make money. It is a condensed description of how an organization or company conducts business and how they generate income.

Some pointers when selecting a business model:

Read and examine models that other successful individuals have used when offering related product and services. Innovation is a good thing however; duplicating a proven business model insures success.

The best option is to duplicate a successful business.

The 9 building blocks of a basic business model would constitute the following:

– Core capabilities – competency and capacity needed to accomplish the model.
– Key partners – partner network participation in the model and other aspects of it.
– Value configuration – underlying principle for a mutual beneficial relationship between an organization or company and its customers.
– Value proposition – the products and services being offered to the market.
– Target market – the objective of any business is to attract customers to buy the products and services offered in order to earn income.
– Distribution channel – communication and distribution route to reach customers and offer them the value proposition which would include the marketing and distribution strategy.
– Client/Customer relationship – the link that is established with the customers and the process of client relationship development.
– Cost structure – the monetary requirement in deploying the business model.
– Revenue streams – how the company makes money which constitutes the revenue model.

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Once you have chosen your business model, the next step is to create your actual business plan. One of the best things about creating your business plan is that it may cause you to rethink aspects of your business model.

Welcome Changes

A change in the model chosen is just part of the process. Although the model picked is firm and tested, there is still a need to make minor changes. Change is good but too much change may pose a threat to your company. Picking out business models that other successful companies use has been proven to increase the chance for success. Adopting a business model does not necessarily mean completely copying it.

Business model innovation

Innovation is closely related to the creation of business models. New and innovative models create a threat to replace other established trade models and traditional means of doing business. Some established organizations and companies look for new and unique business models that will compete with other companies thereby securing their position and success in the industry they are in.

Entrepreneurs and executives heighten their competency to manage continuous change and adapt to hasty changes in the business world. They do this by embracing and implementing new ideas into their business models.

A great business model does ensure you that you are going to be successful. Hard work is certainly a great weapon for anyone’s success!

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How To Attract Traffic To Your Website


Article Originally submitted to
on 27/11/2008

Starting your own newsletter or ezine can attract natural traffic to your website. News letters build a strong relationship with your subscribers online.

In this competitive network marketing, the popularity of online newsletters is based on the need for information by many people out there. The main reason people are on the net always is because they want and need information and that is exactly your newsletter provide.

Naturally,newsletters are delivered via email or as HTML pages or blogs.However,newsletters that are delivered as HTML or blog pages still utilize email because the publisher often email his subscribers notifying them that a new issue,product or update is ready.

There are many advantages of starting and running your own newsletter.

1.You are able to maintain regular contact with your subscribers.
2.You are able to build a personal relationship with your subscribers.

Newsletters allow you to maintain regular contact with your visitors on your website. This is vital to the success of your business as people usually have to be exposed to your offer several times before they actually buy your products or services. It may take time to see the benefits, but patience is the key. News letter allows you to keep in contact with your site visitors by reminding them how your product or services can benefit them.

Newsletters gives you the opportunity to send emails packed with quality articles and of course your sales message to potential customers. Newsletters are a great for building trust and a personal relationships on line.

It is the only way to interact with your customers.If your newsletter provides consistent and quality content that your subscribers can use and enjoy, they will start to trust your opinion and begin to feel that personal touch. This is vital as developing good relationship is important for every business on line or offline.

Newsletter also can help you generate income not from your products and services, but from advertising space. Here you do need a larger subscriber data base before other businesses can have interest in advertising. However, this is not all that difficult to achieve especially if you provide quality and consistence content. You can earn a few dollars extra every month just from advertising if you do your work diligently.

Many of your website visitors will eventually become your customers if they do trust the information you regularly post. The more you provide value to your subscribers, the more you will build that trust.

If you help many people on line by providing their needs, eventually they will buy from you.

Its important to know that running your own newsletter involves a considerable amount of work,time and discipline. You have to regularly write or acquire quality content from other services before your next newsletter mail-out. Newsletters are usually sent out every week or two to avoid irritating your subscribers if they are sent everyday. This is not always easy in this demanding time.

The other important thing is how to maintain your email addresses. Some subscribers enter invalid email addresses while others change their addresses, so maintaining a list of working emails is crucial if you want to see the value of newsletters.

About the Author:
Charles Kaluwasha is passionate about helping thousands of people around the globe make a difference in their lives by starting and running a successful home business.To subscribe to a Free Home Business Mini-Course and find the best home based business ideas and opportunities visit:http://www.LifeOnTheNet7.com

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