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How to Write What People Want to Read

One of the biggest secrets to success when it comes to blogging is knowing how to write content that people will want to read.

How to Write What People Want to Read

Note that this isn’t really about the way you write. Or at least that’s only part of the puzzle.

Instead, writing content that people will go out of their way to read is all about choosing exciting topics, giving them great titles and knowing what it is that makes people click.


A good place to look for answers is “clickbait”. Clickbait is any content that is designed to get clicks, even if it isn’t entirely honest in how it goes about it. Normally clickbait titles are purposefully provocative or misleading and this gets people to click on them.

For instance, you’ll see things like:

“10 Tips to Transform Your Body – Number 4 Changed My Life!”

“You’ll Never Believe What Happens to Woman in This Shocking Video!”

“This Marketer Boosted a Facebook Post: What Happens Next is Awful”

For most people the curiosity/promise of the title will elicit a click even if the content doesn’t live up to that promise.

Clickbait does work and can generate a lot of visits to your website. The problem is that it’s also misleading and as such, it can damage your branding.

The trick is to take what works about clickbait and to use it in a more honest manner.

The Right Type of Title

So let’s ask ourselves: what is it about clickbait that makes it so successful?

The answer is that it looks different, it looks interesting and it promises something unique/that you haven’t seen before. It would be fine, if the actual content weren’t lacking or deceptive.

Clickbait is even more successful thanks to the sheer drought of interesting content on the web. How many fitness sites have you been to where all the articles are on “10 ways to get abs” or “how to eat clean to lose weight”. This content is so repetitive, and most people have seen similar renditions of it already.

The key then is to create content that offers something genuinely interesting, that people haven’t seen a thousand times before and that sounds interesting.

For a fitness site, that could look like this:

“How my fitness addiction nearly ruined my relationship”

“Cardio acceleration: a new type of cardio fitness that burns 300%+ more fat”

“Why bodybuilders are stronger than powerlifters”

These titles are engaging and unique but what’s more is that they’re also meaty and give you the opportunity to offer some really great content that truly helps other people. That’s how you get clicks and build fans!

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A Miracle That Stanned Passersby-Perth To Karratha Highway

Hope you’re having a great holiday, and all your dreams have come true.

If you’re here after grabbing your copy of  FREE 90 Days “Fast Track Online Profits Acceleration” Private Coaching & Mentoring Program Femi and I just released, welcome. Our “Private Coaching & Mentoring Program to you took just few months  to create, after the pain and suffering we had gone through in this industry.

Well, the few months, plus the four years since  Femi first  saw the  vision of helping  few entrepreneurs  and other motivated individuals to build their  very own online business, and start earning anywhere from $11,887 to $17,383 PER MONTH online in as little as 90 days..

But since we were  diverted away those years never actually envisaged the need  of it, this sudden burst of creativity for few months  actually represents a Christmas miracle.

I’m stunned we got it out. Details at the  end of  this “miracles that stanned road users” story.

On Tuesday the 27th December 2016, we set off by road to visit  family friends in Karratha,approximately 1,900 km away  from  Perth. Most  drivers spend a night  in between but  we wanted  to make it a day.

We started  off early  in the  morning  at  04:30 hours.

There  was a lot  to  see the  beautiful landscape and God’s  creation along  the  way.

A lot  of  farms  and  animals

Smaller  and  bigger  towns with  good  infrastures in place.

We  stopped  at  three service  stations to  fill our car with  fuel. On the  last  service  station, Carnarvon, my  wife  Joyce  took over and  started  driving.

After 2 hours of  non  stop driving, Joyce’s mobile buzzed…this was a call  from our  host family.

In the  efforts  of accessing  the  button on the  dashboard to answer, the  car  started  diverting away  from the  road.

I sensed danger and  instructed  my wife  to control it  back into  the  road.

The  next  thing we saw was the  car  started rolling from side to side and then spinning on right side of the  wheels in the  middle of  the  road. We could hear  wheels  squeaking… Death  was closer to us!

