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Which one of these mistakes is killing your business?

There is a new and sneaky report(written by a good friend of mine
who has co-created over 25 million online)…

About the 13 deadliest mistakes that kill people’s business.

Setting and writing a list of GOALS

Setting and writing a list of GOALS

Take a 3-minute skim and see if you
have any of these lurking cancers in
your business…this report is important:


If you’re stuck and feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with your online business…

And for the next few days you can download it for f.ree.


You’ll discover why 95% of the people in our business struggle and ultimately FAIL.

And more importantly…

How to quickly identify and fix these common blunders that virtually every new and even seasoned entrepreneur makes.

But I must WARN you…

Tim is holding nothing back and reveals the cold-hard truth that may be a bitter pill for some to swallow.


Once you know these deadly traps, you’ll be able to avoid them and get into the fast lane of the success superhighway.

Here’s the link to grab this eye-opening f.ree report.(AFF LINK)

Charles Kaluwasha


P.S. This is only going to be available for few days, so make sure you grab it, read it, and get busy fixing these today.

Making money is like diving in water


I know that’s a weird concept.

How on EARTH could a home based business be ANYTHING
like scuba diving?

Well check it out:

If you were to pick up scuba diving and you went off the
coast of Florida, would you rather jump in and assume there
are no sharks in the area of your choosing…

Or would you rather have an experienced diver with you to
say “Yes… this is a safe diving area… I’ve dived here
many times before. Jump on in.”

Or if he said “Heck no! This is a shark infested area!”,
wouldn’t you be glad you had him along?

Well, similarly, in the home business arena there are tons
of sharks out there. There are so many reasons why I’m doing
what I am… and there are so many reasons why I’m not doing
the hundreds of other things out there where you’ll get
screwed and lose your money.

I know what I’m doing… I know what works.

And here it is:

Set everything else aside and know that you’re right here,
right now, because what I’m doing works.

Stop your searching… It’s over.

I’ve got everything you’ll ever need.

Jump on in. The water’s warm… and there are no sharks
in the area.  😉

Charles Kaluwasha




Want a healthy Lifestyle that is easy to follow?



72 globeWellness is a lifestyle, not a fad.  Most of the products you find require too much work to maintain that you end up dropping off before you’ve gotten started, but not SevenPoint2™.  SevenPoint2™ provides you with a lifestyle that is EASY TO MAINTAIN. “Alkalized and energized 4 Life, made easy”.

We introduce, educate, and share knowledge and products about our most precious resource, health. With health we actively enjoy each day. It has been proven that an acid ph body stores fat and toxins, and harbors an environment for disease. It’s also agreed that by balancing the body’s ph, you are allowing your body to function as it was designed to function, and to achieve ideal weight and optimum health simultaneously. Educating people on the value of a balanced 7.2pH body, creates the foundation for anti-aging and optimum health.

If you’re serious about having money in your pocket and increasing wellness, then give me a call today at 6442378910 and let’s get you started!

Visit my website ? HERE, it has a ton of information to tell you about how SevenPoint2™ has the products that are revolutionizing the wellness industry and WHY you should become a part of it.

Or better yet, give me a call [ (206)-801-1910 ].

Please feel free to stop by any time. All you have to do is enter your email address

“Alkalized & Energized 4 Life, made easy.”
Don’t hesitate to call me ANYTIME!
Charles Kaluwasha
Call Me: 6442378910
Email Me: support@lifeonthenet7.com
Visit my site ? HERE

Part-time working from home


We are looking for motivated individuals who are committed to
achieving their personal goals as well as contributing to the
goals of our team. There are not many companies in the industry
today that put achieving true personal and financial independence
as realistically in your reach as this Company. Please take the
time to consider whether you have the drive and desire to make
your goals into a reality, if so don’t let this opportunity pass
you by.


There are still part-time and full-time opportunities available
in your area. If you like helping people, and would like to be considered as a potential new associate please contact me and let me know today.


Your Success Coach,


Charles Kaluwasha

Wellington 5024
New Zealand






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