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How to Avoid Wasting Time and Money In 2010

It is time to set any business goals for 2010. Any serious entrepreneur must sit down and make profitable plans to keep the business running at a profit. If you haven’t, its a reminder to get started!

Without a clear plan of action,you can easily be distracted and spend the whole year wasting time and money.
you will be jumping from one idea to the other and never make any actual progress. You must have an idea what you want to achieve with your business over the coming year. Do not put off your plans… start the year 2010 with profitable and concrete plans odf actions- set goals(long and short doable goals.

1. Look at what you have done in the past year on your business, what mistakes you madfe and how you can improve to avoid loss of business.

2. Then see what you would like to achieve over the coming year.

It is wise to have someone who can personally show you the way- one on one consultation every week to see you through
Take the first step by doing it rather than just dreaming about having a successful business or website.
If you do not know where to start from, there are many resources that you can use at a minimal fee:
1. A mentor-ship program
2. Charlie Page’s One on One Consultation service
3.The Plug-In Profit Site
These are successful companies that have been on line for more than 10 years now and have a good track records. Successful entrepreneurs use these services.

So take steps to make the 2010 a successful year!

To your success in 2010

Charles Kaluwasha


Empower Your marketing Efforts with Empowerism

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There are many features and benefits that come with your Empowerism package:
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I want to learn all about:

Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges,obstacles and less than perfect condition. So what? Get started now,with each step you take,you will grow stronger and stronger,More and more skilled,More and more self-confident and More and more Successful.
-Mark Victor Hansen

Networking Your Home Business within Circles of Influence

Networking Your Home Business within Circles of Influence
Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

When you need an auto mechanic or an air conditioning repairman, where do you turn for help? Sure, some people turn to the yellow pages. But most will turn to friends and family and ask if they know of anyone who can do the work.

The best place for your business to be positioned is to be the business on the tips of the tongues of the people asked to make the referral.


Preachers, funeral directors and people in a few other
professions have learned “the 300 rule” through their own
personal experience.

“The 300 rule” states that the average person knows 300 people on a friendly level. Wedding planners tend to make reservations for 300 guests. Funeral directors tend to need to make room for 300 mourners. You get the idea.


Imagine your circle of friends, family and acquaintances, a.k.a. your circle of influence. Now, draw your circle of influence as a circle on a blank piece of paper.

Next, contemplate the people in your parents’ circle of
influence. Some people who know your parents also know you. Therefore, you will share some influence with the people your folks know. Now draw your parents’ circle of influence on your piece of paper.

Your circle and your parents’ circle will intersect in one area,
although the larger majority of the two circles will not
intersect. If you are like most people, the two circles on your page at this point looks very similar to the MasterCard logo.

Now imagine drawing a page full of intersecting circles, each
circle representing the circle of influence of the people who
are within your own circle of influence. Imagine trying to
encapsulate an accurate rendering of where your circle and the circle of your friends will actually intersect.

Some circles will share a large area of space, while others will barely cover one another.

Actually, you can only imagine at this point what your piece of paper will look like. The actual layout of the circles imagined in this analogy is simply too overwhelming for the mind to comprehend.


300 multiplied by 300 equals 90,000. By using the analogy of doodles in the previous section, the average person can actually network with up to 90,000 people! Even factoring in the overlap, one can still probably network with 50,000 people through their own circle of influence!

Simply amazing, isn’t it?


There are 300 people on this planet whom you have a reasonable amount of influence. Take advantage of this fact. Make darn sure that every person within your own circle of influence KNOWS that you are in business for yourself, and make sure they understand what your business offers.

When your friend is asked to make a referral, they will
recommend you.


When people ask your friends for a referral and your friend
mentions your business, that is passive referral networking.

Active referral networking is when you can get your friends go directly to their friends and say “Hey, I have a friend who just started a business. If you are in need of what he offers or you know someone who will need his services, would you please give my friend a call or make the referral to his business?”

If you can get even a portion of the people in your own circle of influence to actively refer your business, then you have built the foundation to build an advertising campaign even more effective than the average local television advertising campaign.

Think about that for a moment.

Most people only dream of reaching 50,000 potential customers with their television advertising dollars. You now have the knowledge to reach 50,000 people without spending a single penny.

Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy
All rights reserved.

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Newbie Free Training Videos

Videos have made life easier for Newbies. If you go to Youtube, you will find lots of videos. They help you learn many important tasks that are involved in growing and building a business on line quickly and easily without paying someone large amount of money or spend weeks and months trying to learn new skills by yourself.

Videos make it easy and simply sit and watch the corresponding stuff and follow the step-by-step instruction provided.

Stone Evans has put together a number of Newbie Training videos package as a FREE Bonus to save you countless hours of time and frustration.

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There is a lot of valuable information that you may not find anywhere else, considering it being given to you as a FREE BONUS!

To your success,

Charles Kaluwasha

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