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The Alkaline Movement is Transforming Peoples’ Health



The alkaline Lifestyle I have wonderful news for you… I have been following up with an alkaline movement company 3 years and the product has been proven to enhance life. Doctors through out the world are praising it and many practitioners are recommending the product to their clients. It is being launched in many countries including,UK,Ireland,USA, Australia,Singapore,New Zealand etc.The news is spreading like wild fire here in New Zealand and Australia. Timing is crucial and I thought of sharing this opportunity with you fellow professionals and individuals who want to maintain an alkaline lifestyle.Below is a summary of the company:

Mission Statement:

To make moving towards an alkaline lifestyle easy, to make it affordable, and to make it taste great.

Recovery with HydroFX

This tablet releases Molecular Hydrogen (H2) in our bodies when we take it. Research on H2 suggests it may one of the most effective antioxidants on the market. When these tablets hit the stomach acid they releases trillions of negatively charged hydrogen electrons, which spread through our entire body immediately.

Free Radicals, which we know deteriorate our bodies and cause aging and illness, are molecules looking for a free electron. So having trillions of them available in our body by taking Recovery with HydroFX is a good thing.

Stated very simply: Recovery with HydroFX is a super effective Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory agent. This makes it a very effective against any type of inflammation related pain or ailment.

We have had incredible results with: joint pain; muscle soreness; allergies; arthritis; gout; fibromyalgia; anxiety; sleeplessness; recovery from injury; skin rashes; exhaustion; and a wide variety of other problems.

SevenPoint2 Product Line:

Stay alkalized and energized 4 life

Stay alkalized and energized 4 life

SevenPoint2 Shake: Organic, Raw, Kosher, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Allergen Free, Non-GMO, No Artificial Sweetener.

The best tasting Vegan protein shake on the market, and certainly one of the healthiest, most natural, and most alkalizing protein sources available.

SevenPoint2 Greens: Organic, Raw, Kosher, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Allergen Free, Non-GMO, No Artificial Sweetener.

Made from only cereal based greens so that it is a gentle detoxifier and great for everyday use by anyone of any age. Undoubtedly the best tasting greens supplement available, you can literally spoon it out of the jar.

SevenPoint2 Alkaline Boosters: Our proprietary alkalizing minerals mix, will help your body alkalize after acidic meals or beverages.

SevenPoint2 Greens Caps: Everything our Greens formula is in an easy to swallow capsule.

As you all know, the SevenPoint2 wholesale program is specifically designed to meet the needs of health and wellness professionals. From our amazing prices which pay our wholesalers 50% plus margins, to our 100% organic Shake and Greens, to our Recovery formula which is a natural pain reliever that has no contraindications with any medications and is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers and even safe for children.

Listen to one of the latest testimonial from a Chiropractor who gives Recovery out in her waiting room to patients who are in pain. The recording is only 2 minutes long, but her results have been outstanding in pain relief and in product sales.
Click on the link below to hear more.
Patients’ complaining of pain are given five recovery tablets in the waiting room and show decreased pain scores by the time they see the doctor. This has resulted in 100% of those clients leaving with a bottle of Recovery HydroFX. They see the benefits immediately. This has opened new doors for her to share the benefits of alkalinity with her patients. Even her children are enjoying their daily dose of greens and enjoying it!
Please contact us if you have any questions about how to maximize the success of these products in your practice.

Go to enroll now and you will find your country is now on the list… and for the next few weeks we are allowing people to register for only $19.97… no product, but that locks in your position and gets you a wholesale license to order and use in your practice. Then we can start talking about building your business later when you lock in your position and you can even enroll others and earn residual income working from home. It can’t be better than this… http://lifeonthenet7.sevenpoint2.com/

Get alkalized and energized 4 life

Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha


Control You Own Destiny With Viral Express


Don’t Get Left Behind – Join Free Here!

Brand New …. Viral eXpress is the future for marketers.

Whether you have a large team or are just starting out,
anybody can give away free websites and teach their
team to do the same thing.

There is no limit to how large your network can grow
promoting your business and marketing tools! 

Just Launched … Viral eXpress!

Be one of the first to join this revolutionary new system!

Start Marketing For Your Future TODAY!

Viral Express Is The System Of The Future!

  • Imagine a simple system where everybody benefits
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    essential business building tool for FREE.
  • Imagine a system that effectively promotes your business
    over the Internet, while seamlessly and simultaneously
    building multiple streams of residual income for you
    and your team.

  • Imagine a world where you control your own destiny 
    and are never at the mercy of any one company ever again?
  • Imagine a tool that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days 
    a week, regardless of what you’re doing.You can stop imagining, because Viral Express is
    now a reality!
    Don’t Get Left Behind – Join Free Here!Even though it sounds almost too good to be true, Viral

    Express does it all. Build your business, build a solid,
    productive team, build multiple streams of income …
    and do it all with this one FREE system.Simply use it yourself and give it away to others and
    you are well on your way to home business success
    and the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.
    Leading the way,
    Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha
  • Viral eXpress Marketing

    PS. Embrace the power of the Mobile Lifestyle.
    Explode your business using only your Smart
    Live your life AND build your business!
    Do it now
Thank The Lord For The Blessings...

Thank The Lord For The Blessings…

Is Mobile Marketing for You?

