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Learn How To Generate Pre-Qualified Leads

The Prosperity Marketing System is my ideal

Here is why I love it:

– It’s building My list, not someone elses.
– It’s building MY business of choice.
– It’s my very own customized system,
completely customized to my choice of downline
programs and recommendations.
– A few clicks and I’m creating my own splash
pages and branding myself!

And my income, well, has completely sky-rocketed
since starting to use it. 90% commissions on the
front end certainly helps!

Talking about getting started – that was simple

The Prosperity Marketing System is packed full
of information courses that are ESSENTIAL to
online success, but still provides the ability
to simply get set up quickly and start making
real money in only days.

You will love PMS too:

To your prosperity,


P.S. – You could be all set-up and getting
signups daily within just a few days from
now… and your downline can be doing the
exact same thing shortly after! Prosperity
is only a click away… and it doesn’t get
any easier than this!

Common Mistakes That Cost Home Owners Thousands of Dollars

In one of the lessons Mike Dillard teaches, he reveals a little mistake That costs a home Owners A 6-10% return per year.

All of us have been told that it’s a good idea to pay off our mortgage as fast as possible, But Mike advises that you need to do two things right now:
1) think twice before taking financial advice from that person again, and
2) make sure you’ve studied Lesson 2, “How To Become Your Own Bank And Retire Rich.”
Paying an extra $100 or $200 every month on your mortgage may pay off your debt faster and save you tens of thousands on interest – but that doesn’t mean you’ll be better off for it.In fact…

30 Years Down The Road You Could Be $501,142 Poorer…

“…and all because you chose to retire your greatest asset early.

Confusing? I’m sure it is. When you’ve been told over and over that the responsible thing to do is pay off debt as soon as possible, it can be hard to accept that the super wealthy do the exact opposite.

So before you go that route, ask yourself: “Why do the rich only pay their monthly minimum? Why do they get 30-year mortgages at all? Why don’t they just pay in cash if they can afford it and skip the interest altogether?”

These are all valid questions, and they’re all answered by Paul Haarman in Lesson 2 when he introduces…

How To Become Your Own Bank And Retire Rich

In this lesson Paul reveals why it’s better to pay your minimum mortgage payment and put any extra money into what he calls “The Bank Of YOU.”

The Bank of You is an easy, tax deferred way to earn a sure 6-10% annual return on money you borrowed at a 4-6% interest rate.

While Johnny Middleclass works hard to pay down his mortgage and save himself money on his 4% interest payments, he gives up his chance to leverage that money to earn a conservative 6%-10% return!

As soon as you pay any money to principle, the opportunity to earn a return with that money vanishes.

The rich would never waste such an opportunity. They even came up with a term for it: opportunity cost. And they hate it.

But the rich also know it’s more than just opportunity cost. They also know that there is…

Wealth Hidden Between Interest Rates

And what I mean is – there’s wealth hidden between definitions of two types of rates: simple and compounding.

Simple Interest is when you never pay interest on interest that has accumulated. You only pay interest on the principle.

Compounding Interest is when the interest you earn, can then be used to earn more interest. Because of this your initial investment snowballs!

So if you’re paying simple interest to your loan payment while making money from COMPOUNDING interest – where your interest earns yet more interest – you’re set to make yourself a fortune.

Even if the interest you earn is lower than the interest you pay!

Paul Haarman gives this example:

Say you borrow $100,000 at 5% simple interest and ONLY pay the interest each month. Get your calculators out: that means each year you pay $5,000 in interest.

And let’s say you’re leveraging that $100,000 loan to earn 4% compounding interest. That means the first year, you’ll earn $4,000. But in your second year, you’ll earn 4% of $104,000 – that’s $4,160.

It doesn’t sound like much yet… but if you play this scenario out 30 years, the length of an average home loan, your $100,000 loan will turn into $324,339.75.

But that’s with an annual return of 4%…

The Bank Of You Can Conservatively Return 6-10% per year!

After 30 years of 8% annual returns, $100k turns into over $1,006,265! And if you had paid extra on your mortgage instead of leveraging like the rich, you’d be out over a million dollars.

In video 5 of lesson 2, Paul runs through the numbers of two different homebuyers – one who gets a 15-year loan, makes a larger down payment, and pays more every month versus another who gets a 30 year loan, makes a small down payment and pays the minimum… but invests the extra money into the Bank Of You.

After 30 years, the latter comes out over $501,142 ahead. These are numbers the rich get excited about – that the middle-class never hear about!

But That’s Just One Benefit, There’s MORE

More money is just one benefit. As Paul teaches, the best investment vehicles serve more than one purpose.

