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Why We Must Have Faith

Faith is something that is almost entirely positive. It says by its very nature that there is always a good chance that things will turn out in a way you would choose. Just having that frame of mind puts you up on a plain that is above day-to-day doldrums. Knowing there is a good chance for success there is just a little twinkle in your eye.
believe it!
We do not necessarily have to identify what all we have faith will happen. Especially if you are a spiritual person, you may think of many things that might happen. Your good faith could cause you to meet someone special, find that special job, accomplish something extra that will be a benefit to you or someone close to you now or in the future.

If we are talking about a new business opportunity we probably wouldn’t even consider it if there was no reason to believe it could be successful. The point though is that we may completely miss the whole thing unless we keep our mind open to new possibilities and believe that we could accomplish something.

At the same time we need to remember to use our discernment and do some due diligence. We can’t get all giddy and just follow everything we see. Life is about taking some risk but it should be educated risk, not foolish. Don’t be afraid to try things out particularly if they are free, so that you can get the inside picture rather than just the sales copy.

Login and kick the tires. Really try to get as much information as you can and then ask yourself if you can believe it.

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If you want to be Interesting, be Interested

People communicate through various mediums. Talking is one of the best things there is about having associations. There are relationships with your family, friends and business associates. You would likely talk about different things to different people.

talk talk talk

If you have nothing to say, it is pretty hard to talk! Of course there is always ‘small talk’ for family – what the dog did – what the kids did, etc. Things will come to mind. With friends there are a few more topics that could be discussed including career and romance.

However if you need to write or communicate in some other way to the general public, business peers, etc. then it is probably a good idea for you to read something interesting that you can then later discuss. For example world news and unfortunately that may include extremely negative or problematic issues. Of course best to avoid ‘politics’ and ‘religion’ as they usually include conflict and confrontation. We don’t need too much of that.

However, ‘political correctness’ is the biggest threat to ‘freedom of speech’ that this country has ever experienced and it is a real danger. Next they will tell us what we should be thinking and we will be going out shopping for those tin foil hats so people can’t read our minds.

There is never any excuse to be cruel so right there that covers a lot. People do have the right to their opinion of course; but if it is hurtful in some way you might want to avoid mentioning it at all rather than to judge and thereby humiliate someone as well as yourself.

The point here though is when you have ‘writer’s block’. It is really not about writing. It is about not having any ideas. If you read the news, or a few words in a book, or even an advertisement on a cereal box you are likely to get some ideas. Stay interested in your surroundings so that you will have plenty of thoughts that come to mind that may create an interesting conversation.

Work at Home Alliances and Collaboration

For the most part people who work at home online to develop their business work alone. However there are other times for various reasons that you will hope for and find someone to work with you.

get together

This situation could arise because your sales are slacking off and you could really use a ‘joint venture’ with someone. A joint venture often can be as simple as giving someone the incentive to allow you to send your advertising to their list. You may offer them a percentage of sales that come through this arrangement.

Another example of a joint venture could be offering something tangible such as a discounted product or service when sales are generated directly from the response to the above mentioned eMail campaign. This can actually be worth some money in that you would keep the root cost and just omit the extra charges you may have been charging for this product.

Perhaps the most important alliance you can have is one where you really need to be rescued from obscurity. You need to step up. If you have built friendships and alliances when there was no agenda, people will not feel unduly exploited. Now there is an opportunity to propose collaborating on a project that may actually amount to ‘Join my program and I will join yours at a discount.’

So while you may be alone online or ‘home alone’ you should always be networking to build relationships. Aside of the pleasure and benefit of having real friendships maybe through Live Chat clients like Skype.com, business forums, and/or social networks, you may actually create your own network of like-minded people who work at home too.

Improve Your Business with Six Sigma

“Six Sigma is a proven set of tools and skills that will lead us to error-free processing to the next level of customer satisfaction and profitability.”
best tools

If you have any desire to really perfect your business operations into a smooth running machine, it would be a real good idea if you spent a little time on this ‘science’.

The improvement process includes is to define, measure, analyze, improve and control everything we do with regard to our business.

* Defining is to identify business objectives, project charter, scope and process objectives and develop the project plan to identify the customers and their needs that are ‘critical to quality’.

o Ask what the issue is
o What is the magnitude of the problem?
o What is the gap compared to the competition?
o What is the impact on the business?

* Measuring determines current performance and how it measures against customer expectations.

o Ask what is the impact on customer satisfaction and business results? Quantify it!
o Are you measuring your progress and showing the gap to benchmarks or theoretical best?
o Do your metrics relate directly to your problem statement?

* Analyze we analyze the data to determine root causes and opportunities for improvement.

o The marble in the Jefferson Memorial was deteriorating (why?)
o The deterioration was due to frequent cleanings with detergent (why?)
o The detergent was used to clean bird droppings from local sparrows (why?)
o Sparrows were attracted by the spiders. (why?)
o Spiders were attracted by midges (why?)
o Midges were attracted by the lights (real root cause)

* (Improve is where we generate, validate and implement the improvements we identify.

o Are your countermeasure plans specific and directed at fixing the root causes?
o Have you estimated (quantified) the impact of each counter measure?

* Control ensures the new development or improvement meets or exceeds customer requirements, standardize it, and implement ongoing monitoring to sustain the gain

o Develop a control plan to sustain the gain!

To give credit where it is due this ‘exercise and training’ was provided by Bank of America in 2002 for its personnel. The concepts and theories etc., did originate from another source. The link has since come down so there is no direct reference 14-years later.

Faith is the Number One Thing You Need

‘Faith’ is one of those words that can mean a few different things to people depending on their perspective. Sometimes we can’t really define it. However the idea is the same. You have a positive attitude usually and believe that what you do will be successful. This would be a generic ‘faith’ in yourself, the world or your circumstances.

Have Faith

Or ‘faith’ can have ‘religious’ overtones in that the object of your faith is God. You believe that He will take care of things for you especially if you pray. This is very deep in that you know something causes the sun to come up every day and for things to run right in the cosmos whether you pray or not.

However, He is sovereign and will decide which prayers to answer or not. He doesn’t always say ‘yes’ but He always listens and depending on the person’s life’s lessons and situation this may influence God’s decision. Some people need different lessons according to their level of enlightenment.

Then there is pseudo-religion where some mystical being or the ‘higher’ power is going to take care of whatever you need (you hope). Not much to say except this can be called ‘magical thinking’. There is a chance that through various rituals, etc. that you can convince yourself that whatever you want or need is what the universe will give you. It may be true – or not.

No matter what you are trying to do – and in this context let’s refer to stepping out on a limb to start a new home business or to rescue one that has been neglected. You have realized in the past that when you want to accomplish something you usually can. This can be called faith in yourself. The truth be known, no matter what other things you may believe you need to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Do you feel a bit of a deficit in the faith department right now? Even if you just really want to try to understand not only WHAT faith is but HOW to develop and own it, it would be worth it to go to a search engine and try to find some basic information.

You can’t do anything unless you have at least the self-confidence and self-esteem to BELIEVE you can do it!

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