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Is Bitcoin The Currency of The Future?

Click Intensity claims to be the company of the future, hence it will be paying
its affiliates in Bitcoin. Research states that Bitcoin will be the currency of the future because it has no boundaries and the governments will have no control over your money. You will have your own bank. Is that not good?

If you want to be paid in Bitcoin, join Click Intensity free here

Have a great  day!

Charles Kaluwasha

Focus on your goals

This email is from an Independent Empower Network Affiliate and not directly from Empower Network LLC.

Hi Everyone,

There are forces at work trying to pull all of us in different directions at every moment.

I just want to say Focus on YOUR Goals.

That’s what I’m doing right now, and my business and life is taking a turn for the better with each consecutive day.

I’m reading a book right now called “Organize Tomorrow Today”. I encourage you to look it up on Amazon.

For me, it’s amazing. It’s taught me to do something that if I had been doing it for the last 10 years, I’d certainly have become a FAR more effective human being and business person.

This book gets my highest recommendation.

Many years ago, famous mind researcher Timothy Leary said something to the effect of “turn off, tune in and drop out”.

There’s so much crazy fanatacism going on in the world and media these days, that I think Timothy’s words are very good advice.

But what we need to tune into is our own inner selves, and highest dreams and ambitions.

… not the next media onslaught or breaking news story.

As for me, I’m drinking a Guinness tonight and taking another step forward with my team here at Empower Network.

I care deeply about you all, and I’m going to work better and smarter this year than I ever have in my life, and the fruit of my work will be the level of success and freedom you achieve here with Empower.

Let’s talk soon.

Stone Evans

Plug-In Profit Site

How to Buy Gold Coins

If  you are a member of Click Intensity, here are important  steps to fund your account.

It’s important for you to start funding your Click Intensity Account
with gold coins now so from 27th onwards you can start purchasing
silver packs asap and also other premium gold products !

Gold Coins Are the currency of the system
and you will need them for everything…

Even your commissions will come in gold coins which can
then be converted into cash ( 1000 coins = $25 )

Here are some of the new video tutorials which will help you to choose any
of the preferred methods for funding your
Gold Coin Accounts

1) How To Purchase Gold Coins Using Bank Wire

2) How To Purchase Gold Coins Using Advcash/Bitcoins/Payeer/Perfect Money

3) Getting Started With Coinable To Purchase Gold Coins Directly Using Bitcoins

4) Person To Person Transfer Of Gold Coins

Hope this helps !

More updates on this are already posted inside our Facebook Group in pinned post

Check them out also

Get instant Gold and Silver packs

Click Intensity  has released  option to get  paid after  its  launch day, the  27 March.

This is  the  first company that will be trading and paying its affiliates in forms of gold

and silver coins. If you are a Click Intensity member,read this  announcement carefully.

To streamline the payments globally , the company has decided on 3 modes of global payment to start with

1) Bitcoin – 0 % Transaction Fees !

No matter which country in the world you are , you can create a Free Bitcoin Wallet at

==>> www.Blockchain.info/wallet


==>> www.Coinbase.Com

Now Once You Have Your Bitcoin Address , All You Will Need To Do Is Submit Your Bitcoin Address In Your User Profile In Click Intensity Along With Your Picture ID Proof !

( These two options to submit your bitcoin address and picture id proof will be live from 27th onwards )

Now once you have a payout request ( Minimum amount required for payout request will be $25 = 1000 Gold Coins ) And Your Payout Will Be Processed In Bitcoins Based On That Day’s Bitcoin To USD Rate !

All Payouts will be manually reviewed and processed within 24 hours and also admin will upload the payout confirmation receipt

Once you have the bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet , now you can withdraw it using 100’s of ways – in almost all the countries in the world right now you have bitcoin exchangers , bitcoin associated cards etc…

All you need to do is a simple search in Google – Buy / Sell Bitcoins In XXXX where XXX is your country name !

Second Option would be to keep your bitcoins as an investment or a % which is highly recommended as bitcoin is the current and future of digital currency and looking at the way we are growing and so is whole Crypto Currency Market – I do see it increasing in near future !

Will Suggest all of you to do these 2 things asap

a) Set up a bitcoin wallet at www.Blockchain.info/wallet or www.Coinbase.Com

b) Get it linked to a exchanger/debit card merchant etc so you can buy sell bitcoins easily…..

Examples :

India – Zebpay App – Best for buying/selling bitcoins

USA – Swift Cards which you can use as Visa Debit cards linked directly to your bitcoin wallets

Hongkong – Bitcashout.com – where in 2 hours you can get bitcoins coins converted into $$ and in your account

Also many tier 1 countries in the world have Bit Coin ATM’s now and many more coming around the world !

Bottomline – It’s super easy to set up a bitcoin wallet and then get paid in it and then withdraw that bitcoin converted into $$$ in your account

For those of you who are set up with digital currencies like STP , Payza Also – can send your bitcoins from your bitcoin wallet to STP/Payza bitcoin wallet and hence get it funded and withdraw from there also..

So there is no one way – multiple ways

Key is – We pay you in bitcoins – you get paid in 24 hours , you get those bitcoins – now you can keep them , spend them , save them , gift them…Upto You smile emoticon

Easy Global Business

2) Bank Wires : There will be a 1 % Processing fees and a minimum of $30 pounds per Bank Wire anywhere in The World !

For this you will need to submit your Complete Bank Account details with picture id proof , address proof and last 6 months bank statement

Option to do this will be live from 27th !

Once we receive your request , it will take 24 hours for us to process it and you will get it within 3-5 business days !

3) Member to member – You have money/gold coins and a team and a lot of your team mates are starting up and will always need to buy packs/goldcoins etc and hence you can help them with gold coins transfer with a minimum 1 % internal transfer fees and they can pay you in any way you like – that is between you and the member !

With these 3 modes of payment , we pretty much cover the world !

Lets get busy in taking action ( especially the bitcoin part i.e setting up bitcoin wallet and linking with an exchanger and doing some test buy’s and sells so you are all set up from 28th onwards).

This will be a lucrative business in this industry, get in fast and ride with us!

It is free to join, no credit card  required.

Click Intensity Going Crazy


This is going crazy !

I was just checking some stats and realised Click Intensity have crossed over 2.6 million unique hits in less than 30 days on Click Intensity websites… wow!

This is unheard of in our industry !

Check this image for proof or click here
( Turn Display Images On )

Just the start – history in the making !

Advertisers are already lining at  door so that they can start advertising
on our portfolio of websites…

More advertisers means more revenue for Click Intensity and hence more
revenue for all of you on your Silver Purchase packs !

Remember each $25 silver pack will pay you $30 and the more revenues Click intensity gets from advertisers , faster they pay out revenue shares to members !

Soon we will be at 2 million views a day and then 20 million views a day !

This is the time to focus and build a big Click Intensity team
Catch up later  with  new  updates  as we move closer to the  Bid Day!



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