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Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday’s Message – How To Blaze Your Own Trail In 2014!


Greetings From our ILN Co-Founder Vincent Jr,
Oftentimes we believe the path we are
currently on is the only one, when the
reality is, we have the power to blaze
a new trail that we will actually enjoy!
My advice…
Make this Christmas more about the
thoughts of where you are taking your
family, life and business in the future,
rather than worrying about spending all
your money on presents and stuff that
will only hold back your dreams.
It’s great to spend and get your kids
amazing stuff, but the reality is, if you
aren’t where you want to be, and you
still spent everything you got this year
on presents for your family…
Guess what?
Next year’s Christmas is going to
unfortunately be exactly the same
Spending money on things that you
shouldn’t, just to get one more year
of happiness, that’s covered up by
stress and anxiety.
When you could have saved up this
year, and multiplied your money by
investing in yourself, so that next year,
you can have a Christmas that’s 10x
better than you or your children couldn’t
have ever imagined in the past.
The 1% percent of people who live lavish
and amazing lifestyles on this planet, have
done that…
They have sacrificed 1-5 years of putting
themselves through silly Christmas and
holiday debt, and instead invested money
in their future.
Many of the rich people you see now,
have sacrificed 20-30 years as well…
Heck, I bet most of them even in the
hundreds of years of sacrifice, because
many of the rich have inherited their
empires from past parents and grandparents.
(Thank goodness with the Internet,
1-5 years = 30-50 years of an average
persons work.)
This message may hit home for some
people to late because they have already
spent way to much money on Christmas
this year, and now they are gonna hit
January going, “oh crap how am I going
to be able to pay all this off..”
And if that’s you…
Simply make this a lesson for future holidays…
The great thing is…
This message will also hit home with my
business entrepreneurs who have already
made it a decision to NOT make this
Christmas and holiday season a burden
for their future lifestyle.
For those of you all who said, “I am going
to spend very little this Christmas because
I want to invest in myself and my families
Then good on you…
This message is to tell you to not feel bad
 about spending little this Christmas, because
instead, you invested in yourself, and you
put yourself in a situation to have an amazing
Christmas season for the rest of your life.
Christmas is the season of giving and thanks right?
It’s too bad that it’s become about going
in debt, and trying to please everyone.
Presents have become a must, rather
than a wonderful and giving thought.
They have become an expectation of children,
rather than something they are appreciative of…
But thankfully we can change that.
…and for me…
The real reason of Christmas is to
reflect and thank the One who matters.
And for all of the people in our
network who believe in many things…
I appreciate you giving
thanks to whomever it may be.
I do not judge a faith and
appreciate all walks of life.
So no matter what your beliefs or faith may be,
make this Christmas one that you won’t forget…
Simply because you decide to make this the last
Christmas where you have regret for not being
where you want to be in this life.
You can change your entire life in one
year when you make that decision…
I’m living proof of that…
Make a decision to go after everything you
want in 2014, make a decision to change
people’s lives in 2014, make a decision to
make this time next year, the most powerful
and fun time of your life.
I believe in you…
Have a very Merry Christmas…
2014 is going to be one heck of a year.
I appreciate you.
Vincent Ortega Jr.
PS:  If you enjoyed this message, please pass
it on to anyone who you think would love it.
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