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“The Keys To Creation”
.How To Rapidly Create (and Command) A Life of
Wealth, Prosperity, Freedom and PASSION.

Access By Clicking Here At 9pm EDT (April 25th, 2016)
David will be exposing a series unknown truths
most high achievers hold close… which are the
keys to opening your life to complete abundance.

You’ll witness David take an unorthodox view of
success and reveal the real secrets behind 99% of
online (and offline) success — the INNER GAME of
wealth and rapid lifestyle shifts, and the strategies
used by A-Players (mostly in private — but he’s
bringing these strategies to light).

You’ll be gaining special access to exactly what’s
working NOW and more importantly, what is NOT
(so you don’t have to make the same mistakes).

And come tonight, this wealth creation formula will
be all yours – to do with – and act on – as you please.

Only question is… “Will you be there?”

It’s completely FREE.

It’s raw.

It’s uncut.

And it’s going to get you to where you need to be. 

Now – it’s your move.

Click here at 9pm EDT Tonight to get front-row
access to the KEYS TO CREATION!

It’s a one-time special audio broadcast that
you need to hear to understand.

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My #1 Software Recommendation

I recently subscribed to Justin Glover and Brenda Gagne’s newsletter because of the  value they provide to people working online. Yesterday they recorded a great podcast answering a question that came in from someone who wanted to bring their offline business online, and they were confused as to where to start and how to actually do it…

It’s such a broad question, but one that SO many people ask about.

It a great question though because if you don’t have a plan, and the tools necessary, you can spend months, even years wondering around online working really hard… but at the end of it all, you’re not any closer to getting ahead then you were when you started…

Can you relate at all to this scenario?

Well, growing your business on the internet is a process, but there is one software that can REALLY help make it easier.

And we’re all about making things easier and more effective around here!

I have  and I am learning  alot  from these  guys especially  how to grow my business faster  without difficulties…

And at the end of the day, it’s the TECH side of all of this that really makes people pull their hair out.

Which is why ClickFunnels is my #1 recommendation for anyone who wants to sell online.


In a nutshell – there’s no other software out there that allows you to create any type of website you want, with the ability to CUSTOMIZE it any way you want – that’s actually USER FRIENDLY!

We personally know Russell Brunson, (the creator of ClickFunnels) he’s an excellent internet marketer.

The fact that he’s made millions online in a bunch of different niches, yet has NO IDEA how to put a video on his blog is crazy and brilliant at the same time…

(He hired people to do all his tech stuff, so he can focus on actually being an awesome marketer – there’s a great lesson in that)

The reason I share that little tid-bit about him is because he had his people create Clickfunnels from scratch solely for the purpose of him having the ability to create marketing funnels easily (without knowing ANY website building skills)

It’s grown over the last year to a hefty platform that we use not only for ourselves, but for all our clients to get started because they can get everything they want in one place, AND have the ability to use it without pulling their hair out!

Yes, it’s a great piece of software to help you make money, and it’s easy to use BUT – that’s not all..


We’re all about productivity right?

You want to get more done in less time right?

When you have the capability to create complete marketing funnels with 1 click upsells, and automated timed emails and beautiful order forms all in one place, and NEVER have to link up anything or touch html code – that’s a HUGE time saver.


The things that we can do today with this software used to cost thousands of dollars to setup, and multiple hours to create… now it’s a click of a button and BAM it’s done!


If you’ve wanted to create your own marketing funnel that generates leads, makes sales and you haven’t created it yet, or you’re struggling to create it, I urge you to check out Clickfunnels.

You have 2 weeks to try if out for free, so that way you can see if you love it like we do!


Over the last few days I’ve learned  some of Justine & Brenda’s favorite resources to help me be more productive in my business…


They have  A LOT more that they have put together in their Entrepreneur Productivity Tool Kit that you can download for free anytime, BUT today I wanted  to show you the #1 software that every marketer needs  to use.

Make sure you are taking your business seriously and you are making the most out of every hour in your day…

 This tool   can help you accomplish more in your day!

(Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference in your business!)



Do not take a vacation until you watch this video report

Renaissance passport

Renaissance passport

If  you would like to  save money on your  vacation, this  video  will  teach you  how.

Many  people  spent far too  much money on vacation and  yet there are  many  ways  to save that  dollar for  your  kids.

This  video will really  teach you  many ways to go on  vacations 10  times in a year  without  breaking a bank.

