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Upward Mobility, Is it accessible to all?

One of the largest problems facing democracies today, is a perception that upward mobility is becoming more elusive.

The steps needed to improve one’s economic condition no longer appear transparent, fair and accessible.

The result is a gradual erosion in confidence and belief in the democratic system and processes, and in hope for a brighter future.

Technology is giving us an opening for change. The empowr platform is one of humanity’s attempts at opening that door.

What is needed?

A system where the socioeconomic levels are fair, transparent and accessible:

1. Levels clearly identified: First, the levels must be named so they can be referenced.
2. Transparent requirements: The requirements to achieving any level must be stated transparently for all to view and understand.
3. Accessibility: The activities and results required to achieve any level must be accessible to all citizens equally. In other words, the system must be fair.
4. Transparent benefits: And finally, the benefits and powers that become available at each level must also be transparent and understood by all.

In order to enable the above four (4) requirements, the empowr community of citizens, success coaches and employees have designed, testing and cultivating a solution for many years:

1. In empowr, socioeconomic levels are called “Power Levels”
2. What it takes to do any level is simple and transparent
3. Everyone can participate and achieve any power level, if they are willing to work hard
4. The benefits unlocked at each level are rich and transparent to all

The result is that today, in empowr, what it takes to get ahead is simple, fair and transparent.

Upward mobility is now accessible to all.

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The world’s first democratic social economy launches its own cryptocurrency

According to reliable sources,this past week, about 6,000 people attended the Miami Blockchain Conference,

There was strong enthusiasm and determination from some
of the smartest people looking to revolutionize our world with blockchain technology.

Though the blockchain won’t fix everything, but it can certainly put an end to
much of the daily fraud that goes on because we are all forced to
have these middlemen institutions involved in every single
financial transaction humanity makes.

Thousands of attendees left Miami in good spirit because they saw that this crypto revolution 
is unstoppable.

Many people who attended conference also left depressed because many of the sociopaths in the government are starting to make their way into the blockchain world, with real cryptocurrency
supporters advocating for SEC regulations and guidance from the central banks
and the Internal Revenue Service.

It’s depressing because  most of them don’t want to see the cryptocurrency
revolution attempt to fit into the current financial system.

Instead, they want it to eat the current system.

They want it to destroyed and pave the way for a more peaceful and prosperous
future for the entire world.

Many experts have no doubt that the dollar as we know it is going away – that much is certain.

And new currency will take over….cryptocurrency

In this vane, Empower has been working behind scenes for the past few years developing their own  empowr cryptocurrency coins that has operated within the empowr ecosystem…. with the aim to increase compensation and transparency.

It has been successfully used to pay people in many aspects:

  • Selling products and services
  • Paying successful coaches
  • Inviting friends and get paid
  • Merchants  applications
  • Posting updates and photos
  • Maturation of revenues
  • Mission points
  • And mission performance


The good news is that…

And YOU can get 1 FREE crypto coin

just for signing up!

And you will earn extra 25 crypto coins when you earn 100 Mission Points

See you inside!

Where There Is A Will There Is A Way


Where  There’s  Will There’s a Way…

This has been my companion in all the projects I have embarked on be it personal, professional and day to day routine.

What ever goal you set for yourself, you will accomplish it if you just don’t
quit when obstacles show up in your way.

In other ways you ask yourself this questions:
How much do I want this project and mission to succeed?
How much do I want to succeed personally?

When you first started out as a child, walking was difficult…
But by deciding to simply focus on placing one foot in front of the other
You quickly got better at it,
Got faster and before you knew it,
You were running forward,backwards and side ways and jumping.

Last year, I was blessed to have my first grandson and first grand daughter
born in April and August respectively.
We saw them grow and reached a stage as described above.
They were determined to walk, even when they fell and hurt themselves so many times,
they did not give up! Everyday they were looking forward to trying again and again until they
gained confidence. That was the spirit of W-TAW-TAW
Soon they focused on a ball or toy without ever thinking about what their legs were doing…

It all started with the will for them to walk… on their part and on the part of the parents and us grand parents.
The same goes with you… If the will is there, everything else follows.
You even have someone to coach you on your journey.
Other investors cheering for you and supporting you to succeed.
All of them including myself are going through the same learning at the same time.
With everyone motivated–even incentivized—to teach you everything they hear or learn.

This tells you that you simply cannot fail– just decide how successful you want to be, and set your goals.
Get moving… doing the very first that comes to mind.
Motivated people say that…
Emotion creates motion
Motion creates results, end of story!

