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Social & business networking benefits

Social Networking is the biggest trend to sweep the Internet since email started. You can’t turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper without hearing about this global phenomenon. Savvy network marketers are taking advantage of this low-cost, targeted exposure in a BIG way.

Nearly 100 million people worldwide use Social networking Sites daily. This is where they build relationships and grow their businesses.

If you are serious about riding the tidal wave to the top of the industry, you must get your own Free Networking Central Site with all your social links,business opportunities and tools. Its much quicker to find them from one site than going to each individual social networking site.

This is what I normally do, each time I wanted to visit or update my social profile I would just visit my Network Central. It’s a one source for all your networking activities. For a limited time, you can get your FREE Networking Site by clicking here…..

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Poor Recruiting System is a recipe for business troubles


In many businesses, hiring or recruiting is the entry point into a business partnership. When it is done poorly,your business has built-in problems. Every time you recruit opportunity seeker(extra work and useless worker) your business accumulates more problems and more work for you.
To avoid that,you must have a system in place so that if applied,can produce results.
You will have partners that can solve problems and be more productive in the organisation.

If you want to recruit or sponsor willing and experienced marketers who can deliver your expectation,then you must use a well-developed elimination process. Sponsoring or recruiting wrong people will cause accumulation of more problem,more work and frustration on your part… you constantly talk about them and they drain your energy. Their attention is on you. Keeps you awake at night!

The 24/7 Prospecting and Interview System

This system focuses your attention and efforts on the right prospect.
-It literally forces duplication and as a result,your team grows faster,stronger,deeper and wider.
-It cuts your recruiting time by 95%,you don’t have to chase after wrong people.
-It does not allow you to waste your valuable time,energy,money chasing after wrong people.

Sponsoring the right people can grow your business faster. It took me 2 years to build a successful business because I followed what my sponsor’s taught me. We were chasing after wrong people who had no idea at all! I wasted my time, money and energy.

When I stumbled upon this system, I had to go through the interview process with my mentor. Where I was not clear I had to ask questions for clarification before going to the next step. Until I understood the concept then I signed up. That is the beauty of this concept.The company does not rush you to pay but make you understand the concept before they get you go ahead. This is not the case with other companies. They would first ask you to pay before you under take their training.

When I was convinced  and saw the bigger picture, I went all in!

Today I am an Elite member  earning 100% commission direct into my PayPal account. Things are getting better every day. I could not have achieved much success if I did not come across this system.

Yes there are many systems out there that claim they were better. I would say all systems are great as long as you get committed,focused and use it to your best ability.The sky is the limit.

The other thing I would add is that the leaders are committed to helping you achieve your goals. You will not be left alone, a coach will be assigned to you as long as you follow what he/she instructs you to do. Just be committed to completing the home work/assignment given. You will see the clarity. You can not build a house without a blue print. This is a must have tool!!! Those who do not use this blue print have always been failures….

Everyone who uses and follows this blue print will experience much growth faster and have a team of committed board members in their organisation.

The same system is available to you and if you want to see success commit yourself to it and you will:
-Experience duplication and as a result,your team grows faster,stronger,wider and deeper.
-Have willing,positive and focused members in your team. This is what is needed in any business.

Many marketers online are struggling to earn an income because they do not have committed partners in their organisation. They are just spending their hard-earned dollars on leads that are recycled , opportunity seekers who have no interest in the business. They hardly earn an income…. hence most of them quit and blame the industry.
Do not be like them, avoid such traps and follow the right way of building your business!

To learn more and get started, visit this website here

Our Free Facebook Group to Grow Your Business….

We just started a new Free Facebook group for
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This group exists because we’re totally over
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Stop blasting our newsfeed with another
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We all know that EVERYONE thinks their business
is the best.

AND… I will literally explode the next time
someone asks to “pick my brain” over a free
cup of coffee. Our years of experience and
knowledge cannot be dumped out on you over
a $3 cup of Dunkin’s finest!!

We all need a place to vent, brag and network
with other marketers dreaming about financial
and time freedom without the pressure to reinforce
our family and friend’s opinions and insecurities
about we do!

If you are ready to have your home business
world rocked, join now!


If you are ready to be immersed in daily real
home business chats with other strong marketers
cashing checks… participate in our conversations!
(You don’t have to participate, though! You
can just hang out 🙂

If you want a home business portfolio but don’t
know how to start, we have more than enough answers
for you!

If you are a newbie, veteran, make a lot of money,
broke, clueless where to start, have a huge team,
have no team …. This is the place for you!

Keep in mind, we’re here to make money, create
new strategies and build a kingdom. Friendships
are cool but we can’t cash your excuses.


Join the Free Facebook group here …


Leading the way,

Charles Kaluwasha
Founding Member

24/7 Multimedia Marketing …
Where Your Business is Our Business

… Real People
… Real Networking
… Real Results


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Get Featured-Expose Your Business To Hungry Audience

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How to get featured:

Send an email with the following information to virtualsuccessteam@gmail.com with the Subject Line “Feature Me!”:

=> Your Full Name
=> Your Layers of Leadership username(If you don’t have, register here)
=> Phone number where we can reach you (this will not be published)
=> A photo of yourself (optional, but best.)
=> Your social media accounts you want featured, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Your Blog, etc.

And… the answers to these 5 questions:

1) Why did you start a home business?
2) Tell us a little more about the company/program you represent.
3) Who are some of your business role models? And why?
4) What qualities do you have that you feel an excellent sponsor needs in our industry?
5) What do you do for fun?
What will happen once we receive your information?

1) We will schedule a 15-minute call with you.
2) We will feature you in next month’s Featured Marketers

See you @ the top,
Charles Kaluwasha
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SEO-Behind the black curtain

The mere thought of having to comprehend SEO (search engine optimization)
leaves many cold with dread. The fact that it keeps changing all the time
doesn’t help either.

But the fact is SEO is necessary if you hope to compete in today’s search
results. The competition is getting too fierce to rank without taking
advantage of every edge you can avail yourself of.

The question is, do you do it yourself or hire an SEO person or firm to do
it for you? My feeling is that you should do some of it, at least so you know
enough not to get ripped off by those you hire, and then leave it to the
people who make it their business.

Optimizing your web pages is something you should learn. There are a few
basic things like title tags, permalinks, internal linking schemes, keyword
tags, and basic linking principles. Once you have this down, you’ll be
able to self-optimize most of what you create.

When you hire out for SEO, understand that this is not a one and done
proposition. Getting your site or page to the top of the Google search
results is not easily achieved, and can take some time depending on the
competitiveness of the keyword term.

Be prepared to hang in there for a while, or if you’re not, seek out
other methods of traffic generation such as PPC (pay per click) or any of
the other many ways to generate traffic that don’t depend on Google.

SEO can help you get highly ranked, and bring you a lot of that terrific
traffic that the top spots enjoy. But it’s not cheap, (at least in terms
of hours) and sometimes not fast. That said, stick with it long-term and
SEO can bring you great rewards!


Charles Kaluwasha

P.S. Get 5 Checks Per Month – No Experience Needed! It takes
multiple streams of income to succeed online. We have the
TOP five programs online all under ONE roof! You can get started
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