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Want me to personally work on your business?

How would you like me and our team at Layers of Leadership, to personally help you with your business?

Imagine solving the biggest challenges that hold you back from the income and lifestyle you want.

Imagine getting detailed answers that pinpoint your business’ weak spots and speed up your growth.

Well, now you can.

90 day bootcamp to dissect your roadblocks, Get the Knowledge, Systems, Processes, and Training to turn your Dreams into Reality

If you grab this opportunity, you’ll spend 90 days during the scheduled 12 sessions picking my brain and brainstorming with team a team of LoL.

In this intimate sessions, you’ll get answers to the pressing questions you’ve always had about your business.

It’s like having an entire dedicated team of experts looking at your business with a microscope and optimizing it for profit.

So what would a deep dive brainstorm session with me be worth to you?



Because it has the ability to bring your dream lifestyle closer, some would call it priceless.

Bootcamp and brainstorming groups cost between $10,000 and $100,000 per year.

They have a huge price for a very good reason.

They work.

Business owners who invest in self or personal-development, consider it an incredible return on investment.

However for most people, they’re just not affordable.

That’s why I want to give something back, if you’re serious about growing your business.

And you won’t even have to invest a fraction of what a regular bootcamp sessions charges.

In fact, your total investment is only $1997 per year

People have called me crazy for offering this for so cheap. But I don’t care. I want to help serious marketers reach their dreams sooner.

When you enrol in this course,upgrade to an elite membership  and enjoy a free access to 90 day boot camp and start brainstorming with me and the other  leaders.

However, because you want a great personalized experience, we’re limiting these sessions to only 25.

So if you’re interested grab your membership before they sell out.

It might just be the smartest business investment you make in 2017.



P.S If you want a free 15 minute consultation with me to taste the waters,book a date with me here.

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Monday Morning Motivation To Brighten Your Week

Happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing

As always I like to start the week off right with
some words of Motivation….

“No Matter How Many Mistakes You Make Or
How Slow Your Progress, You’re Still Way Ahead
Of Everyone Who Isn’t Trying.” Tony Robbins

Most people never get started on taking action
to turn their dreams into a reality as they get
discouraged how long it will day and even possibly
the amount of work that it will take to get there…

Don’t let that be you! Don’t focus on how long
it will take as the time will pass anyway!

Just start taking action and go create the Life
you know you truly want and deserve!

Keep pushing hard and keep up the amazing
work! I hope you have an amazing day and week!

Leading the way,

Charles Vincent Kaluwasha
Coach and Founding Member

24/7 Multimedia Marketing …
Where Your Business is Our Business

… Real People
… Real Networking
… Real Results


P.S Want to be mentored??

I’m happy to mentor you in one of two ways:

1) Post the questions in the Facebook group.
I will give you what advice and direction I
can give in that forum.

All in the group will learn from your question.
I know that it’s not the same as personally
speaking with me, but it’s a great way to
learn the first concept of what you need
to know!

You can join our Layers of Leadership Facebook
group here:



2) Receive either group coaching or 1-on-1
coaching with myself and our leadership.

I would love to be able to answer all of
your instant messages and single emails
personally, but it’s quite simply just
too many. My time is as valuable as yours.


If you are looking to take your business to the next level and personally work with
me and our Leadership group, we can talk because…

…I have opened up my schedule to take on a handful of people and help them personally,
one-on-one and also in a small, personal, group setting.

If you would like to be one of them, I’m requiring that you complete a consultation.

I had this option closed over the summer because we simply had way too much going
on in our travels to take on anyone new, it would have not been fair to them.

This is not a BS consultation. I DO NOT work with just any one that fogs up a
mirror. We have a required interview process.

You can schedule an initial 15 minute consultation with me, just to ensure
we are a good fit so we don’t waste each others time before going through
the process.

Here’s where to schedule an appointment with me:

If we have good match, I’ll personally work with you.


P.S. I’ll be frank with you… I don’t work with
whiners, blamers, or complainers… only people
that actually implement what they learn.

Think You’re Not ‘Expert’ Material? I Do…

When you’re an expert, you command respect in your niche. People listen to you, they pay attention to what you say and most of all they buy your products.


Being the expert in your own niche is like writing your own ticket to freedom.

