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“The Inside Secret to Why Network Marketing will ALWAYS work!”

Some people believe that network marketing really doesn’t
work. To put it lightly, they’re WRONG. I am going to take
the next few minutes to explain to you why network marketing
will always work so that the next time someone takes the
time to tell you that network marketing doesn’t work you
explain to them how misinformed they truly are.

Here is why Network Marketing will ALWAYS work:

Even in a strong economy people will ALWAYS need
supplemental income:

The truth is most people live pay check to pay check. They
aren’t able to buy the nice things that they want for
themselves and their families. There is and will always be a
constant DEMAND for more money. Network marketing is a
simple, part time and low risk way for full time workers to
fill this need. To put it simply, as long as people need
money network marketing will ALWAYS be there to fill that

People will ALWAYS want freedom from jobs they don’t enjoy:

Despite what you may think, there are people out there that
truly don’t enjoy their job. They go to work because they
have to and not because they want to. Network marketing
offers a promise of true financial freedom. The ability to
leave the 9 to 5 working world. This freedom will ALWAYS be
to tempting to pass up.

People will ALWAYS want more free time to do with as they

Did you know in a past poll conducted by Money magazine that
64% of American men and 68% of American women polled said
that if they had a choice between more money and more time
off they would choose the time? People covet their free
time. Network marketing offers the promise of working from
home and making your own hours. Again, the opportunity to
create free time will ALWAYS draw people to network


As long as people crave time, money and freedom network
marketing will ALWAYS exist.

The next time that someone tries to tell you that network
marketing doesn’t work you know that they couldn’t be more

All you have to is ask your accuser 1 of 3 questions:

Do you want more money?
Do you want freedom from your job?
Do you want more time?

I guarantee they will answer yes to one of these questions.
When they do they will have proved exactly why network
marketing will always work!

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Winning In The Online Home Business

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Discover 3 steps to make money today

Hello, my name is Charles Kaluwasha. A few years ago, I was a
full time nurse giving out panadols in a hospital. Actually, you could say the hospital owned me. I worked long hours being rostered, that is working day,afternoon and night shifts. At the end of the day, I earned barely enough
money to get by and I never had the opportunity to take a vacation.
The fact is, my financial life was pretty difficult at that time.
However, I was optimistic and always searching for ways to achieve
true financial freedom. One day, I searched the internet and downloaded an e-book called “Dotcomolgy” by the home business guy, Stone Evans… and I didn’t put it down until I was finished reading it page to page.
That e-book changed my life.

It taught me, in very simple terms, that having money is a good
thing and that not having money is a bad thing. It illustrated the point
that it is essential to develop multiple streams of income. One job is
not enough, one investment is not enough, one business is not
enough. If you are only relying on one stream of income, you are
setting yourself up to be broke one day and the fact is that 85% of the
world’s population grows old and dies financially broke. That’s because
most people do not have multiple streams of income.

Knowing that one stream of income is not enough, I got busy
finding ways to make more money through avenues other than my
“day job”. In the “Dotcomology” e-book, Stone Evans
discusses different “Money Mountains” including the “Real Estate
Money Mountain”, the “Investment Money Mountain” and the
“Marketing Money Mountain”. The one that appealed to me most was
marketing — specifically Internet marketing.

In this e-book, Stone went on to explain that ordinary people were
getting on the Internet and starting small businesses that made big
money from the comfort of their own homes using nothing more than
a personal computer and an Internet connection. I was intrigued by
this idea. Just the thought of being able to make a living using nothing
more than a laptop computer and the Internet sent signals down my
spine. I got started immediately.

After work and after my family went to sleep at night, I’d sit on a chair behind a computer and get online for a few hours (usually between midnight and 3 AM) trying to learn how to make money online. I knew
other people were doing it. I just had to figure out how to do it myself.
I’ll be honest… It wasn’t easy.

Everywhere I turned, somebody was promising to make me rich if
I joined their business opportunity or membership site or bought their
latest ebook. Before long, I had racked up thousands of dollars in
credit card debt and cluttered my computer with various ebooks,
membership site passwords, affiliate program welcome letters and
Internet marketing guru newsletters. My head was spinning with ideas
and information, but the only people making any money that I saw
were the people whose stuff I was buying — or so it seemed.
However, with time things began to make more sense. I started
making a little bit of money using some of the online marketing
strategies I was experimenting with and gradually that little bit of
money I was making grew into a full-time income.

My dream of making a living from home has come true.
The purpose of this book, “Dotcomology – The Science of Making
Money Online”, is to share the information that has helped me create a
successful online business so that other people who are hopeful of
making money online will have a fighting chance for success.
See, you have to be careful when you get online with hopes of
making money because there are literally thousands of scams and
scam artists waiting behind the veil with sophisticated and highly
tuned strategies for ripping you off. One of the reasons Stone Evans gives this huge 300+ page content-rich ebook away for free, is because he wants to help as many people as possible avoid the scams and learn the
truth about what it actually takes to make money online. With the
facts in hand, you can decide for yourself whether or not you’ve got
what it takes to succeed in the Internet marketing industry.

TIP: If you want to get started quickly, Stone can help you get your
first website set up within 24 hours, so that you can start applying
what you learn in this book to the real world. I can assure you that his service is the fastest and easiest way to start making money on the Internet.
Click here to learn more about it.

I stand by for any queries you may have.

Charles Kaluwasha

Web conferencing on Face Book Luanching soon

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and happy new year, I personally spent
mine in Zambia with my wife 🙂

I wanted to resend you an email I sent a few weeks back
as the launch of Meetcheap.com is approaching fast…


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We have finally opened a “hidden back door” for you
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This is truly a very exclusive invitation to join us as
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What is MeetCheap?

Well it is a real time collaboration and web conferencing
platform similar to Gotomeeting and Webex
(It actually has better features in my opinion)


But.. the main reason I am contacting you is because,
well get this…

As a distributor of Meetcheap you will be able to
sell conference rooms to your customers at an
unheard of price of…

$1.67 PER MONTH!

Yes.. that is only $19.97 per year!

Similar companies sell conference rooms at $100 per month!!

As a distributor you will collect 50% residual commissions
on the sale, plus amazing residual commissions on all
up sells on the back end!!


True passive and residual income that will last a LIFETIME!!

Remember, if there is one universal law in business, it is this..


As long as you have great customer support and a superior product.

When Meetcheap launches at $1.67 per month it will
become a household name in the conference world in less than 3 months!



Talk about hugely viral!!

Take a minute and watch this video on our Founding Members
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Take action and join my team!



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