Technology offers many options to small and medium business owners greater chances to make money online now than before http://blogging.instantsuccessbiz.us Now you can use your mobile to post videos,blog articles and multimedia to your blog instantly. This new mobile blogging system has never happened in the industry. It is a simple as sending a text message to friends and family.Click on this link to watch the video right now http://blogging.instantsuccessbiz.us
Take advantage of this new mobile technology to take your business to the profitable mode before the price goes up.

Here are some of the features you may have:
Ability to broadcast your messages to your blog,customers,list and downline instantly.
Ability to easily create your own incentives to let others join your business.
Ability to use one account for multiple websites,businesses on one location.
Ability to build a list of Loyal Team Members that will create viral marketing for you
The list goes on…
You can find out how others are making it by visiting http://prosperityvideos.net/leaders/j…
Embrace the power of the Mobile Lifestyle and Explode your business using only your smart phone. Live your Life and build your business! Do it NOW

Leading the way,

Charles Kaluwasha

Viral Marketing


Efficiency, cruelty or blessing? [You choose]



My friend, John C. loyally worked for almost 5 years in
corporate America. He was the first one in and the last
one to leave the office everyday. Determined to get a
promotion, he even went  to work on the weekends
just to help his boss meet deadlines.
On March 30, 2012 along with 180 colleagues, he was
laid off-  to increase “efficiency”.  How does a father
provide for two small children and a wife, when his stable
job gives him the “efficient” pink slip?
Learn how this turned out to be the most life transforming
experience of awe. He now inspires and teaches others to
listen to the one most powerful technique he used to take
an early retirement, right here.
Shut the door, eliminate any distractions and carefully
pay attention if you really want to live life on YOUR terms.
Charles Kaluwasha

Your Wealth Partner and coach

Your Past,Present and The Future


I wanted to share with you a true story that made me join
the Empower Network. It inspired the firsts time I read it.
It gave me the insight into the future, as well as a walk back in our past.

Enjoy 🙂

“Where We’ve Been And… The Future.”

From the cluttered dinner table at Dave Sharpe’s house
October 10, 2013 – roughly 24 hours before launch
(Somewhere in Florida)

This is a true story (with a very weird twist) about two

“dudes” who… before they made millions online, should
have been dead … banished from society … and long

Nothing about the lives of these two men were “glamorous”.

….one of them almost died from a crippling drug addiction…

….one of them lived in a van and showered on public beaches…

…and they were broke, broken, and hopeless.

Then their lives took a very weird twist.

…And instead of going on living meaningless and mediocre

lives like 99% of people do …

They discovered something no one could have predicted,

and it changed everything for them – and it will changeeverything for you, too.

And today, these two ex-homeless “outcasts” are making

every teacher, police officer and ex-girlfriend who ever
wrote them off….

Eat Their F*cking Heart Out.

The story starts back in the summer of 2011 where these 2

“dudes” met over a lunch table in Costa Rica overlooking

the ocean and decided to lock arms and join forces to start

a company with one purpose and one purpose only….

To Empower people to get results in their business.


(Me on the right, my partner Dave Wood on the left)

What’s happened over the last 2 years has been nothing

short of just that.

Over 160,000 customers.

Over $70,000,000 in sales.

Tens-of-thousands of businesses transformed.

Tens-of-thousands of lives changed, forever.

We’ve created one of the largest and blogging communities

and publishing platforms on the Internet.

And for the first time ever – ‘Average Joes’ started creating

content, sharing their message and promoting their business


…..without all the hassles and overwhelm of setting up a

bunch of useless technical “crap” that has nothing to do

with your bottom line.

And tons of these regular people (just like you) started getting

results – most for the first time ever.

However, that’s all about to change. Because in just over

24 hours (at 3pm EST tomorrow) something much BIGGER

and much BETTER is launching.

Something so powerful and game-changing the marketing industry will never be the same again.

Ask yourself….

“What if you could set up a new blog or website faster 

than a FB profile?”

“What if you could manage all your blogs from one place 

and update or add new content on any one of them from one

simple interface?”

“What if you could set-up a blog or website, and add a new 

custom domain name in 5 minutes or less?”

“What if you had a blog or website that already had million

dollar sales psychology built right into it?”

“What if all the ‘viral architecture’ you needed to make 

your content go viral came stock with your blog right out of the box?”


“What if you, regardless of technical knowledge, could 

instantly publish content to your blog right from your mobile phone?”

Imagine shooting a video on your smart phone, pushing a button

and pushing it straight onto your website…..without ever having

to fool with embed codes?Imagine snapping a picture and publishing it to your own domain name without ever having to turn on your computer, uploading it via FTP, etc.Imagine being able to TALK into your phone’s microphone and see your dictated article on your personal website in moments…all without having to fight with WordPress or know anything about H1, H2 and H3 tags…

It’s coming.

Because there’s about to be an easier, simpler and more powerful 

way for you to get YOUR message out on the Internet.

From a little idea that has already impacted hundreds-of-thousands

of people all over the world already…

And it’s about to get MUCH BETTER.

GO here now and get on the early bird list. We open the doors

and reveal “the movie” (yes, I said movie) on Friday at 3pm EST.

Get On The Early Bird List Here 🙂

Stay glued to your inbox….

– David Sharpe

Oh, yes. My BeastMode is “ON”

ps: If you’re on this list and want to become an affiliate to

promote the launch click here and sign up.

Or follow this link:


You’ll then have access to tons of affiliate resources, your

links and other launch goodies in your back office. Ready?

Let’s ROCK 🙂




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