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Are you struggling on a small budget? We can help..

If  You don’t know,We CARE about YOU!

The Layers of Leadership team is like no other you
will find in the home business industry.

We work with each member’s resources
to customize a plan that works for them.

We don’t tell you what to spend on your marketing,
YOU tell US what is going to work in your budget.

Your marketing budget (big or small) should not
be what determines if your sponsor and support
team will work with you.

We are most interested in partnering with like
minded people who share our work ethic,
commitment and vision.

To that end … we would like to invest the
time to check your situation and put together
a customized Layers of Leadership system for you.

This system will allow you to use the tools
available with our top-level memberships, while
stepping your way up to a full Elite level.

Here’s what we need to customize a plan for you…

1) Secure your 24/7 Interview System.

All customized plans include the 24/7 Interview
System.  Click below to get it now:



2) The second step is to decide exactly what your
marketing resources are.  In order for us to develop
a personalized marketing plan, we need to know
two things:

1. How much capital can be invested each month.
2. How many hours per week can be invested.

Our experience shows that those members who are
able to divide between $50 and $200 a month
have the best chance to succeed.

If your budget is less than $50, we may still
be able to put together a plan to get you on
the right track.

Email or call us and let us know what your
resources are. (Time and Money)

You can text or email us your information…

Email the info to virtualsuccessteam@gmail.com
Call in the info to 920.532.1947


3) We will customize a plan and strategy

You will receive your customized plan to
review and ask questions before you get started.


Get started with today!  You will not find
a team or program on the Internet like it.

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Think you have enough set aside for emergencies?

Last week we had the opportunity to sit face to face with a financial advisor. In her opening remarks she stated what I am going to ask you may be very sensitive. Some clients leave this place disturbed.

My wife and I said we were ready…

As usual,she started asking us questions about life and things like, what will happen, let’s say  tomorrow you

suddenly  lose  income, suffer unemployment, get involved in accident and end up with disability, illness, lawsuits, business failure, bankruptcy  how will the loved one feel. Such emergencies are bound to happen at some point.

Are you really protected?

Considering factors like rate of returns on your savings, the federal and state tax rates, and the potential time the effects of these disasters could last…

Chances are that the amount you think you’d need is actually far from enough.

She went on narrating some stories of how some families came crying into her office for help.

That was a scary  and an interesting consultation but it was worth it knowing some of these things so as we are ready.

So my advice to you is that Don’t leave your well-being to chance.

Use the Emergency Reserves Calculator now to find out how much emergency savings you really need to be well and truly protected from the unexpected.

Considering your unique circumstances, the Emergency Reserves Calculator will help you find out how long it could take you to actually have this amount set aside so that you can start securing your future the smart way.

Know Your Net Worth!

On the  layers of leadership webinar yesterday, we learned how to calculate our time worthy. Many people do not know how worthy they were at a particular time in their business or company.

For example

#1: Know your personal cost per hour to your Company. Let’s take one example: You make
$300K GCI “Gross Commission Income” in the past 12 months. You work on average of 50 hours a week and work 50 weeks out of the year.
-Take 50 hours X 50 weeks = $2,500
-Take 300,000/2,500 = $120 Per Hour. That means your personal cost per hour to your company is $120 per hour.

#2:To  know your cost per minute, take the above  $120 per hour/60 = $2 Per Minute. That  is what
your time is worth.

So if someone asked you how  net worth you were, tell them you were worthy $2/minute so that if they wanted to consult you for 15 minutes, they will pay $30.

This theory is also backed by The Elevation Group. For them they use a benchmark calculator to help investors know their net worth.

The first step to bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be financially is knowing exactly where you stand.

Again, their  Elevation Net Worth Calculator determines your personal net worth and estimates how it could grow (or shrink) over the next ten years.

Don’t leave it up to chance or navigate your financial journey blindly. Gain clarity and set yourself up for success!

To do yourself a favour,enter your best email address and you’ll access the Elevation Net Worth Calculator right away.

3 Plain Truth to Expose Your business in a Smart Way

Here are 3 plain truth how to expose your business to be successful on-line:

Plain Truth #1: All successful businesses all have one thing in common: advertising and exposure.

Plain Truth #2: Business success is rarely the result of referrals from family and friends.

Plain Truth #3: With 24/7 FastTrack Marketing, your business will be exposed to a minimum of 120,000 highly targeted leads each year!

Learn how to virtually explode your business: www.businessonlinecoaching.com 

Turn up your speakers, fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the ride!

Make it a great day,

Charles Vincent Kaluwasha 

(260) 243 5500

P.S. We’ll send you 1,000 targeted leads, just for trying our tools. 

The Hidden Power of Forum Marketing

Now let’s dive into today’s informative content…

One of the easiest ways to get people to know, like and trust you is
through the power of forum marketing.

Online forums exist in nearly every niche market imaginable, and are often
quite heavily trafficked. People are looking for answers, and forums can be
a great place to find them, in a free, non-threatening manner.

The easiest way to find relevant online forums is going to Google and
typing the type of niche you are interested in + discussion forum.

For example, if you search:

home business + discussion forum

You’ll find many discussion forums about home business. You could repeat
this search query for any industry or topic.

The basic idea here is to become someone who makes a useful contribution on
the forums, and eventually you’ll be viewed as a person of some
authority. This can happen faster than you might think.

Make some useful comment, direct people to valuable resources, and you’ll
quickly gain a few fans.

Make sure you set up your forum signature to reflect your site or squeeze
page. People can and do click these, particularly if you’ve been a
valuable asset on the forum.

Some of these forums have many thousands of members, and are growing as
more and more online marketers come onto the scene.

Forum marketing is an easy way to grab some highly-targeted, fast and free
traffic to your pages. Don’t discount this one!


Charles Kaluwasha

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multiple streams of income to succeed online. We have the
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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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