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Important SevenPoint2 Pre-Launch Webcast For Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia!!!



Important SevenPoint2 Pre-Launch Webcast For Australia, New Zealand
and SE Asia!!!

Please help as many people as you can RIGHT NOW with their health,
and to benefit from this huge new plan that is destined to bring big gains
to so many people.

Tomorrow we’ll be updating you on the Pre-Launch schedule for Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia. PLUS…we’ll be doing a brand new presentation on each of the products, as well as the SevenPoint2 business. Please see the details below as it differs for our international and North America members.

ALL Distributors and Guests can Receive Products and Other Give-a-ways Just by Attending.


(Multiple Product and Other Give-a-ways to Attendees)

USA – Friday 4PM Pacific 7PM Eastern
Malaysia – Saturday 7AM Kuala Lumpur
Australia – Saturday 9AM Sydney
New Zealand – Saturday 11AM Auckland

Charles Kaluwasha


Stay alkalized and energized 4 life

Stay alkalized and energized 4 life




Advice to keep you on track with your SFI business


1. Don't give up. I know progress may seem bleak in the
beginning but stay focused be consistent and persistent.
Your efforts directly reflect your productivity.

#2. Make sure you communicate with your downline as well
as your upline. Give your downline support and try to answer
questions they may have. If your sponsor seems invisible,
don't let that hinder your success. Be a better sponsor to
your affiliates.

#3. Stay plugged in. Login everyday if possible. Check your
messages, and alerts. Check your progress on the scoreboard
and your sales in the Tripleclicks store. Remember this is
YOUR store. Treat it like a brick and mortar business...
You gotta open up the door for business, check your messages,
check on your store inventory, monitor what is selling and what
isn't and train your team.

#4. Always track your advertising methods. This way you know which
advertising methods are working and which ones are not.
This will save you money and time. Ask your upline member which
methods have worked for him/her. Some affiliates are computer savvy
enough to market online(email marketing, PPC, personal website...etc)
and some may need a little more help at it. Some affiliates are better
at working the telephone and some are better at working the post office.
Either way it's all good. Help your downline affiliate find a way to promote
his/her business that is most comfortable for him/her.

Your friend in business

Charles Kaluwasha

Lifestyle Internet Business

Live Tonight At 8pm EST… Start Your Future Million Dollar Business!

Live Tonight 8pm EST… June 25th…
Internet Life Style Network 

Come find out what Mark Hoverson did in the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey that setup his “8-Figures In Only 5 Years Business!”

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See how Mark Hoverson’s 8-figure million dollar days are sweeping across the world changing people’s entire outlook on life! … and has now wiped out over 1000 years of procrastination in people’s lives!

If you want to setup your future million dollar business, then come watch this live webinar tonight at 8pm EST … June 25th…

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Internet Life Style Network 

Your partner in lifestyle

Charles Kaluwasha




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