We  don’t know  how  the  car stabilized  on its  four wheels again. I accidentally  moved the gear lever into reverse and  the car changed direction, heading towards  the  bush.


Joyce  unknowingly placed her  foot on  foot  brake and  car  suddenly  stopped!

We  looked  at  each  other… Joyce  asked  me, “Are  we  safe?”

I answered, “Yes  we are  darling”.

We  praised  God…

….Walked  out of  the  car, checked  the exterior of   car, it  appeared  intact except  a small  dent in front and loose  mud catcher in front and  back wheels.

Tried  the  engine… all  was  perfect.

After  ten minutes  we  saw cars lining  up along  the  road.

People  running  towards  us, “are  you alright?. Is  there  anything  we can  help, they  asked??

We  told  them God  had  protected  us and  we were safe.

That  was  our  “Christmas  Miracle”

We  continued  driving  to  our  destination, Karratha. Until we arrived  at our  family friend’s home.

We  thanked  and  praised  our Heavenly  Father  for  His  Love  and  protection  that  we were  safe.

This  experience  has  strengthened  our  relationship  with  God.

And  many  have  learned  a lesson  too, to  trust  God  always.

So  life  continues as usual… we have  to  work, go  to  church,visit  and  help others in any  way.

As a  worker  and  business  entrepreneur, I have  the  responsibility  to  serve  mankind And  You  Are  One of  Them..

Let  me  ask  you  some quick questions…..

  • Are you looking to start your very own online business, but are unsure about where to go or what to do?
  • Have you been trying to make money online for a while now, but aren’t generating the kind of income you’d like?
  • Do you already have an online business, but are struggling to make it profitable?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, then there’s something you need to know.

You see, there’s a reason why this has been happening to you, and there’s a very simple way to fix it, so you can start profiting quickly.

In fact, whether you have an existing online business that’s not producing the results you’d hoped for, or you’re simply looking for a way to get started online…


In the next few minutes, we’re going to show you how you can sidestep all of that confusion, frustration and information overload, and start making 5 figures a month within the next 90 days – GUARANTEED.

In fact, we’re writing this letter because we’d like to help you and 9 other motivated individuals to build your very own online business, and start earning anywhere from $11,887 to $17,383 PER MONTH online in as little as 90 days…

We’re offering a completely individually tailored coaching program to 10 qualified individuals that will be based on their situation, prior knowledge, skill set and understanding of the marketplace.

So if you happen to be one of the 10 people we choose to work with, we guarantee that by the end of 90 days you will be earning anything from $11,887 – $17,383 per month!

And the reason we’re so confident we’ll be able to do this is because we’re going to give you access to the EXACT SAME TOOLS & RESOURCES, and help you implement the EXACT SAME STRATEGIES that we use ourselves to bank a combined monthly figure of anything between $69,745 and $83,897.

My Name is Charles Kaluwasha, and I run my online business from home here in Perth, Australia.

Does My Story Sound Familiar?

Well… here’s the story:  Just under a year ago… I decided to start an online business. I was your typical Internet newbie, buying into various online business opportunity “make money” online program or one course after another.


I Was Up Until The Early Hours Of The Morning

If you were to see me back in those days, you would find me hunched over my computer until the early hours of the morning. Why? Because I was desperately searching for an online business that would let me quit my job and start making some real money.

While I was searching, I would see the success stories of people just like me, who started with nothing, but went on to create a ton of cash online. So I would go ahead and buy their course or join their program, hoping it would finally give me the answers to the success I was looking for.

But guess what?

Every time I shelled out my hard-earned money and joined a new sponsor in a business or bought a new “money making” course, it always turned out the same. They would come up short of showing me how to make money – it was like they always left some secrets out.

My Lowest Point

At my lowest point, I was convinced my lack of success was 100% my fault. I would look at myself in the mirror and stare back at myself with a look of anger and disgust. I felt like such a failure… I was confused, frustrated and overwhelmed. When I say I failed… I mean I failed miserably…

I really wasn’t looking to get super rich… I just wanted to make money so I could live a more comfortable life.

