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How to figure out the Technology That will run your online Business

Figuring out the technology to run your business on autopilot is a difficulty thing especially when your are new. There are so many offers out there claiming to provide the technology that “spits money” for you. Do not fall into this trap…
I have been trapped in this type of offer on many occasions. You sign up and grab the soft ware and that is it. You will never see him neither hear from them. This is happening online right now.

But there is a technology that is working for me right now. It is simple and the developers are ordinary people that you can relate to. In fact one of then was an alcoholic who had no fixed aboard. The other guy was a carpenter, threw away the tools and started his own workathomebusiness and they both developed this marketing system that is working so well.

So the challenge is, if you want a daily step by step marketing technology that is laser focusing on a process that has been instrumental in creating higher sales than any other strategy that you have ever used, then plug into this laser system

This system is putting more money in peoples pocket daily. This week at least 6 people earned over $1000 commission which is equivalent to working for a second job.
This system is crazy badass…Watch the live stream here!

Make 2012 a year of prosperity!

Charles Kaluwasha

Get 10,000 Website Visitors Bonus

My mentor and developer of the famous Plug-In Profit Site is giving out 10,000 free website visitors to all those who are struggling to make money online and are willing to join Plug In Profitsite Co-op.
These website visitors cost him significantly more than what is required for you to join Empower Network.

Many Plug-In Profit Site members earn 100% commissions with Empower Network as a bonus income stream. This affiliate program is helping many people earn a full-time income from home. Due to popular demand, Stone Evans is providing the option to build your affiliate ID for this program into your website for you if you would like to make money from it along with the other programs that are found on Plug-In Profit Site. In addition to this, if you join Plug In Profitsite Co-op RIGHT NOW through this link, he will purchase 10,000 website visitors for you to send to your Empower Network affiliate link so you can start promoting this program automatically.

If you would like to take advantage of this one-time bonus offer, join Empower Network through the link above and add your new affiliate ID through this website today:


The actual offer is listed in the application found here:


He is making this special offer simply because that’s how much (he) and we believe in the Plug-In Profit Site, Empower Network and your ability to earn a great income with this system.

So… do you want Stone Evans to buy you 10,000 website visitors today?

If Yes:

Just follow the 3 steps outlined here:

> http://www.PlugInProfitSite.com

… and definitely help you start your own *successful* business on the Internet today.
No more excuses. Just results.

Charles Kaluwasha

Investing strategies of the rich

Since I started working online, I was wondering how the rich keep on getting more richer and the poor ones like me keeping on struggling until death. What strategies do they apply and what energy keeps them going?

How will I move out of this circle of the poor and move to the other side?

Is it possible for one to do that?

The answer is a resounding YES…

Because all those people whom we see as very rich, at one stage they were as poorer as most of us…

It takes just a few steps to move out of this circle…

Changing the way we thinks

Working hard

Making workable plans and strategies

Remain focused and work through it

This is why I’m learning how to crack open the “black-box investing strategies of the ultra-rich”, and this is your chance join me…

I just wanted to give you a head’s-up, as this is the best personal development you can ever have if you want to change your circumstances…

My friend Mike Dillard (who’s made around $20,000,000 by the age of 33), is holding a webinar just for us that you NEED to attend if you’re into preserving, or growing your wealth.

He’s going to teach you how he’s been able to predict the financial future, making a 400%+ ROI since 2008…

He’s going to show you what the ultra-rich are doing with their money right now to make incredibly safe, (yet monstrous), profits.

And he’s going to tell you exactly what’s going to happen to the economy over the next 6-36 months so you can preserve your money, and even profit.

The webinar is free to attend, but this is your last chance to secure a spot.

Click here to register while you still can:



Charles Kaluwasha

P.S. This is something everyone needs to see.

It’s Time To Take Control of Your Future

Today, we want to focus on the importance of taking control of your financial future. This is echoed by one of the youngest millioniars,Mike Dillard. He stated in one of the lessons he provided recently that,

“The one trend I’ve discovered since the inception of EVG, is that every single wealthy person I’ve met owns a business.

All of them, without exception.

And given the current state of our economy and the future of the University level education system, the most important thing you can do is to execute your current skill sets in life through a business that you own, rather than someone else’s”.

So if starting a business is a pre-requisite for building wealth, then there’s only one person we wanted to speak to first… And this one is no other than Dillard. He started working on line as young man. This time he has three business that has elevated him to be one of the youngest millionaires.

He founded the magnetic sponsoring and now has successfully educated thousands of entrepreneurs online with his education platform called the elevation group where you can learn how you can get rich even in this failing economy.

Get the full details Right now, at the very bottom link!

If you’re not an EVG Member yet, click here to join now…

Charles Kaluwasha

Are You Ready For War?

First – no, this isn’t a street, guns and knives war.

It’s a different kind of war.

Read on…..

Over the past few years, I’ve been through pain.

Lot’s of it.

The pain of struggle.

The pain of failure.

And the kind of pain that happens when you have a dream, and everyone and their brother tries to crush it?

Can you relate?

4 months ago we said enough is enough.

We stood up.

We spoke up.

And we helped over 19,000 people get REAL help in their business.

Some of them – for the first time ever – were given the gift of getting started…..

….instead of being overwhelmed by things they don’t need and info that won’t get them results.

We kept it simple.

We kept it honest.

And we kept it real.

And that resulted in average folks earning over $4,000,000 in 4 months (yes, million).

And that’s apart from what they earned as a result of using our tools and our training. We created something new.

Something special.

Something for the people.

The single moms.

The people “at the bottom”.

The ones who needed the help most.

They finally got it.

Because they were ready to receive it.

Now we’re on a mission.

A mission to reach down into the pits of despair and pull out a few more.

There’s a war going on amongst us.

It’s a war of:

What’s real….

…and what’s fabricated bullcrap.

We want to help you “see the light”.

And I think you’re gonna be shocked when it sinks in.

Right now, I want you to think about where you are right now.

What you’re doing.

And realistically – where it’s taking you.

Then I Want You To Watch This:


And think about where you could be.

Look out for my next update….

Charles Kaluwasha

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