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Get Started with GotBackup Desktop Software

GotBackup is the easiest way to Backup the files on your Mac or Windows PC.


To start backing up you firstly need to install the easy-to-use GotBackup Desktop Software. This desktop software makes backups so simple:


  • Install it in minutes– when you first install the GotBackup Desktop Software it will ask you which folders you want to backup. Just select the ones you want to protect – it’s that easy.
  • Completely hassle free– once the GotBackup Desktop Software is installed, it works in the background to monitor your computer as you work. As soon as you save a file it’s automatically backed up in the background – no interruptions, no need to remember to backup, and no need to leave your computer on overnight.

You can get the GotBackup Desktop Software right now from the Software Download page.

The good  thing  with  GotBackup is that  you can start  earning  100% commission when you subscribe through my site here…

The way to make the most money online in the least possible time, is to sell products and services that are in high demand.

You simply put your site in front of people that already want to buy, they click your affiliate links and you make $$$. That’s what I help you do. 🙂

Online data backup is one of the best-selling services on the entire Internet, and Got Backup is a company that pays you 100% residual commissions to re-sell this important service.

Watch the video….

You don’t have to create the product, develop sales and marketing materials, setup a merchant account, provide customer support or anything else… All the hard work is already done for you…

Simply become a reseller, promote the product on your website and start collecting 100% of the profits!

Again here is the website to subscribe!


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Unlock your email marketing for a low monthly price

In this article am going to show you EXACTLY how you can start making sales in minutes. This is not a mare theory or “what if” scenarios. This is a real-life blue print that demonstrates EXACTLY how you can use an AutoResponder to generate profits in minutes with the click of a mouse button.

Before I get into more  details,  first of all I want to plant  this one concept into your mind. This concept is critical to experiencing success in your online marketing. Whether you are involved in any form of social networking, search engine optimization, classified ads, banner ads, etc… if you miss this one concept, you are going to lose sales.

This concept is:


This concept is the  back bone of profiting online. Most businesses, when trying to build their online sales, focus strictly on getting more visitors, optimizing their web pages, making sure the graphics are nice, linking strategies, running more ads, etc…

And all of those are good things to work on. But if building your own lists isn’t your initial primary goal in marketing your business, you are absolutely missing sales. Make sure that  every ad you run … Every interaction you have with your prospects is aimed at getting them in to your list so you can follow up with them.

To spice it all, ensure that you web site has sales copy and makes it very easy for visitors to order. When someone does arrive your  site he’s ready to order, You will be more than happy to close the sale on daily basis. However your main primary objectives should be:

  1. Building The List
  2. Building The List.
  3. Building The List.

Here’s why;

Aweber has all the  free tools to help you:

  1.  created sales message using my  AutoResponder Message Editor.
  2.  use  AdTracker URL that comes with their AutoResponder so you could track clicks on your message.
  3. use the “Broadcast” feature on  AutoResponder to send the sales message out to your list.

How does this work?

  1. You will build a targeted list using  AutoResponder.
  2. You can easily send an offer that can present something of interest to your subscribers.
  3. Build rapport with your list, many of those subscribers will trust you and are willing to purchase or at least consider purchasing from you at any time.

The best part is that you can do this over and over again any time and when you have an offer to send to your lists. This is how the 8-figure earners are able to generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars while they are sleeping by using this same technique.

This is the blue print  you can use your AutoResponders in your own business.

The key is to build and mange your own in-house lists.

Whether you already have a list or you’re just getting started building your list, GetResponse AutoResponder system teaches you how to get started quickly. The key is to get started with their 30 Day Free Trial Offer so that you can get started putting GetResponse AutoResponders to work in your own business.

Don’t let another day go by without starting to build your own targeted in-house lists.

Start Your 30 Day Free Trial Today

Visit http://www,aweber.com and set up your FREE trial account today.

My coffee shop encounter

Viral Express

I was in a coffee shop the other day and I noticed something weird.

Picture this….

Two guys were in line in front of me.

One of them was wearing jeans and a T-shirt
and carrying a laptop.

The other one was wearing a suit and tie and
carrying a briefcase.

Here’s what’s funny…

Years ago, you’d assume that Mr. Jeans And T-shirt
was a broke college-student who’s driving his Dad’s beat up
old car….

…and you’d assume that Mr. Suit And Tie is a successful
businessman who’s got the world by the tail.

Not today.

The truth is that it’s more likely that the kid with the
laptop is making money online (like me)…

.. and the guy with the suit-and-tie is in a job that’s
eating him alive.