And The Bank Of You serves several…

* Consistent Returns – A minimum return of 5% per year with easy chance at 10%.
* Low Risk – Zero chance of losing your money, even if the market drops like a stone.
* Huge Tax benefit – If you play it right, you can avoid all taxes as your money grows.
* Guaranteed Retirement – Can collect $750,000+ annually for 40 years – tax free.
* Ideal For Heirs – Allows you to leave money to heirs 100% tax free.
* Asset Protection – Your money is 100% off-limits to creditors or lawsuits.
* Highly Liquid – Access your money at any time for any purpose without restriction.
* More Opportunities – You can use the Bank Of You as collateral for a loan.

For these reasons The Bank Of You is on Mike’s shortlist of investment strategies he uses to protect and grow his wealth.

In conclusion, Mike advises that  if you haven’t already started your own Bank Of You, he highly recommends registering for the coming webinar on:

How To Become Your Own Bank And Retire Rich

Charles Kaluwasha


Top Home Business In The World

If you are looking for the top home business in the worldthat has no hype, I would direct you to have a look at Empower Network

Empower Network is TRULY a Turnkey Solution for you to finally get ahead in this internet marketing game!

I KNOW you will not find ANYTHING like this on-line TODAY and YOU can finally tap into something that is
NOT all HYPE and really gives you the TOOLS and TRAINING that YOU deserve!

Imagine an Internet business that really works to produce staggering incomes.

“I’m not talking chump change… I’m talking about incomes
as high as 5-10K (or more) per week stated”, Mark Call!

I am going to show you a new business that is literally taking
the Internet by storm( a top home business in the world)

Hundreds are joining every week and you’ll be crazy
not to come aboard… before this goes completely ballistic!

So what makes this out-shine the rest?

A product that FINALLY delivers on the one thing where people

We have people jumping into this from every other program out there… because this one is what they have all
been searching for… something that really does work.

Those who have come aboard are finally getting one-on-one support from a top Internet marketer that creating more leaders who are ready, willing and
able to get started right now.They are also ready to help you be on your feet.

REMOVE THE WUSSY! (as David Wood Says)

This is really  one of the top home business in the world at the moment

The products are superb,training is excellent,the culture is communal…

Charles Kaluwasha



What To Promote Online(Internet)


A friend on IBOSOCIAL platform asked me a question,” what programs or companies  do you promote as an affiliate and

what benefits do you get from using internet?”

In reply, I wrote him back with the following answers:

You can do anything on internet,educate, get Empowered, sale, socialize and anything you want

As for me I promote many products and services, 1st on the list is http://www.lifeonthenet7.com/pips.html a one stop website,

where Stone Evans can create a website for you  free within 24.00hrs.

Secondly I promote a travel membership- http://www.globalresortsnetwork.com/lotn7 $2000 perpetual income/sale

Next is Wellness product, http://www.ardysslife.com/lifeonthenet7  with shaping garments

The other one is MyLeadCompany- http://www.zambezidiscountleads.com if you want you can get 100 free leads today!

There are many other programs not listed above that give me residual income monthly. In short I m building an online empire to leave a legacy for my children and friends.

Nice hearing from you, pass my love to your family.


He has not written back, may be he is thinking about it or he has brushed it off. However, if you want to communicate with other like-minded people on the internet, it is free, fast and effective.

Many people have made a fortune utilizing the internet.

Thank you for passing by and have a lovely day!

Charles Kaluwasha



New Happenings at IBOtoolbox!



If you are new to IBO, this is the opportunity to learn about it. It is a platform to advertise your business free. 

Since its inception, IBO continues to grow and expand, participating in this platform is proving to be worth its weight in gold! I encourage you to sign up, share this information with your team and friends and invite them to join IBO to learn how they can take advantage of all the wonderful tools it has to offer!

And here is the latest news!!


“It’s been an exciting week at IBOtoolbox! Members were anxiously awaiting to hear about Paul’s experience at the Google workshop! While at the workshop, not only did Paul get a lot of great advice from Google, they confirmed that IBO is headed in the right direction! Now is definitely the time to get on board and participate at IBOtoolbox – truly the only platform that you can be part of where you can market your business for free. Many sites charge a monthly fee and they don’t even come close to what IBO offers! ”

Members are getting great results using the new promo video to share IBOtoolbox! New member sign ups have increased just by using this tool! It’s simple to share by adding an IBOurl with show menu bar and the create an IBO account option! To see an “example” of how this can be used, click here! 

Enjoy this free service as I do!


Charles Kaluwasha

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