So just get going… doing the first thing that comes to mind.
Listen to your gut and immediately do as it says… catching yourself any time you find yourself thinking too hard.
In other words, Avoid ANALYSIS PARALYSIS…
There are no wrong moves as failures is impossible… because you learn more from what doesn’t work than you do for “successes” and what does work.
Remember you have me as your coach and mentor and fellow investors behind you.
Together we simply cannot fail.

This year Empowr has opened a platform where you can invest your time, skills and money for a long term gain. For the past 10 years, its citizens from all walks of life and every country have been developing this platform of democracy where everyone has a mission, to provide half of the world population with $25 per day. The effort of these men and women has led to the creation of Empowr coins that will be more powerful and volatile than the well known Bitcoin. It has more than 100 million coins to give away 100,000 people right now until end of February 2018.

Become a Big Coin Owner

The ground is set for massive wealth creation. This the right time to invest in this venture before everyone else jumps in. I cant stress more on this! When the required figure of new citizen(like you) is reached, the door will be open to the rich people.

Empowr has a heart for  ordinary people like you to have this piece of this cake first.

When you join today, you will be given a bonus of 1 Empower Coin to thank you for join the community. Use that to push up your portfolio and become the Pillar-Forces of light of the World (Empowr Millionaire) in the Democratic world of Economy.


The Pain of a network marketer

Every day I see people afflicted by all sorts of pain. Some people can not handle the pain. They fail to walk or eat. Those who work call sick and stay at home. The worst pain that I have ever felt was toothache. I felt like some one was drilling my teeth. Even when I took some cold water, it was worse, could not bear it. The solution was to go to the doctor to get some pain killers. After a while the pain was resolved and I could eat, drink and even talk, laugh and sing without covering my mouth.I was free from pain.

The Pain of Not getting anywhere…

Network marketers also have the pain... the pain of  not making money online. They spend countless hours on line trying to make money… but fail even to make a $50 per day. Why? They do not have leads. Leads are the blood of any business online.

Without leads, there is no profit. No wealth, become dissatisfied, some even quit…
When you get leads, you get money!

  1. When you get leads, your primary business flourishes and become wealthy.
  2. You chase your dream You have time for your family.
  3. You can go on vacation. You can fire your boss at any time.

You can enjoy quality lifestyle.

Now the problem is where can you find the pain killer for your business?
Everyday we talk to people who desperately want results in their business and want our help in helping them achieve that success. Simply put, we have the track record and we know what it takes to be successful. We give the same answer every single time. No fluffing, no hype, just the REAL facts and we can prove it. It all starts with leveraging a system and NOT wasting your time on creating the system.

Now after the advice is given to these hungry people what do you think they do? Well, most don’t listen and go back to doing exactly what is NOT working in their business and get the same crappy results. I kid you not, this happens every single day. Just baffles me. These people go back to chasing around their warm market getting rejected time and time again. Spamming their Facebook walls with status updates talking about how awesome their company is and how great their products are. They send out unsolicited emails to people who probably could careless about anything a stranger has to offer. This cycle keeps going on and on and they drown in failure. It’s a vicious cycle. I get it though….it’s really not their fault. They just don’t know who to trust, who to believe, or who to follow or what to do. So most just stay put and refuse to move forward.

My friends….this does not work. You have to get off the bench and get on the field if you want to play. I’ll say this again as I have over and over. Layers of Leadership works. They have been around for over 10 years now and they are REAL. They Layers of Leadership offer everything you need to build a business online. Meaning EVERYTHING you need to get your business in front of the masses.

There are a lot of copy cat systems out there and trust me I’ve seen them and have tested them behind closed doors and nothing compares to what  Layers of Leadership has to offer. 
LoL is  one of the largest and most success attraction marketing system on the web.
It was created by network marketers and if you look around at all the successful leaders like…
Christy Ivkovich and other marketers…
They have all been and still very much a part of this system.
Why?  Because it works…..
LoL has created success story after success story.  Isn’t it your turn?

If you’re struggling with your home business, this 2 minute movie will stop the bleeding and the pain, save you years of wasted time, and save you thousands of wasted dollars.Watch it before we take it offline!

How To Work Smarter In Your Home Business

To be more productive in your business, you must have an effective, easy system and processes in place.

Working Smarter

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=> Phone Guides – Business & Call Guides…
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