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How can Layers of Leadership help you?

Meet Layers of Leadership Business Team!

Wherever I go, I introduced a general solution that can help address Lead Generation – How to Attract Experienced Marketers to Your Business.

Today I want to highlight all of the many ways in which our Layers of Leadership Team, coaching and mentoring service gives you everything you need to be successful.


One thing that successful business people do that others do not talk about and cultivate and create a purposeful relationship is tracking everything they do. They also take massive action, there is no magic BUT action orientated. They also use tools not to be a tool. In other words they use leverage of available resources. This is the strategy that you will learn in our coaching sessions.

Our most preferred content available to you are as follows:

Life goal  setting and daily business planning and important of mind setting.

To be successful,you must follow systems and processes that will ultimately track your upgrades,financials and database setup.

You can learn time management and developing a master schedule that puts you into full control of your business.

To recruit and maintain right people or leaders in your business, you must build and deliver a world class pre-interview process to eliminate time wasters. It is better to have 5 committed and motivated members than having a bunch of tire kickers in your business.

At Layers of Leadership, you will discover one most important but underutilized strategy in our industry which is offline lead generation. A word of mouth is so powerful in our daily lives. We will show you how to attract experienced marketers to your business without spending thousands of dollars, whether you have been online for years or starting now.

We have advanced personal leadership sessions for you to master and get motivated to do daily routine and self-development practices. This will ensure growth in your team of board members and excel in your organization.

Joining is free right now. Take advantage of this free membership right now before a fee is introduced!

Click here to get it now and use this exclusive free offer

When you join, you will have a coach who will be helping you one-on-one and also you will have access to many webinars and  join  our  exclusive Facebook page where you can ask questions, brain storm with leaders and other members.

This is a valuable team building program that you can use in any of your other businesses. It is like going to a business college, it is delivered to you in your own home environment.

We have many free bonuses inside our Layers of Leadership back office and an upgrade to Elite membership where you can have reseller rights and pocket $2,000 if you sold this membership to the public. What will a $2,000 do to your business if you sold 10 Elite memberships in a day?  Go ahead and register on the above hyerlink and get started today!

This article was published on 10.09.2017 by Charles Vincent Kaluwasha


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Industry News: See Why Thousands Of Smart Entrepreneurs Are Joining Now Lifestyle Every Single Week!


I wanted to give you a heads up about internet home business, NowLifeStyle news I thought you should know about.

Now lifestyle is a new company but it’s backed and created by Joel Therien’s almost 20-year-old, $200 million dollar online technology company.

He established his business in Schertz, Texas 7 years before multi-billion dollar Amazon.com even found out about this top technology business park!

NowLifeStyle Product lines include the following:


See for yourself on his Facebook page: http://nowlifestyle.com/go/facebook?id=lifeonthenet7&tr=lifeonthenet7

Joel Has Paid Over $100,000,000 In Commissions And His New Business Has Already Paid Over $1.8m In Just A Few Months!

Many entrepreneurs who have bigger dreams are utilizing this new $200 million dollar online technology company to realize and capture that dream. One of them is Vincent Jr. Ortego. Vincent Ortega Jr’s lifestyle is a direct reflection of starting his online business journey almost a decade ago. He has tried several business of which some of them were a failure.


Vincent Ortega Jr dropped everything he was doing online, to focus on now lifestyle 100% for a reason and you can clearly see why in the video below.

He’s done millions of dollars in sales online and if he is dropping everything for now lifestyle, don’t you think it might be smart of you to take a look? 😉

If you are still on the fence,Internet businesses gives you a lifestyle where you literally get paid to play. The more you travel and inspire others to actually “live the good life” – the more you will get paid when you follow the simple steps your coaches show you when you get started for free NowLifeStyle Team today!

Want to try service for yourself?
Click here: http://nowlifestyle.com/prelaunch/tour/?id=lifeonthenet7.

Stay tuned for more news updates!






Using Press Releases for Links and Traffic

Chances are you may not have thought a lot about using press releases in
your online business.

Perhaps you think it may not apply to your type of product or service.

This is seldom the case.

Press releases are a great way to attract thousands of targeted visitors to
your sites as well as improve your search engine rankings.

A well optimized press release can get you to the top of Google sometimes
within hours (Press Releases are usually placed above the top search
result) and can bring you hordes of targeted traffic. They are often placed
in news results, and Google is always looking for the latest and greatest
to post in their index.

Doing press releases is very similar to writing an article and submitting
it to multiple directories. The long term benefits of press releases come
in the form of higher search rankings and greater credibility for your sites.

Moreover, there are a great many free press release site you can submit to,
and these get quite a bit of play as well. The big dogs like PRWeb and
PRNewswire will be better, but for a price.

Write your press release in a journalistic 3rd party style, and make it
newsy, not salesy. It is supposed to be news, not sales copy.

Also, make sure you are writing about something newsworthy to begin with,
and create a compelling headline.

Do these things and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results you get!


Charles Kaluwasha

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