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Mark Hoverson and his Adventurepreneur

If  you don’t know Mark, today you will learn who he is  because of his ability to  create wealth online  from simple  ideas.

Mark Hoverson is an 8-Figure Adventurepreneur, Info-Marketer, and Dad of 4 rambunctious kids. His marketing & lifestyle “how to” videos have been viewed over 1,000,000 hours online. Full show notes & other curiosities at: www.minutewithmark.com.

Today we are  featuring  one of his  famous quotes:

We are in a new era where almost every idea of
when & how we should ‘work’ is able to be redefined.”

The old idea of waking up (way too tired),
slamming a donut and coffee on the run,
and then huffing and puffing as we race to
a unfulfilling job…to do boring tasks…while
wearing uncomfortable clothes…dealing with
people we’d rather not deal with, and working
for people we’d rather not work for…for a wage
with an impenetrable ceiling (a low ceiling btw).

Those days…for a growing number of creative
people…are ending abruptly.

To listen to a deeper convo on this whole subject
of rewriting how work-life can be done, feel free to
glean whatever you can from my most popular podcast
episode yet: Adventures in Android Earning
But the funeral can feel awkward for some of
us…me included.Let me explain:#1- Today I woke up in a splendid island villa
(we paid around $500 for the week while everyone
around us either bought a $15-20K timeshare plus
$700/yr in usage fees, or they rented on Expedia
for about $3K).

***Sponsored Link To take a peek at exactly the
product that I made my first million with…and still
use several times every year…watch this video…
and it also pays you $2K every time you make a sale:

#2- We ate a breakfast of exotic island fruits and
meats…while sipping green tea in the Hawaiian sunshine.
We go to farmer’s markets almost every day on the island.

#3- Then, did a brief little bit of reading and a quick
10-minute of yoga/stretching on a cliff facing the
Pacific Ocean.

#4- Then…here is where it can feel awkward…we check
our deposits from education & travel products that
we sell…which totaled several thousand in the last few days.

#5- Then…we go to this little eatery and type this email
before we go surfing for the a few hours.

So why does this feel awkward?

Because it’s so violently unlike the past way of
working and earning and living.

It’s a sharp break. It feels vastly more meaningful.
More fun. It’s hard to measure how much more profitable
it is. And it’s inspiring instead of draining.

But a new age is dawning, not for everyone, but
it is for many creative entrepreneurs who can see
there is a serious and permanent exit from the old
ways of working.

Okay this is getting a little long but let me explain:

#1- Because of the internet and attraction marketing
(AKA- targeted ads and email follow-up to targeted people)
you can predict almost with certainty the type of person
you want to work with…exactly the kind of person you
want to sell to, partner with, etc.

EXAMPLE 1: while on this trip, we had a new buyer
of our Renaissance membership (it’s the travel membership
I market…link above). He lives in Hollywood, California and runs
a consulting company. He’s a cool dude. He’s already
banking 6-figures in his company, but wants to expand
his influence deeper online. He pays a few thousand
for our product. He’s coming to attend our INVISIBLE
EMPIRE event in a couple of weeks:

check out Invisible Empire LIVE here.

It’s fun to integrate him into our network.

EXAMPLE 2- Sri, who I mentioned the last week. Immigrated
to Canada from India for more freedom. He’s a multiple-six-figure
entrepreneur as an accountant. And now he went online.
Through tenacity in learning and action, he’s made several
thousand dollars online and just landed his first $50K client.

He’s also cool. Ambitious. Fun.

THE BIG SECRET: There are thousands upon thousands
of free-spirited, talented, driven people who are now
CONSTRAINED in their current job or business but they
also have the COURAGE to do something about it.

These are my entrepreneurial soul mates.

Imagine what it would feel like to integrate yourself into a

Lifestyle Design Network

Lifestyle Design Network

network of people who are creative, ambitious, and bold.

Imagine marketing products and services that are so linked
to your passions that they are almost an incarnation of your
heart? That’s been my aim for the last several years.

Free Scholarships to New Zealand

Academicians wanted

Academicians wanted


New Zealand Development Scholarships are  open  to eligible African countries including Zambia and  Zimbabwe.

The  scholarships are  offered to Africans who are  motivated to  make a change  in their  own countries after  completion of the courses. The  free  scholarships include financial support for  tuition, living cost while in New Zealand and  free airfares.

