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MWP Best Money Saving Secrets

The reason why I joined MWP was because of money saving program. They have partnered with prime companies that provide savings and discounts on any purchases from restaurants, sports, auto supplies, jewelry, groceries, baby requirements and list list goes on…
Today you can purchase a $25 Restaurant Certificates for only $1.These deals are made available each month.

It is always exciting to look at our Savings Leaderboard and see ALL the money our members are saving each and every month. And last month was certainly no exception. With our top savers putting an extra $300 in their pocket just through their savings program alone, it just further proves that there is no company more powerful than MWP.

While the discounts and cash back shopping are great ways to save money each month, probably the BEST KEPT SECRET in MWP is the “OTHER DISCOUNTS” section that you can access through your Save Money page with discounts on everything from jewelry, to auto supplies, to baby supplies, and SO MUCH MORE.

One of those secrets is our Restaurant Certificate Discount. You can purchase $25 certificates to restaurants in YOUR LOCAL AREA for just $10. But TODAY ONLY (Through September 29), MWP members can get those EXACT SAME CERTIFICATES FOR ONLY $1.

Because of our relationship with all of our discount merchants, this offer is available to members of MWP ONLY and for only ONE DAY. You must use Promo Code WOW when ordering to get this discount. There is no limit as to how many certificates you can purchase, so for $1 each, get as many as you want and enjoy your special meals any where.

What that means is buying just ONE $25 value certificate for $1 MORE THAN PAYS FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP, because you will save $24 from that one purchase alone.

This is just another exciting way to save more money with MWP.

New Image World Partner

In this world, people are restless,hopeless…
Trying to open doors and windows of opportunity but no one to
help them.

At New Image International, people are helped to fly and see the world of
opportunities! See details…


The company(New Zealand owned) is expanding to other countries
1. India
2. Indonesia and
3. Thailand

They are looking for distributors of a Lifeline product that is
enhancing people’s lives world wide.

The successful individuals will be the pioneers in those
countries and enjoy the privileges of being the “first born”.
Joining is free and the pioneers will be provided with a virtual
website of their own.

Support and on going online training will be the corner stone of this undertaking.

This is the chance to catch the “first worm” before the public
knows about it.

So if you want to Fly into a profitable business, then jump in right now by registering your
interest on this link:


P.S Not only will you enjoy the compensation plan, but also leverage the power of colostrum to enhance your health.
I have used the products since 2007, they are fabulous to non!
Looking forward to working with you!

To your success,

Charles Kaluwasha

GVO HostThenProfit Best Business Opportunity

Hello my fellow marketer,

If you truly want to make more money, join this now!

It is going to explode in growth in the next few days and you have the opportunity to
get an amazing position and get taken along for the ride.

Myself,my mentor Stone Evans and other heavy-hitters have jumped aboard and are going to take this program
to 60,000+ members very, very quickly.

Here’s a few of the leaders that have jumped onboard and are going to drive massive
downline growth in this program:

Brian Bear, Jacek Dudzic, Brian Michael, Tim Sebert, Shaun Smith, Kimball Roundy,
Paula Frye, Fernando Muñiz, Derek Bohlken, Tissa Godavitarne, Stephen Pierce,
Joel Broughton and many, many more…

Never, ever, EVER has $1 ever gone so far. Just look at everything you get…

I’m in the process of converting my current autoresponder (which I currently pay over
$40 per month for right now) to the eRESPONDER I get with the Host Then Profit (GVO)
package which I’ll only pay $9.97 per month for.

This is a MASSIVE monthly savings for a tool that works just the same. Finally, there is a
company that is going to level the playing field for the rest of us. It’s called GVO!

My friend, stop whatever you are doing and seriously look at this package.

Whatever tools, programs and processes you start using now will have long-term
consequences in your business profits and costs. I am using the GVO tools now and I
have to tell you they are truly second to none.

And I’m going to save a fortune (which is going to give me a huge competitive
advantage) over people who are still using other similar services but are being charged
an arm and a leg for them every month.

If you’ve watched my mentor and developer of Plug-In profit Site lately you’ve seen that he has brought down the pricing model on everything he’s doing. To sign up for the Plug-In Profit Site service used to require
ordering a paid hosting account… Now you get free hosting for life.