My  wife  and  I  use this  service each  time we go on  vacation any where in the world. We pay 80% less the  public would pay at any 5 star resort or  hotel.

Get all the  details on this  important video.

If  you have  any questions, the following  link will provide you with all the  answers you  may  have.


The WLMS 7-Day Kick Start Program!

Natural way of keeping your body alkaline

Accelerate your way to weight loss, health and alkalinity! Participate in the SevenPoint2 7-Day Kick Start Plan, the newest segment of our Weight Loss Made Simple Program.
You will love the ease and simplicity of the 7-Day Kick Start Plan – a fast, healthy, and great-tasting way to achieve your healthy weight loss goals even faster!
Be sure to check out SevenPoint2.com for the exciting new 7-Day Kick Start Program with recommended meal plans today!

Starving For Greens: We Are Overweight Yet Malnourished


Guest Author Nathaniel Darnell
An unfortunate phenomenon, called the Hunger-Obesity Paradox [1], is now afflicting many of us. What is this paradox? In simple terms, we have grown increasingly overweight yet become malnourished [2-3]. What!?! How can this be possible, you might ask? Fifty years ago when families ate whole foods and home cooked meals this phenomena was unheard of. This current dire state of affairs boils down to nutrients…or in this case, the lack thereof.

The major culprit? It is what we would broadly call “junk food”. Junk food is cheap, convenient, and addictive. But, despite what many candy and soda pop company executives would like us to believe, not all calories are created equal. Junk food is ultra-processed. It’s chock-full of salt, sugar, fat and preservatives, but missing the vitamins and minerals of whole, unprocessed food. Vitamins and minerals are important because they “lubricate the gears” of our metabolism. They help our bodies convert the food we eat into energy. When our bodies are missing important nutrients, they become less efficient at metabolizing food. As a result, our bodies convert less food into energy and more food is stored as fat. If we remain nutrient deficient for too long, our immune systems go haywire and we become vulnerable to chronic illness [4].

So junk food is calorie dense, but nutrient poor. Consuming it creates a vicious cycle that perpetuates obesity. We eat it because we’re hungry but it doesn’t contain the nutrients we need; so our bodies tell us to eat even more in an attempt to get the nutrients it is craving, but of course these are simply not found in ultra-processed foods. Thus, we just keep eating more empty calories and gaining more excess weight.

In contrast, green leafy vegetables are low in calories, but rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including vitamins A, C, K, magnesium, potassium, chlorophyll, and bioflavonoids.

Vitamin A helps keep skin radiant and blemish free.
Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals and boosts immune function.
Vitamin K strengthens bones.
Magnesium helps alkalize the body while supporting energy pathways.
Potassium helps alkalize the body while supporting cardiovascular health.
Lutein & Zeaxanthin support eye health.
Cholorphyll supports liver health and detoxification.

These plant-based nutrients keep our cells functioning correctly so that our bodies are able to enjoy optimal health. When we provide our bodies with the nutrients they need, hunger subsides. In fact, consuming more green leafy vegetables is the first step in breaking the chains of junk food addiction!

The good news is that more and more health care professionals are recognizing this Hunger-Obesity Paradox and promoting greater consumption of plant-based whole foods to their patients. These foods are better sources of vitamins and minerals than synthetically produced vitamin supplements [5]. The various nutrients in plant-based foods work together in harmony and are therefore better absorbed by our bodies.

To meet our nutritional needs, federal dietary guidelines recommend that we consume 2 to 3 cups of vegetables per day. Unfortunately, according to new research, 91% of us fail to do so [6]. Sadly, this isn’t surprising. Life happens fast in the 21st Century. If a solution isn’t simple, convenient, and affordable… it’s not a solution. Fortunately, SevenPoint2 delivers a real life solution for modern living!

7.2 Greens are concentrated. Just two tablespoons provide the nutrients contained in over 3 cups of green leafy vegetables without the shopping, washing or preparation…now that’s the “easy” button! 7.2 Greens are an excellent addition to your daily routine as you embark on a path towards your healthy weight and towards providing improved nutrition for your body.

Note: Some prescription blood thinners such as Warfarin may be affected by the vitamin K contained in green leafy vegetables [7]. Individuals taking prescription blood thinners should consult with their doctor to determine the appropriate amount of green leafy vegetables that they should be consuming per day based on their particular needs.


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