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Learn from my story



Hello and welcome to LifeOnTheNet7.com website. I thank you for visiting our site. We hope you will find some exciting information that will help you make a financial decision.

Four years ago, I made a very important decision in my life with the help of SPEED WEALTH FORMULA to start building an online business and save my family from embarrassment! Soon or later I started making extra income working from, more than my day work salary!  Read the full story below:


My name is Charles Kaluwasha, married for 29 years, a father of 4 children,two boys and two girls(one girl is married) a webmaster and a health professional living in New Zealand. I was born in a poor family,but our father worked hard to raise and educate the 6 of us. At a tender age, I had my own garden to raise  pocket money to buy detergents,books and other requirement rather than waiting from mum or dad to give me some money. This concept has shaped my life,that is to stand on my own than depending on handouts.I hate  being financially dependent on others. I like getting involved in projects,working hard and making right decisions that can bring financial freedom and independence!

After completing my high school at Zambezi Secondary School in Zambia, I migrated to the city where there mines in search for employment. I was offered a job to work underground as a workman in one of the mines.My interest was to offer first aid to the injured workers underground.

After working for 3 years, I was offered a scholarship to do nursing and offer more specialized care to the miners. In 1989, I completed nursing college and started working as a registered nurse in one of the mining hospitals in Zambia.I was in charge of a trauma clinic taking care of about 2000 employees. I managed to run a successful malaria campaign with a team of 20 people, saving the company thousands of dollars in hospital admissions by 50%.

In 1992,I saw how people were suffering, traveling long distances looking for basic dressings and medicines.To alleviate their suffering and misery, I teamed up with a friend, who was an accountant and we opened up a drug store to sell basic first aid items within the community. Because it solved the needs of the local people and it was more profitable, many people were happy and some entrepreneurs were attracted, motivated. Soon or later other business men and women also opened drug stores to compete with us.

However, because we had the good skill mix in our organization,our sales were sky rocketing.

In 2003, I  immigrated to New Zealand. I left my partner  running the business. To cut the story short, the business was not doing well as expected. The shop was closed and that was the end of the business.

While working here, life was not that easy, I started a part-time  working from home, selling wellness products. I am thankful to the two direct selling companies, NEW IMAGE INTERNATIONAL and ARDYSS INTERNATIONAL to give me the opportunity to serve as their Representative and earn extra income- selling magic body reshaping garments, weight loss,skin care and wellness products.Life became a lot easier and pleasant with more extra income in my pocket. This extra money helped to upgrade my life. Two years, I managed to buy our first home in New Zealand.

In 2008, I started my Network Marketing Business, specializing in affiliate marketing. My first check was from SFI. I struggled in the first year, spent money buying ebooks,attended some courses, jumping from one opportunity to the other with very little success. But I persisted year after year until I clicked the code through Plug In Profit Site.  Stone Evans build a free website for me, and I can say that my efforts started paying off even up today.I get commission checks every month.

But Am still learning and remain positive about it that one day I will be a millionaire ! My aim is to help those who are finding it hard to live on one salary create wealth on the internet and live a comfortable life by earning extra income working from home. I have two blogs,teaching people how to start their own home based businesses in this “failing economy”.

Over the past four and half years while developing and building my internet  marketing business, I have met friends locally and internationally,made some joint ventures,increased my subscribers’ list and continues to grow every day.

I have come to learn that living a positive life can change one’s  mind set,you think like “millionaires” and be like wise people who know how to keep their lives in order.Even with tears in their eyes, they still manage to say “everything is alright” with a smile.

So if you want to Discover Financial Freedom and have the time to build your family,no matter where you are right now,if you want to shoot yourself into a totally new lifestyle….live where you want, travel where you want, drive what you want, wear what you want, eat wherever you want? and enjoy life! listen to this video and  contact me as soon as possible so that I can help you start a new beginning that will lead you to a” promised land.”

We live a  four bedroom house in a prime area. This is because of plan B… developing a home business while working a day job. If I had waited until I got thousands of dollars, I would not have managed. It is hard to save! Many people are living from one pay check to the other. They do not even go for holiday because they cannot afford.

Some people give excuses that they do not have time to start a home business. There will be no time. God has given each one time. You have to use it wisely.

Divide your time and make some strategies… time management is important. We all have commitments, but it is the wise who use their time productively.

We can show you how to use your time effectively and productively. So do not hide behind getting busy…. yet not  using your time to shape your future and that of your children. Make a decision right now and start building your bridge today!

Charles Kaluwasha




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See you @ the top,
Charles Kaluwasha

(206) 801-1910

Viral Marketing System

Viral Marketing System

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I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an
unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.
~ Frank Lloyd Wright ~

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Vacations can improve your health

Vacations are necessary for all of us. They allow us to escape from the everyday stress and routine, help us replenish our minds,body and spirits.
Breaking away from every day life help us to improve our physical,mental well being, parental roles and even become better parents,partners and take more responsibility for our children.
You will have more time to relax,rediscover our strength and reconnect with the world!
Vacationing has been proven to improve our health while creating good memories that will be shared for many years to come.
Vacations provide us with many reasons to be together,enjoy life, build more intimacy relations.
So plan to have holiday one day and enjoy life!

If you need help with planning, let us know or visit our website for more information

Charles Kaluwasha

Mark Hoverson’s Story

Mark is a man of action and his stories help newbies  create wealth online. He has taught me how to think positively and objectively. His webinars are inspirational. Most of his students are 6-figure earners.