The economy is in a very strange place right now friend and you and I need to do
everything we can to reduce costs while increasing profitability. That is exactly why I’m
putting my reputation on the line and highly recommending the Host Then Profit (GVO)
package to you which can do EVERYTHING you need to grow your online business for a
FRACTION of the cost of what you will find anywhere else online.

It will do all this, AND you have an opportunity (by getting in early) to benefit from the
tidal wave of members that will be joining this program in the next 60-90 days.

I bet you’ve heard that “15 minutes can save you 15% or more on your car insurance”…
Well, 5 minutes can save your entire Internet business and thousands of dollars a year.

Get in now friend, and hold on for the ride of your life.


Charles Kaluwasha

How to make money with best MLM launch

Host Then Profit has arrived. Take a look at this:


No hype. Just the most complete suite of products and
services you need to build an online business at a cost
that everyone can afford…

This is the kind of thing that’s really needed in this
economy don’t you think?…

Unemployment can be a good thing. Yeah, I said it.

Instead of working for someone else, it’s time for the
revolution of working for yourself to really take off…

YOU can be in charge of your own personal economy.

YOU can decide how much you want to get paid every month.

YOU can live your life on your terms – by your rules.

YOU can do it ALL with Host Then Profit:


The world has changed my friend. Sign up and start
using the tools and training provided by Host Then Profit
to grow your income and secure your financial future.


Charles Kaluwasha


How to attract successful people to you

Today you are going to learn a vital tactic to get
prospects to want to join YOU. This vital tactic, is
responsible for me getting phone calls out of no where, all
the time, with prospects on the other line who want to work
with me ONLY.

I kid you not, they literally call me up and say “I want to
do business with you Michelle. What you say makes so much
sense.” And then I sign them up.

Do you want to learn how I am able to do that?

Are You Ready To Get Taken By
The Hand Guidance, And Make More
Money In Your Own Business Then
You Thought Possible?

It’s called Attraction Marketing…and it is the science of
branding YOURSELF into the minds of all your prospects.

It is the science of positioning YOURSELF as an expert who can
help people achieve what they are looking for.

Now I know you might be thinking, “but I don’t even
know how to get what I’m looking for. How could I ever be
considered an expert?”

And I’m going to tell you to SNAP OUT OF IT! Snap out of your
insecurities and limiting belief systems, and wake up to
prosperity consciousness!

There are infinite possibilities in this universe, and I’m going
to show you exactly how to position yourself as an expert
to your prospects. Are you ready?

It’s all about…Adding Value.

You have to add value to people’s lives.

Now do you think you can only add value to someones life
if you are making 10k a month in your business? Do you think
you can only add value to someones life if you are some
hotshot walking across stage?

If you DO believe that…then please just close this right
now and go do something else. I can’t help you.

I help people who know, or are open to knowing, they have
inherent value and worth to offer others. They are just
looking for the right system/information/teacher who can help
them blossom.

Listen to me very carefully here…YOU HAVE VALUE.

Even if all you have ever done is failed at something…you
have value! Now you know exactly what NOT to do and what
causes failure. You can share that information with your
prospects and BINGO, you are an expert about what not to do.

There are literally millions of ways you can position yourself
so that your prospects like you, respect you, and JOIN YOU
in your business.

When you join our Team…you are going to be plugged into the marketing

and mindset knowledge virtually.
EVERY highly successful person in our industry has used
today to make an absolute fortune.

You will learn how to have so many new distributors joining your
organization that your past sponsors are going to wonder
what the heck happened to you!

Here is a hint…there is a FUNDAMENTAL piece to attraction
marketing that you HAVE to have in order to be successful.
You have to BRAND yourself…

And with the Mastermind system that we have
created you are going to be branding yourself to no end with
every prospect you come across. They are literally going to
be MAGNETIZED to you, and our team, and it would be the smartest
thing they have ever done.

Head over here

P.S. Some people say I’m a little crazy to be giving away all the knowledge
and training we offer just for FR’EE because you joined our team…

but it makes life interesting.

Besides, your my team mate now, and I WANT you to have all the
knowledge I have, and be FAR more successful with it then 99%
of the other home business owners out there. Head over to
the link above and take control
of your financial reality today.

Discover today the one simple system I used to generate upwards of 25 leads a day and used to build a profitable business in 6 months.


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