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Take a Big Bite in The Travel Industry and Enjoy for Ever

Travel is the number 1 industry in the world and if you are a marketer who does not have the chance to grab a slice of pie in this travel industry as part of your income generation,then you are missing out on the serious perpetual income.

You see travel industry represents a whopping 40-50% of the total internet sales volume. Eighty percent of internet surfers look for good deals on travel on the internet.

Did you know that travel booking sites are the most widely used on the line in the world? Millions of people every where in the world use these sites every second. It is a huge market!
This industry is expanding every year as many “old Guys” are retiring every day. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, there is going to be a lot of economic opportunity for those who are investing into travel industry today. This is because the baby boomers spend their few years of life in leisure and traveling- to enjoy the hard earned money they invested.

This is the more reason Global Resorts Network spends trillions of dollars in the travel industry. Thousands of ordinary people are earning more than $1000 per month in residual income. GRN has the best marketing system that helps investors reap what they have invested within the shortest time.

When you join us, you will have access to prime vacations in the world and at a discounted price that is never offered anywhere. For a limited offer—- CLICK HERE

Charles Kaluwasha
Global Resorts Network Club Member

GRN Reviews New Techniques to Build Your Business Faster

GRN is going to start unique training for its affiliates beginning this coming Monday,November 30th.The idea is to present information and training from highly successful groups within the GRN family. Success breeds success so the new calls should be very useful for current and new affiliates to expand their horizons and their bank accounts.
Already there are men and women within GRN who are very successful and are earning more than $1K commission over and over.
One of the successful teams is that of Mark Hoverson, who have collectively generated over 2000 Platinum sales in less than 24 months using unique online marketing techniques.Mark’s success with GRN has made him one of the industry’s most prolific trainers.

He is going to review techniques he has been using to earn so much money within a shortest time. If you want to build your business faster on the internet and over Christmas, register for GRN training series here!

P.S. Each important training session will be completed in less than 45-minutes.

If you want to become an affiliate, visit and join the site:

Charles Kaluwasha
Enjoy Life!

Discover The Most Exciting Discount Rewards and Cash Back shopping Program in the World

It is now a month since I joined EBates,the most exciting discount rewards and cash back shopping program in the world.
Ebates brings the the best money saving products that are available anywhere and they are committed to adding new merchants onto their product offering, putting more value to the already powerful program that is helping thousands of people in the world save money.
As a member of Ebates, I have access to all the daily,weekly and monthly discounts and rewards offered by many merchants in my area.
The first day I received my Discount card, my wife and I went to Hutt Pizza outlet to see if they could accept. These sales ladies were not sure, so they grabbed my discount card, took it to their manger, who called the service number for Access Development Customer service-888-279-5232 to confirm. They came back and said it was okay and offered us two large Pizza. This gave me the confidence to use Ebates for all purchase to save money.

No wonder members are saving on average of $50-$100 or more every month without having to change anything they are currently doing. In this hard economic times, the discount card is handy and can add up to hundreds,even thousands of dollars in savings for you.

This is true because i have seen some of the members are saving over $22 per month on purchases they are already making from their favorite shop outlets!

How much would you save when you go to McDonalds, Subway, Pizza,Quiznos and get a free sandwich within the purchase of another? Imagine saving up to25% every time you get an oil change or go for your favorite movies.
How about getting discounts at great store in your area or earn CASH back for all your online purchases at more than 600 store in the world?
This is all possible with Ebates membership! In fact not only will you save money and cash back on great food and shopping, but you ‘ll also get deals on travel,rental cars,ski and snow board packages,golf fees,sporting events,amusement parks and so much more!! This is surely a membership you will never miss. On top of all these benefits, you will have the opportunity to earn extra income or even life changing income just by sharing the awesome Ebates opportunity with friends,work mates etc.
If you join today, I will help you with all the training and even place a banner on your website so that people can join this money saving opportunity. Just join my very own state of the art website here!

See you inside and good luck!

Charles Kaluwasha

Create The Biggest Transformation in Your Life with GDI

If you are not making enough money with your online business due to various circumstances, why not join 1000s of real people worldwide who are quietly building their own income for life from the comfort of their homes, even while they sleep.We are coming to the end of 2009 and looking forward to starting the year 2010. What plans are you putting in place for your children? How are you going to reduce the debts you have accumulated this year?
GDI will teach you easy ways to maximize your productivity and help you make money by the power of duplication. To join, you have a 7 day free trial and when you are satisfied with their product, you can upgrade by paying only $10.00 per month which include, your own domain name, email account,hosting and free webnars every week. You will be paid 50% of the product weekly by the power of duplication. There are weekly bonuses as well that add to your income. Thousands of people have found GDI as a source of income to cushion off financial burden.

To prove that this is real, access the worldwide testimonials.
So here we go, an opportunity for you to make money has been availed to you today! Think about it as we come to the end of the year, so that you can begin the year 2010 with strong foundation and have financial freedom to enjoy what you love doing.

Charles Kaluwasha
Income for life earner

Travel for 50% less Than Other Travellers

Sometimes travel is all about going out for a holiday. At times the reasons are much more practical for example,business,conferences,funeral etc. Either way, it is always perfect to plan some time off once a year.

In New Zealand Kiwis’ (and I guess every where in the World) travel in summer when the weather is fantastic and we have long school holidays. During this time,pleasure resorts,hotels and camping places become packed. People are forced to book 6 months well in advance, otherwise it becomes very expensive.

But for Global Resorts Network members, they do not have to worry- their membership gives them many benefits:

1. They get over 50% discounts on all types of travel bookings and accommodations
2. They have access to some of the most highly sought after destinations in the world,starting at just $298.00 for an entire 8 days and 7 nights.
3. You also have the flexibility to book at any time of the year, be it at peak seasons or not- you are assured of a place at any resorts of your choice.

This is the good way to put to use your membership. all travel booking, from flights,accommodation,cruises,rentals,holiday packages are all arranged in such a way that you will have a hassle free travel, nothing to worry about. In fact you will be given a travel guard all the way through to your desired destination and the reception is of high class. I recommend those who want to experience a piece of mind for their next holiday to consider Global Resorts Network. They have the experience and resources.

If you are not a member yet ,consider becoming one today and have your travel expenses slashed by 50% for life. Do not let this offer leave without you.

Charles Kaluwasha

GRN Club member

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