Well, this went on for almost a year. Just when I was about to give up and throw in the towel..

I Found A Coach and Mentor

One day, while going through my emails, I got and email promoting a personal One-on-One coaching program.

I read right through his coaching offer and all of a sudden it clicked.. it was something he said.. He said that the fastest and easiest way to guarantee that you make money online was to learn from someone who is currently doing it.

Well, that made so much sense to me.

Instead of buying a ton of different programs and suffering through all the trial and error and information overload.. I could cut through the learning curve and copy someone who is currently making very good money online.

That was my breakthrough. …,

and together with my business partner Femi Ojo, We’ve decided that now is the time to show other people how to do this too. Because when you know how to do what we do, you’ll not only be making anywhere from $11,887 to $17,383 per month inside 90 days, but for the first time in your life, you’ll be able to experience what REAL FREEDOM feels like.

But you CANNOT get there alone

The fact is, if you really want to succeed online, you need PERSONAL 1-2-1 coaching.

That’s the real key to unlocking the door to a successful online business.

And with OUR personal 1-2-1 coaching, you will not only get the REAL SECRETS, but more importantly, you will get the hands-on practical help and support to make sure you actually IMPLEMENT that information and start making money for real.

So we’re here to help…

And don’t worry, we’re not going to

ask you for even a single penny…

So here’s the deal… 

We’re looking for 10 HONEST, COMMITTED & MOTIVATED PEOPLE who are serious about building a highly profitable online business, using a system that is proven to make $11,887 – $17,383 per month within 90 days, starting from scratch.

And to top it all off…






If you’re truly committed to building a real 5 figure a month online business and qualify to become one of our 10 students, we will devise a PERSONAL & TAILORED COACHING PROGRAM specifically for you, based on your situation, skill set, understanding of the market place and budget (remember, you will need to invest some funds into your business to get started).

This coaching program is delivered on a 1-2-1 basis, via Skype, telephone and email.

Let’s Make This Clear


As you can imagine, providing this level of coaching and mentoring costs money and time, so we can’t accept everyone who applies.

This is why we’ve had to restrict the numbers to JUST 10 and use a strict qualification process to find the ideal candidates.


First, you need to complete a very simple online application.

Once you’ve completed and submitted the application, we’ll review it, and if we think you’re a good fit, you will be contacted within 48 hours.

If we feel comfortable working together, great, we can move ahead!

And if after speaking to us, you don’t want to join the program, that’s fine too – we’re not trying to sell you anything! We only want to work with people who are 100% on board with our program.


Get More Traffic Fast with Guest Posts

Do you need more targeted traffic fast, but haven’t got a big ad budget to leverage?

Get More Traffic Fast with Guest Posts

I’ve got you covered. ?

The method I’m talking about here is guest posts.

Simply put, a guest post is where you arrange to have a unique blog post you create posted on a (preferably) high traffic, authoritative blog in your market.

The blog owner is looking for great content for their readers, and you are in turn looking to get visitors to your site/offer, which is exactly what happens when your great content spurs them to want more, and click the link in your post. It’s a win-win for everyone!

How many visitors can you expect to gain from this method? That’s really a function of how good your guest post is, and how many daily readers the blog you post on has. Focus on creating quality content and strong relationships with authority sites, and this could become the number one source of visitors to your website, and it’s free!

Guest posts can also be a great way to build your email list. An effective strategy is to create a great blog post, and then with your link offer your post readers more (perhaps a free report related to what you wrote about) in order to get them to subscribe to your email list. You’ve now given them two high-quality pieces, and now you’ve also earned the right to email them. More importantly, you’ve built the “know, like and trust” factor through your content that will make these subscribers more responsive to your offers.

So how do you find great places to write guest posts? Simply do a Google blog search using a search string like this:

“guest post” + affiliate marketing

… or whatever your market happens to be. You’ll find a lot of opportunities, and once you’ve sorted through them, you’ll certainly have some great websites to approach.

