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Discover the secret of multi-millionaires in this economy

We all have been programed that to make our dreams come true, we have to

work harder and more hours… But what I have discovered is totally different

which is why you need to continue reading and discover the better way to make

money and accomplish your dream.

Discover the secret of Multi-Millionaires

After reading this life changing article from the Freedom magazine, my way of

thinking, life and association completely changed! I learned that there are two

types of income in the world,but only one type of income will give you the type

of freedom you are looking for- to own your life and have dignity.

1. linear income– where  you trade time for money in order to make a living.

when you stop working, your earnings also stop!

2. Royalty income-some call it recurrent, perpetual, residual and passive.

This isa the secret of multi-millionaires. they work one time and continue

getting paid time and again .

Talk of the multi-millionaires like Michael, Elvis Presely and JK Rowling, the

writer of Harry Potter story, did the work once but still get checks every month.

This is the type of income you need to aim for in life.

How can you achieve this?

By investing into something that will give you back in the years to come. I can assure

you  this income will give you the freedom to do what you like in life.

You could even fire your boss and spend much time with your family, golfing any time

go where ever you want without permission.

Here are some of the profitable ventures that you could invest into and start receiving

Royalty income.

1. Plug-In Profit site

2. Carbon copy PRO

3. Directory of Ezine

4. Maverick Money Makers

5. Internet Marketing Center

I have found these programs to be exciting and rewarding!

For more info on this life changing article, go to this site

Info On Arm Array Productions And The Owner Of The Company

Array Productions was launched on August 16, 2007 by Jay Phoenix (formerly of Burnside Theory; currently of DAATH, M.T. Head Records, Escen Hazard and Underground Downtown Television). Since forming Arm Array Productions, the company had already a vast of support including rendering services for: Linework, Fuse, Shattered Glass Playground, Hallow Form, Cyanide Regime, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth, Five Finger Death Punch, Static-X, Astroninja (Asia), Studio-X (Australia), Frightdoll, Just Promotions, Coma Music Magazine, Serj Tankian, Beautifully Crude, Skylab Studios, Dirt Spawn Disease (Greece) and many more.

Arm Array Productions renders services such as: Web Templates, Commercial Advertising, Promotion & Marketing, Logos, Fliers, Banners, Desktop Wallpaper, Design Model Photography, CD Compilation Inquiries, Interviews, Lyrics, Reviews and more. Arm Array Productions accepts money orders, PayPal and checks as payment.

The services are divided into five categories (not including merchandise): Digital Media, Development & Publicity, Myspace Customs, Website Creations, and Graphics & Animation. Arm Array Productions is open 7 days a week and is an English speaking business.

Arm Array Productions is listed on Myspace.com, YouTube.com, Ebay.com and YellowPages.com.

Jay Phoenix started his career in 2002 at the age of 17 as a graphic designer and since then he has continued on different experiences on his own which includes: Animator, Promoter, Musician, Arranger, Interviewer, Photographer, Critic, Web Developer & Lyricist.

He became a professional individual in 2003. His ‘Serj Tankian’ publication was featured in Coma Music Magazine in 2007 on www.coma-online.com.

Jay Phoenix is listed on Myspace.com and Facebook.com.

Despite his mentality such as high blood pressure, back pain, anxiety, depression, cerebral palsy on the right side of his body… he makes up that for creativity, honesty, loyalty, originality and being a computer geek type of a guy with his brilliant career.

Jay Phoenix has been described as a family oriented individual. He always put his family first. His musical taste is: Industrial, Black Metal, Pirate Metal, Love Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Experimental, Viking Metal, Epic Metal, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Folk Metal, Symphonic Metal, Doom Metal, Math Metal, Electro-Industrial, Neo-Classical, Classical, Death Metal, Hardcore, Alternative Rock, Instrumental, J-POP, J-ROCK, Visual-kei, Synth-pop, Electronica, Industrial Metal, EBM, Orchestra, Video Game, IDM, Techno, Digital Hardcore, Trance, Cyberpunk, Futurepop, Electropop, Industrial Rock, Techno-pop, New Wave, Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock, Glam Metal, Speed Metal, Acid House, Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Metalcore, Nu-Metal, Doom-Death, Avant-Garde, Shibuya-kei, and more.

Jonathan Davis of the band called Korn from Bakersfield, California, is definitely noted as his main inspiration throughout his entire life. He loves what he does and he enjoys every minute of it. He has received inquiries from Hanzel Und Gretyl, Kim Fobert, and Josh Rowe.

Contacting Jay Phoenix through instant-messaging is so easy and simple.
To find more info on design myspace layout and other services including pricing; go to ArmArrayProductions.com

AIM: Twxtddragon666
YAHOO: The_o0_Stray
PS3: JStrayP

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Finding An Affordable Franchise Business Opportunity

In this economic climate, many of us are thinking extra carefully regarding the cash they use and are trying to make cost savings wherever possible. In spite of this, a good number still desire to consider a change in career direction or have redundancy finance at hand and want to start out a brand new endeavor. A franchise business can act as just such a chance but how does one go about finding a franchise system that is reasonably priced.

You will find a good number of franchise opportunities on the market and the obvious answer is obviously what is ‘affordable’ is dependent completely on the amount of capital or financing you have available to invest. With this in mind, it’s highly recommended to make an appointment with the franchise department of one of the high street banks to determine what financing could be available to you. Make sure you have information of any current savings or any liquid capital that you already have, along with details of any assets you might have available to use as security for further finance if required.

Franchises can vary significantly from as little as a couple of thousand pounds up to many thousands for a few top end retail type franchises.

Investigating Affordable Franchise businesses

A lot of the most reasonably priced franchises, when it comes to a low investment level, tend to be work from home franchises. That is mainly because of the fact they do not have need of commercial premises lease or hire that saves significantly on running costs. Additionally, quite alot of these franchises require lower than £10,000 initial investment to get going with some as little as £5.000. For a variety of affordable options you could potentially start by browsing the low priced franchises for sale section or work at home franchises section of some of the internet franchise websites.

It ought to be noted that even though a low initial risk may appear an attractive selection it might also be a limiting thing. Well established and popular franchise opportunities, may require a bigger initial investment partly because of the additional attractiveness their brand name presents to likely shoppers. It’s also best to start with the finish in mind, so be sure to evaluate what you need to accomplish financially and evaluate any franchise business opportunity you consider in its potential to help you realize your purpose.

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