Granted, you’re never going to become “The Expert” in a massive field such as weight loss. But niche it down to “Weight loss for new mothers” or “Weight loss for brides-to-be” or Weight loss for video gamers,” and you can indeed become the expert in your niche.

I was reading Russell Brunson’s new book, “Expert Secrets,” and it starts out by giving some examples of just how easy it is to become an expert.

When Russell was in college, he tried internet marketing but failed. Then on spring break when he was bored out of his mind, he and a friend decided to build a potato gun.

The thing was, they didn’t know HOW to build a potato gun. It just sounded like fun. So they started doing some research.

They discovered things like the correct barrel-to-chamber volume ratio, the right propellants to use, the correct pressure for the pipes, how NOT to blow themselves up and a whole lot more. Armed with this information, they went to the store and bought their supplies. Then they spent the next few days building the gun, finding a place to shoot it and yes, shooting the gun itself.

They had a great time, and when Russell was in school the next week listening to the professor drone on, he thought about how he’d rather be shooting his potato gun. Then he wondered if there were other people who would rather be shooting a potato gun too.

Russell checked, and sure enough: the previous month there had been 18,000 searches for the term, ‘potato gun plans.’

Russell talked his friend into creating a DVD on how to source the items needed for building a potato gun, and how to build the gun itself.

Then he sold this DVD online. While he didn’t make a fortune, he did earn enough to get excited about online marketing and his new career was born.

Notice in the above scenario what Russell did to become an expert. He picked a topic he was interested in, researched it, experimented, did his own work, and created a video.

Not exactly hard work, was it?

Russell gives a few more examples of people who became ‘experts’ in the same manner:

Jacob Hiller always wanted to dunk a basketball, but he was lousy at it. So he started doing research to discover techniques to improve his ability to jump. Every time he found a technique that worked, he made a video.

At first nobody was paying attention, but after awhile he had 100 followers, then 1,000 followers, and pretty soon he had 10,000 followers.

So he made a product and built a company that makes millions of dollars teaching people how to jump. Crazy, but true.

Jermaine Griggs had trouble reading sheet music, so learned to play piano by ear. Now he makes millions teaching others to do the same.

Liz Benny was an excellent social media manager, but it wasn’t until she began teaching others what she knew that she started making millions.

Robert G. Allen once said that he made millions doing real estate deals, but he made hundreds of millions of dollars teaching real estate.

Think of that – he made MILLIONS doing real estate deals, but he made HUNDREDS of millions teaching others what he learned.

Are you an expert at something that other people want to learn? Then as Russell says, you are just one funnel away from making millions.

But maybe you don’t have an expertise yet – that’s okay. As you can see from the above examples, every one of these folks learned to be an expert first and then built their business teaching others to do what they did.

Even Russell wasn’t born an internet marketing guru. He studied and practiced and worked to become what he is today.

And the same goes for me and every single expert making 7 figures on the internet.

One last thing – you might already be an expert, but you’ve got a voice inside your head saying, “Who am I to teach others? I’m nobody special.”

You are indeed special but you just don’t know it yet.

What you know comes easy to you because precisely because you’ve studied and practiced.

Yet to most people, what you know seems like something very difficult.

They need your help.

They WANT your help.

So ask yourself this question: Who are you to deny them the help they need and want?

Think about all the people you can help with your skill. By focusing not on the money you’ll earn, but instead focusing on helping others, you can build a 7-figure business you can feel great about.

And by the way, you can purchase Russell’s book, “Expert Secrets,” on Amazon.

Michael Rutherford – #1 Pruver – Starting your biz & keeping it simple

Michael explains simple strategies that produce great results when you are stating your business.

If you don’t know more about your business, use curiosity in your marketing strategies and refer those who want to know to validators who will qualify your prospects.

Don’t be a tool  but use available tools in your organisation to reach your targeted market.

>>>Listen to the entire video and learn from this guy.<<<<

Is it simple, does it work and can you do it?

If you’re like most people, before committing
to a business or support system…

… three questions typically go through
your mind:

Is it simple, does it work and can I do it?

get the answers here

By now, the first two parts of that question
should be answered for you.

The question remaining is “can I do it?”

With our unique approach to training and
your ability to follow simple instructions…

…we know you can!

Internet advertising is part art and part science.

We’re the professors and…

class is in session! 

Stop by www.businessonlinecoaching.com today!

Leading the way,

Connect with me on Social Media

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