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When the holidays are over,whats next?

Can you believe 2018 is almost here!

It’s time to Rock ‘N Roll.

Remember the old saying…


If You Always Do What You Always Did ….

… You’ll Always Get What You Always Got!


Definition: Insanity – in-san-i-ty – Doing the same
thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Issue: If you want your business and/or life to be
different next week, next month, or next year, you
must do something different today!

Solution: With Layers of Leadership, you can make
changes in your business (and life) virtually

Get started now …

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2018 will be YOUR year to thrive.  Let’s
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Leading the way,

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How Bill Gates Became The Richest Man

I was reading a one of Bill Gates’ Interviews and came across where he was asked  how he became the richest man.

His answer was simple but profound….

Bill Gates replied,

“First, I was in the Right Place at the Right Time.

Second, I saw the Vision.

Third and most important, I took ACTION.”

So often, most people miss the opportunity when it knocks  at their doors. What kills them is procrastination or putting off things.

How about you?

How many opportunities have you missed in your life?

If you are reading this article right now then know that

You are definitely in the Right Place at the Right Time.

You can envision success.

The only remaining question is whether you will take action or not.

Bill Gates seized the opportunity at the right time and saw a big picture  and took an action.

At some point in our lives we contemplated or tried to start a home business. Please don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell you anything.

I just want to ask you a very simple question:

If I Could Show You A Way ..

To Double Your Income without Jeopardizing what You’re Presently Doing,


Have Fun At The Same Time, would It Be Worth Less than An Hour Of Your Time to check it out?

If I could help you start a Part-Time business from your home and in two (2) years time you retire… with Financial Freedom:

Always enjoying FREE time and travel the world…

“Will you send me a ‘Thank You’ card ?”

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous 2018.


Earn 50% Lifetime Commission from Your Referrals

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Do you have your own MLM team?

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Then you are on your way to earning Lifetime commission!

Don’t have a website or blog? Use this service to get a free website built for you within 24:00hours.

2017’s Best Headlines

I am a subscriber to Crowdability investing newsletter. Each year in December they  highlight five best headlines that  many people opened and read.

This has been their tradition since 2013, when mid-December comes around, they sort through the millions of e-mails they’ve sent to their subscribers over the past year.

Then they calculate how many people opened each of their articles, and how many people clicked on the links inside.

In this way, they’re able to analyze the specific topics that  readers(including myself) found most valuable.

So, without further ado, I’ll now present the list of the Five Most Popular (and very likely, the five most valuable) articles that Crowdability published in 2017:

How You Can Profit from These Three Famous Flops

“Coca-Cola, Post-it Notes, Google. These are a few examples of products that changed the world — and created billionaires in the process. But for every world-changing invention, there are thousands of “flops” that never catch on. The thing is, smart investors can learn quite a bit from these flops. So today, I’ll review three famous flops… And then I’ll show you a valuable lesson from each.”

Prediction: Bitcoin to hit $100,000?

“It’s been a wild ride for Bitcoin. In the past 30 days, this crypto-currency has more than doubled in value. Many are calling for a pullback — but others are calling for even bigger gains ahead. In fact, one analyst is predicting that Bitcoin will skyrocket from $4,000 to $100,000. Today I’ll show you what’s behind Bitcoin’s recent surge… And then I’ll reveal the factors that could propel it even higher.”

How to Turn $1,000 into $2 Million

“Last week, a start-up called WeWork raised $1 billion. This young company is now valued at about $21 billion… which means its earliest private investors are sitting on estimated gains of 2,000X their money. That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $2 million. Similar stories — early-stage private companies reaching multi-billion dollar valuations — are becoming more and more common nowadays. In fact, since the beginning of 2017, a new start-up has entered the “billion-dollar club” just about every week. Today, I’ll explain what’s behind this trend… And most importantly, I’ll reveal how you can cash in on it.”

Pot Profits Delivered

“Recently, a woman named Koushi Sunder walked into a fascinating new type of store. At first she was excited… But her emotions soon turned to disappointment — and then dread. Here’s how she described it: I felt like an idiot. I wanted to ask questions… I wanted to see what was going on… but there wasn’t time. There was this huge line of people behind me, so I just grabbed something and left. I felt like it could have been a really cool experience, but instead it kind of sucked. Today I’ll bring you behind the scenes of this new type of store… Then I’ll explain how Koushi’s experience could lead you to enormous profits.”

Bitcoin Billionaires

“It’s official — someone has officially become a billionaire by investing in Bitcoin. Actually, it wasn’t just one person, it was two: The Winklevoss twins. If you saw the movie The Social Network, you might already be familiar with them. Allegedly, they came up with the idea for Facebook — and whether that’s true or not, Mark Zuckerberg ended up paying them a multi-million dollar settlement. Well, as it turns out, the twins took some of that money and invested it very wisely: They invested it in bitcoin back when it was trading at just $250 — currently it’s trading for about $16,000 — and turned it into more than $1 billion. That’s the power of getting in on a megatrend early.

“With stories like this, many investors are looking for the next crypto-currency that might explode in value. That’s why they’re diving into the market for what’s called Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). The thing is, if you’re not extremely careful here, you could lose your shirt. So today, I’ll show you three simple ways to protect yourself.”

I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I did…

Happy investing!


POOF! Watch your problems disappear

What if your toughest challenges…could simply disappear?

Seem too good to be true? It’s not. Especially when you get to know my good friend, Dr. Steve G. Jones… who’s one of the world’s most famous and talented clinical hypnotherapists.

Steve has helped tens of thousands of people “rewire” their brain… forcing their mental and emotional challenges to slip away quietly in the night.

Here’s where you come in:

Dr. Steve has the largest collection of hypnosis recordings in the world… thousands of titles, the most advanced going for over $200 EACH. The topics include almost any challenge you could imagine (you can see here)

BUT… for the holidays, he’s agreed to let my readers grab ANY and ALL his hypnosis recordings… for just $1 each. There’s no code to use. Just load up your shopping cart and the discount will automatically reflect at checkout.

Change your life. Click This Special Link And Save

Don’t miss this one. This is as close to a “silver platter” as you’re going to get.

– Charles

P.S. Let me put this in perspective: Just ONE of  Dr. Steve’s hypnosis recordingscan make revolutionary transformations in your life. But when you see the list of what he offers, you’ll begin to realize a NEW YOU is possible… and each hypnosis session is only $1.

Here’s the link

P.P.S. Need to do some last minute gift-giving? Give a gift to your friends and family that will truly make a difference in their lives… Or simply like and share this  gift to the people you care about.

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