In this story you are going to hear how he started his online affiliate company that pays him $100k while on vacation,playing golf or taking kids to school.

Greetings from Mark Hoverson,

So this morning, after some cuddling
and coffee, I walk into my laboratory…

*sidenote: I hate the word “office”,
it reminds me of:

#1- uncomfortably-dressed people
#2- who scarf down cigarettes at breaks
#3- who have to play office politics
#4- who can’t wait to leave

Anyway, so I walk into my home studio
and look at my laptop, and literally
feel a rush/buzz/sensation that I’ve
felt a thousand times before.

This secret buzz has been foundational
to my unusual business results (at this
point, my marketing stuff has been beckoned
from Hollywood, Political Campaigns, Government
School Programs on Self Image, and of course
my favorite: the start-from-scratch entrepreneur).

But it all started from a $250 used computer.
And truth be told, that $250 used computer was an
upgrade. I really started my online biz from the
public library. They only allowed me to use their
computer twice per day for 45-minutes at a time.

I started sending emails and placing ads from a
public library because I could afford my own computer.
So despite all the success training that says that
you’ve GOT to surround yourself with amazing people
to have your breakthrough, I started my business
around people who have to use the public library computers.
A very motivated and trend-setting group. ; )

Okay, back to my mind trick that causes a secret
buzz that fueled me from the start, and still fuels me

This one little word is USUALLY the killer in people’s life.
But, if you use it correctly, it will become the GIVER of inspiration.

Ready? Here we go:

That word is: COMPARING.

I built my emotional and inspirational framework entirely
on comparing what I was doing verses alternatives. And
it kept me in the game long enough to get my breakthrough.

Let me explain:

Out in Dakota where I grew up, a farmer has to buy a
combine. I’m not sure how much a combine actually
costs (maybe $150-250K+).

And then they have to buy a bunch of seed, and grind
through a summer of nurturing them, and then work real
hard harvesting them. After which, they are paid. BTW- I
love farmers, and we couldn’t eat without them.

But I used COMPARING of myself with a farmer, and built
my whole business on it. So instead of buying a $150K
combine, I took the plunge and bought the best computer
I could afford (because that was MY harvester mechanism).

Moving on, instead of purchasing tons of seed, and working
hard to plant them, then waiting months for them to grow, so I
work again to harvest them…I simply placed 20 cent ads that
I could (within literally minutes) reap into money.

Thus, even though internet marketing took EVERY OUNCE
of energy I had. Even through it stretched my frustration-capacity to levels I had never known before. And even though I was scared as I watched dollar after dollar pour into the costs of my business, I considered it all a very small thing compared to buying combines & seeds & land…so I could make it as a farmer like my kinsfolk.

Today, I rat-a-tat-tat some snarky emails and money pours in sometimes every minute of the day. It happens while I sleep,while I eat, while I’m on the golf course…it almost seems like a miracle to me.

But it isn’t. It’s the fruits of building business based on how easy
it was COMPARED to farming.

I make so many decisions based on comparison it’s comical.

So if you want to lubricate your struggle with a bit of perspective,
compare it to something much harder, and much less in line
with your dreams and nature.

I knew (beyond the shadow of a doubt) that NOTHING in the
traditional landscape of making ca$hflow could satisfy my
curiosity for travel, freedom, location-independent living,
time-away from doing stuff, studying a variety of subjects,
and also attempting to contribute to the world in non-boring ways.

So for me, even though this little adventure has stretched me
to call forth new levels of thinking and acting and becoming…
for me, COMPARED to the alternative of 2-3 weeks off per year,
working under the direction of someone else, and putting a limit
on my earning potential…the alternative simply ceased becoming a viable option under any circumstances.

So today, play around with the idea of comparison…and see if
it doesn’t spring forth a new resolve of determination and diligence.
A new experience of the world awaits us both this week.

Let’s do it.


P.S.S Mark’s favorite source of ca$hflow from the very beginning is his high-ticket affiliate program. He is
hosting an intimate LIVE event in Phoenix this
Thursday and Friday on how to make your next $100K using
this program. Although the hotel block is sold out,
our staff will help you figure out a solution to get your
butt to the event if you’ve got the desire. A ticket is
$1K to the event, but if you join Mark as a Platinum
member today (which pays $3250 per sale), your conference
ticket is free. You can discover the full details of the program
by watching a recent explanation Mark gave by watching this video:


Charles Kaluwasha




What it really takes to start a business online/offline


If you are thinking of starting a business online or offline,Joel and Mike have some practical tips to help you in your decision.

  • You need a back plan,do not start under stress or financial difficulties
  • Start testing and experimenting while you are working, so that when things are not working for you, you still have money to pay for your mortgage
  • Invest in personal development by listening to webinars,reading business books.

  • Find a mentor to guide you on your journey, never go it alone.
  • Mike and Joel shot a blog for you today on what it really takes
    to start a business, online or offline and what you need to do
    is really have a backup plan..

    Do not wait until you’re under stress to ask for help!

    “I just lost my job, I need to start making money RIGHT NOW!”

    This breaks my heart because NO ONE can start or build a business
    under the stress of a financial IMPOSSIBILITY.

    To be financially strained is fine, but to be near broke causes too much
    stress and you literally can not think strait to build a business.

    In order to do yourself justice and to guarantee your own success you
    need a backup plan outlined here,

    They talk about that backup plan on GVO blog so click here:

    If this blog was useful, share it with others.

    Do you have a back up plan?

    Do you have a back up plan?

    Charles Kaluwasha


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