There you have it… A proven way to get interested visitors to your website, without breaking the bank! I hope this helps you get more traffic for less cost and grow your business faster in the weeks and months ahead.

I’d love to know what you think about this technique, and how it works out for you when you put it into action.

Create Multiple Streams of Online Income

Creating multiple streams of income is an important strategy in business. Unfortunately, it’s probably one of the main things that is missing from your financial plan.

Multiple Streams of Income

One reason earning multiple streams of income is important is that you are not dependent on any one source of income. There are times when some income streams will do better than others. For example sunglasses probably sell more in the Summer and collect dust in the Winter. The same idea applies to seasonal businesses such as those which thrive during the holidays, but produce little sales or income any other time of year.

The internet is making it easier and more affordable than ever for anyone to develop multiple streams of income. For example, many people start by joining free or low-cost affiliate programs and business opportunities which can immediately provide high-quality products to sell, along with a rewarding compensation plan for the successful affiliate.

Another advantage of affiliate programs and online business opportunities are the built-in training programs provided by the companies who offer these programs which are often as good or better than some of the top business courses taught in colleges around the world. A dedicated affiliate marketer who is serious about learning how to build a successful business online can not only achieve a full-time income from their pursuit, but gain the equivalent of a business degree in experience along the way without any actual investment required other than their time and commitment.

An additional upside to affiliate programs and online business opportunities is the opportunity to earn residual income. Many products that are available to market and sell online as an affiliate are setup so that when you introduce someone to the product, you will get paid a generous commission every month for the life of the customer. And the good news is that it’s just as easy to sell a product that pays you a one time commission as it is to sell a product that pays you a residual commissions every month. Therefore, focusing your efforts on products that pay residual income is a way to increase the strength and longevity of your online income streams.

Once a person has achieved some success with affiliate marketing, they will have the experience and skills needed to start developing multiple streams of income by adding additional affiliate products and/or business opportunities to their online income streams portfolio. In reality, there are no overnight successes, but to the affiliate marketer who has developed their own website, email list and brand online, adding additional income streams to their business becomes as easy as sending an email to their subscribers, or adding a new product promotion to their website.

I hope these ideas give you some insight and encouragement to take action and start creating at least one new income stream today. On the internet, your next paycheck is literally just a few clicks away…

Work at Home Freedom

When you are working at home you can decide when you want to work. Since you are your own boss, you can structure your business in a way that works best for your situation. What’s more, it can vary from day to day if you don’t like to be in a rut doing the same thing all the time.

Work at Home Freedom

There are a number of ‘the best things about working at home’ and one of the primary ones is that you don’t have to be shocked into consciousness by a noisy alarm clock. You can get up when you wake up. Another thing that will make you free is you can decide how many hours you will work each day. This too can vary. You can work for a while in the morning and finish up in the evening. It’s all good as long as you are taking care of business.

The idea of skipping the commute practically creates a state of euphoria if you have had to spend 2-hours driving a 1-hour distance. Don’t forget the drama of worrying the whole time that you will be late for work and what will happen.

If you work at home, you can get everything done that you need to do first thing. Then you can spend the day however you would like. Even if you can’t always take a day off, it’s very healthy to get out of the house on a regular basis for some space and ideally fresh air. Make a point of taking frequent breaks. Even 5-10 minutes with a couple deep breaths is refreshing.

Keep the time you have scheduled to work strictly productive. Reading email should definitely be restricted to say one-hour a day or less unless they are directly related to the customer service or support of your own business. Then of course they should be a priority and you should work as necessary to stay current. If you really want to shine, always respond within 24-hours – 48 at the max for exceptions like a day off, or holiday.

Whatever you do and however you decide to do it you are free! Don’t forget to enjoy it and remind yourself frequently that you are really lucky. In a good, relaxed environment there is every reason to believe you will spend your time wisely and achieve your goals .

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