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Winners Never Quit, watch the video below

It really does not matter.. as long as you never quit you will succeed!

Every end or  beginning of a year, many people make resolutions, but how many succeed?

If you get started right in 2016 and you do not quit you WILL succeed! This guy almost quit 100 times over… few.. glad he didn’t!

If you think about your “why”. Maybe you want financial freedom, time freedom..maybe you just want to be really really rich!!! (come on all of us do 🙂

It really does not matter.. as long as you never quit you will succeed!

Here is a great video on what will happen to you if you never quit!

Crossing boarders

Crossing boarders

Believing is seeing[Not the other way Round]

I was just listening to a song by Josh Groban, “Believe” and was really struck by a few of the phrases of the song …

…Believe in what your heart is saying

Hear the melody that’s playing

There’s no time to waste

There’s so much to celebrate

Believe in what you feel inside

And give your dreams the wings to fly

You have everything you need

If you just believe ….

It is so true. Before we can succeed … in anything … we need to believe.

In fact …

WE BELIEVE that there is a DIAMOND Team Leader in YOU!

Remember, Believing is Seeing (not the other way around).

Believe you can!

Charles Kaluwasha

P.S. If you have not yet achieved your EA2 yet … what is holding you back? EA2 is an essential beginning to earning true income with SFI.

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Leading by example,what does it mean?


Leading by example is one of the factors  that  help  organization grow  and  become effective and  productive.

In this example, we shall talk about growing your  business with SFI.

As you may be aware, Since 1998, more than 15 million people worldwide have become SFI affiliates. During this time, SFI and its affiliates have invested millions of dollars and millions of hours in trial and error. What has emerged is a very clear picture of what does and what does not lead to success. They have summarized for you all of this into the SFI Rules Of Success. If you want to SUCCEED in SFI, you must follow these rules. If you want to risk FAILURE, ignore them. The same goes with  and organization….

If you want your affiliates sponsoring affiliates, referring TC members, etc., then make sure YOU are are doing these things. Do these things and become proficient in these things so you can show and teach your affiliates the best ways to do them.

In the key area of duplication, your affiliates are definitely watching! Show them what it means to be a strong, active sponsor and THEY will become strong, active sponsors and help you further your growth and profits.

Leading by example works in the negative, too, of course. Want a downline of affiliates who do nothing? Then do nothing and that’s what you’ll likely get!

So…the rule is real simple: Whatever you want THEM to do, YOU do, because they are following your lead!
Tip: Having a Standing Order (SO) (https://www.sfimg.com/Reference/StandingOrders) at TripleClicks is a great way to lead by example. Your Standing Order badge will reflect this status. Your PSAs and CSAs will see this badge on your Leadership Page and your Affiliate Snapshot. Make sure you are sending everyone in your group the right message!


“A leader can shape his followers best by showing them the way forward rather than telling them about it.”

“A leader is someone who is ahead of the pack. Even if it is only by one inch. They are doing, or have done, what they want or expect others to do. They are not watchers nor do they wait around. They take action…proper action….a lot of proper action! And they never give up!”
–Jack M. Zufelt

“You don’t lead by lip service, you lead by example.”
–Jim Leyland


Man of Good Will brought Christmas we celebrate

But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His son, born out of a woman under law, to redeem those who were under the law, that they might receive the adoption as sons.
And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His son into your hearts, crying out,”Abba, Father”
(Galatians 4:4-7)

The world may have a different meaning of Christmas, but the Christians value the message above and celebrate it   differently, recognizing Jesus as Savior of their soul.

The Saviour came into the  world but was not  accepted by mankind. Most people had a different notion. the prophets had promised a Saviour who would establish His kingdom in Israel, a kingdom that would never end. For  them it was clear that He would come as king of  the  Jews and  make Israel into a mighty nation with a king of  their own once again.

However Jesus did not come in order to reign over Israel. He wanted to rule over the hearts of mankind.

Many think that if there  really was God, He would establish order here on earth and  solve all our  problems. but god does not want to rule here on earth. He wants to rule in our  hearts. Let’s rejoice and praise him for ever!

I wish you a merry Christmas and Safe new Year, 2016

Charles Kaluwasha

Choose The Best Learning Management System For Your Online Course

Create Online Courses - CourseMinded.com

A lot of educators who have created online courses look at Learning Management Systems or LMS as an essential tool in offering these courses to their target audience. If you want to know which LMS offers the features and functionality that you need for your online course, here are some tips to guide you in choosing the right one for you:

Define Your Goals and Expectations

Before you start looking for the best LMS for your online course, you will need to establish a clear sense of what your learning goals and objectives are, and what your personal expectations from the course are. During the process of creating an online course, you will also need to assess your design team’s needs and also that of your target audience. It will be helpful to undergo an extensive needs analysis, making use of surveys, focus group discussions, and one-on-one interviews.

List All the Key Features You Need

Learning Management Systems offer a wide range of features which you can choose from. With the very long list you will be seeing, it can be quite overwhelming and even challenging to choose from all these features. So, create a list of all the most important features that your target students will benefit from. For instance, mobile delivery feature will allow very busy professionals to access their courses anytime, anywhere using practically any device, including their smartphones.

Consider Technical Constraints

It will also be important for you to consider the technical limitations that you may have with your online course, as well as your target students’ own technical limitations. Are they tech savvy? How will they be accessing the online course? Will they be using a smartphone or a computer? Knowing the answers to these types of questions will help you choose the Learning Management System whose platform will best accommodate your and your target audience’s limitations, so your online course can work around these constraints and you are able to effectively teach your students.

How Much Support is Needed

Depending on the type of online course you will be offering, you might be needing as little support as FAQs and online discussion forums, or as much as 24/7 assistance by phone or email. Assess how much support your online course will be requiring and find an LMS that will provide the level of support that you anticipate.

Consider Both Current and Future Needs

It is not enough to choose a Learning Management System based on its present capabilities to deliver what your online course needs, you will also need to assess if it will be able to meet your needs in the future. Choose one which is easy to update and maintain. Also, check if you will be able to integrate other tools into its platform. Check out the live demo or sign up for a trial run to see how flexible and sustainable an LMS is.

With these tips, you will be able to arrive at a better decision as to which Learning Management System is best for your online course.

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