You can make money doing a lot of things.

But what’s more fun than getting up in the morning
knowing that you can make as much money as you want
by using a simple online system?

What’s better than being able to make money
no matter where you are in the world?

What’s better than being able to go out of town
on vacation and make MORE money than you did at
home….and do it all from an iPad or laptop?

Sound good?

Watch this…

You can thank me later.  🙂


Charles Kaluwasha

P.S. Get 5 Checks Per Month – No Experience Needed! It takes
multiple streams of income to succeed online. We have the
TOP five programs online all under ONE roof! You can get started
now for less than dinner and a movie! Get the exciting details…

P.P.S. I’m an affiliate for the products referenced in my article.
That means I make money if you decide to buy something. But I only
tell you about the really good stuff – the stuff that works. My
ultimate goal is to partner with you and help you build a successful
business online. I hope you understand that. If you have questions,
or want to get in touch with me, just contact me via email or leave a comment . I’m human… 🙂

Make Quick sale with Instagram Launch Formula

Mark and Chris are making it big on the web this year-hero-making vision to publish and  launch

the info-product of Life Style Design Networkers who are  actively mixing it up and getting measurable results

Okay, as you already know, EVERY bigtime player in the industry like promoting Mark’s info-products.

This time it will be “Instagram Course “.

Why? Because:

#1- it is going to sell like crazy (2 guys unveiling so much ca$h $ecrets it’s ridiculous).

#2- They are P-A-Y-I-N-G a whopping $20
per sale to affiliates (on a $37 during launch and later $97 purchase price).

This is the ultimate leverage. And a chance to start JV-ing with Mark. You get to trend of Mark’s enormous amount of wisdom and work(he spent mucho-thousands of dollars to create first-class marketing,
plus they’ve made millions with these techniques and spent hours putting together the actual course).

And as an affiliate, which is FREE, YOU get to leverage all of that and make $20 per sale that you refer.

All you gotta do is grab your affiliate link before the launch (takes 5-minutes).

Then, blast that link to your facebook, twitter, aweber, and blanket that link everywhere else and let a couple cutting edge millionaires pay you $20 per referral for LEVERAGING their stuff.

Sieg, Klingler, and lots of other major players are rolling with it, why not you too? It’s a win/win/win/win/win for everyone involved.

Grab your affiliate link here

Then, go crazy with your link and pop $20/sale.

Why not make a few extra hundred bucks this year?
It’s really easy.

Plus, why not make your list see you as a “connector” to the best info in the industry? It works. It’s easy.

Just try it out and you’ll see. ; )

Lifestyle Design Network

Lifestyle Design Network

before the launch and promo like heaven throughout this year:

Let’s rock and roll…


Discover the Wisdom of King Solomon


The other day, I was going through Solomon CEO course in
LDN university, available to apprentice wanting to know
how Billionaires Share Their Secrets to Success.

One of the outstanding feature is that all those who have
enrolled into this course have become successful in their own
enterprises and positions.

Taking this course, if you don’t already know, is the secret
to controlling world affairs in terms of wealth creation.

And it got me thinking…

There may be some truth to the idea that a few select
people in the world hold secrets to wealth that no one
else may know about.

Enroll for this course and learn 21 of those secrets

If we go deep into history,Certain civilizations in the world
have historically been known to possess an affinity for wealth that no other
civilization can match.

Archaeologists recently discovered surprisingly detailed
records of wealth in the seaside city of Caesarea, Israel…

Along with evidence of sizeable homes that the
historian Josephus described as “like a large castle.”

Which seems to suggest that the ancient Israelites
knew the secret to wealth.

There was one such man who was blessed with wealth
and wisdom from God himself.

His name was Solomon.

Mark Harverson recently discovered Solomon’s ancient

And made them relevant for modern times.
He used this wisdom to apply it into advanced time management & wealth
creation strategies which he used to generate over $20,000,000 in just
5 short years.

With these strategies you will uncover the principles needed to develop
a “millionaire mindset” to take you past 6-figures and into the realm of 7-figures plus.

Solomon CEO course is being used by executives of large organizations.
In this course,you will dive deep into the 21 ancient secrets for
entrepreneurial leadership from the proverbs of Solomon, and discover
how to integrate them into your hardwiring.

These teachings will arm you with wisdom and knowledge which will
save you from making costly mistakes in life & business that can
set you back years, and instead shortcut the learning curve to
propel you into influence, authority and leadership.

Click Here To Discover Solomon’s Wisdom For Abundant Wealth, Power, And Success

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