Courses being offered  are as follows:

  • 6 months post-graduate Certificates
  • 1 year post-graduate Diploma
  • 1-2 years masters degree and
  • 3-5 years PhD

Preference will be given to those interested in one or more of following disciplines:

  • Agricultural development and
  • Renewable energy.

The deadline for applications  are, 15 April 2016, if paper application and 30 April 2016 applying online.

If you know  anyone, send  this article to them as soon as possible!

For  more  details, click here now…

All the  best and see you when you  come to New Zealand!

-Charles Kaluwasha



Eric’s Insider Traffic Secrets!

Eric left it ALL out on the table last night:

If you want to know the SECRETS to:

==> Supercharge Any Network Marketing or Home Based Business With Traffic Authority.

==> Launching Massive Teams In The Home Business Arena.

==> Engineering MASS DUPLICATION.

Watch The Replay To Get Eric’s SECRETS before we take it down for good!

>> http://topsecretmeeting.net/insider/live/charlesk

INFINii Family Continues to grow


The INFINii Family continues to grow at an astounding rate hitting 60,000 active  members this week, exactly 45 days since they opened. The  increase  has been entirely driven by the tremendous success of ordinary members like you. Here’s what they’re saying…

“Sold the same item 2x once on ebay once on Bonanza $40 profit on ebay and $20 on Bonanza. This stuff works. Prime will get you where you need to upgrade to Surge. Just work what you have, master it and move up.”

 – Ed Snyder, USA

“The INFINii platform is a breath of fresh air. For the first time I have been able to learn the exact method of how to build an ecommerce business properly. It is so simple and fun following the training platform that INFINii provides. Anyone can do this and I actually made my first sale on ebay US within hours of my very first listing. Now a month into it, i have now made over $1000 worth of profit! Thank you INFINii!”

 – Mitch Prouatt, Australia

Mitch Prouatt

The founders  have  been  working  behind  the  curtains, updating  and  perfecting  the  system, including compensation plans that  puts  money  in  the  pockets  of  many members, even the beginners.

This week alone, hundreds of Partners have qualified for higher Rank.

  • Over 300 achieved Manger or higher.
  • 24 achieved Director or higher.
That means 24 members have now created a minimum 5-figure income.
To  learn more, jump on the  next  webinar by  registering on this link

7 Reasons to list your items for sale at TripleClicks

Here are SEVEN big reasons to list your items for sale at TripleClicks.com:

1. We don’t believe that selling something online should be complicated. Unlike some similar services, listing and selling items at TripleClicks is quick, simple, and easy.

2. You can list your TripleClicks items for as long as you like. Many sites give you just seven days to list your item AND charge you whether your item sells or not. At TripleClicks, you can list your item for as long as it takes, without any additional fees. Once your item is approved, you’ll have 60 days before the item auto-expires. HOWEVER, our system will send you a notice 10 days before your item’s expiration date; just click on the link provided in that e-mail to extend your listing for an additional 30 days. After that, you can renew your listing for an another 30 days for as long as you want.

3. We don’t think you should get “nickeled and dimed to death” either. The cost to list an item at TripleClicks is as little as just 29 cents. There’s no other cost of any kind if you spend your sales proceeds on other products at TripleClicks and only a nominal charge to receive your proceeds in cash. That’s it. There are no hidden fees or “gotcha” charges.

4. TripleClicks is designed to give you the largest audience possible. When you list an item for sale at TripleClicks, the audience of prospective buyers is both local and worldwide.

5. At TripleClicks we really want to see your items sell…and sell fast. Hence, we give you ample room and features to present and describe your items–up to 700 words and up to three photos, all for the cost of just one credit (as little as 29 cents)!

6. We handle all payments for you, so you don’t have to hassle with risky online transactions with strangers. TripleClicks facilitates a safe and secure transaction, as we act as an escrow between the buyer and seller, ensuring a smoother, reliable transaction in which you get paid and the buyer gets what he or she ordered. We also provide buyers with a wide variety of payment options, and more payment options means more sale opportunities for you.

7. TripleClicks is powered by SFI Marketing Group, one of the world’s largest affiliate networks with over 1.5 million affiliates in more than 200 countries around the world. SFI’s thousands of affiliates are continually promoting TripleClicks and generating fresh, new prospective buyers.

To  join  SFI  as an  affiliate, follow this link and it is FREE, no  credit card  required!

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