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How To Get Started Right Now As A Crypto Investor


Ever wonder why some people manage to get rich super quick and easy… while others struggle with investing and lose money all the time?

Well, my friend Brian Fouts has been meeting with and studying hundreds of millionaires… who came from all walks of life (rich, poor, smart or not, young or old).

And he’s discovered the ONE THING that sets them apart from everyone else.

What is it?

They’ve leveraged their “Unique Personality” to get rich.

In fact, his research shows there are FIVE “unique personalities” to getting rich. And he’s created a quiz to help you figure out which one you are.

Go here to find out your profile now…

See, if you’re struggling to grow your wealth, invest or make more money… it’s probably because you’re trying to be someone you’re not.

You’re using investment and business strategies that just don’t work… and may NEVER work… for you.

That’s crazy right?

Take this 3-min quiz to find out how to invest using your personality.

Happy Investing!

PS: Are you properly investing using your unique Investor Personality? Go here to discover your profile for free (takes just 3-minutes).

Take the free Investor Profile quiz now…

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How Much Support Do You Get From Your Upline or Coach?

Promises , promises are the  marketing tricks that drive away team members.

So often  new  business online marketers are promised to be supported by their team leaders when they join a company or an affiliate opportunity.

But as soon as they pay the fees, their team leaders are nowhere to be seen.

The poor new man or women is left to figure it alone.

This frustrates the new businessonline markerter and quits.

On the following video, you will learn how I do support  my team members when they join me in any business opportunity. If you do not any help from your upline team members, I can be of good help…

Free & Low Cost Programs That Create Automatic Enrollments!

Part of the success blueprint of our top members
is having programs that people can join at all

Click below for our newest recommended low cost
and free to join programs.

What makes a great automatic enrollment program?

1) Program is free or low cost to join.
2) Program has a low monthly qualifier (preferably $30 and under).
3) Simple to understand compensation plan.
4) Product or service requires little to no education to understand.
5) Program and products have mass appeal to your target audience.

If a program meets most of the above criteria, its
likely a fantastic automatic enrollment program!

Check it out here!

Have a great weekend…

~ Charles

What’s The Most Powerful Wealth-Building Secret in Investing

I have been carrying out  a research and  bumped into this article written by Nick Johnson, I found it very valuable and thought to share it with you.

What is the greatest secret in all of investing?

What really separates amateurs from professionals?

Losers from winners?

If you search the internet, you’ll find dozens of people with dozens
of answers to this question.

Some will say the secret is their proprietary trading system.

Some will say it’s their method of picking stocks.

I’m sure some of those ideas are useful.

But they’re not nearly as useful as something I call
“the most powerful wealth-building secret in investing.”

Master this skill and you’ll consistently spot opportunities to
make five or 10 times your money on safe investments.

I know that’s counter to the conventional investment wisdom
that says you have to take big risks to make big returns.

Well, after learning this secret, you’ll know that you most certainly do
not have to take big risks to make big returns.

You’ll know most people have it backwards.

You simply have to know how to apply this one skill.

It’s a skill that helped make Warren Buffett one of the richest men in the world.

A skill that helped make Casey Research founder Doug Casey millions of
dollars in the stock market.

And a skill that made Sir John Templeton a rich man and one of the
most respected investors of all time.

Recommended Link

I’ll tell you what this skill is in a moment.

First, I want to show you three real examples of how it has made investors rich.

  • In 1939, legendary investor John Templeton made a fortune betting against the crowd…

At the time, millions of Americans were in poverty due to the Great Depression.

And Nazi Germany had just invaded Poland to kick off World War II.

There was an incredible amount of fear in the world.

But Templeton, a recent college grad, invested $10,000 in U.S. stocks.

That’s the equivalent of $167,000 today.

Amazingly, Templeton didn’t even study which companies to buy.

He didn’t need to.

He knew that the extreme fear in the world had pushed U.S. stocks
down to ridiculously cheap prices.

So, he simply bought any stock selling for less than $1 on the
New York and American stock exchanges.

Four years later, Templeton sold his portfolio for a 300% gain.

Today, he’s known as the greatest stock picker of the last century.

  • In 2008, iconic U.S. bank Lehman Brothers failed…

It was the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history. U.S. stocks crashed more than 50%…

the biggest crash since the Great Depression.

And the stock prices of many great businesses dropped 80% or more.

People were terrified of losing everything: their jobs, their houses, their life savings.

There was an incredible amount of fear in the markets.

But the fear was masking an incredible opportunity…

It was the best time to buy quality stocks in 30 years.

Investors who purchased quality stocks in late 2008 made a killing.

For example, an investor who bought stock in coffee chain Starbucks in
late 2008 made more than 1,900% on his money.

An investor who bought technology company Apple made as much as 966%.

Ford Motor Company’s stock gained more than 1,200% in just
over two years after the financial crisis.

The list goes on.

Many quality companies gained at least 10x in less than two years from
February 2009, including Ruby Tuesday (1,072%), Crocs (1,347%),
La-Z-Boy (1,016%) and Gulfport Energy (1,227%).

  • In 2010, an oil rig named Deepwater Horizon exploded off the coast of Louisiana…

The blast instantly killed 11 workers and eventually spilled 4 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

It was the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history… and the biggest oil spill in world history.

The negative media coverage was nonstop.

As partial owner of the oil rig,

British oil giant BP became one of the most hated companies in the world.

In a matter of weeks, BP’s stock price collapsed from $59 to $27…

for a stunning loss of value of $105 billion.

At that point, hardly anyone would touch BP stock… but smart investors asked,
“Are BP’s assets really worth $105 billion less today than they were a month ago…
or are investors overreacting?”

It turned out investors were overreacting.

Buying BP stock near its bottom made for an 80% gain in just a year.

It also locked in a safe 6% (and growing) dividend yield.

  • Although these stories of massive wealth creation are all very different, they have one thing in common…

They show the power of buying assets during times of maximum pessimism…

when no one else wants to buy.

You see, from time to time, an extraordinary opportunity comes along
to buy a dollar’s worth of assets for a dime.

If you can spot these opportunities, you can make gigantic returns
without taking big risks.

After all, the gains we just discussed didn’t come from investing in
speculative biotech stocks or tiny gold companies.

Many of them came from just the opposite: iconic, blue-chip U.S.
companies that have been around for decades.

According to Wall Street, you must take big risks to earn big returns.

But these stories show that’s not true.

Buying valuable assets for pennies on the dollar is one of
the least risky investments you can make.

Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers, and generations of Rothschilds
got rich using this strategy.

I believe this is the most powerful wealth-building strategy available to anyone.

Amateur investors run from crisis.

Great investors run toward it.

Here’s my daily update on the empowr founder coin distribution and auction:

Thus far, the empowr community has:

  • claimed 695,400,000 founder coins
  • placed 373,574 bids on empowr coins in the last 24 hours
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Your bid summary:

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“7 Reasons I Joined Christy Ivkovich’s Layers of Leadership & Why I Recommend You Join Too!”

  • 1 Christy Ivkovich walks the talk

Often, when presented with an opportunity to join a program, I don’t look at the program itself first. I look at the person at the helm. Do I trust them? Do I share their values? Do they talk the talk? Christy checks all boxes for me.

  • 2 Massive Exposure and Massive Activity

Layers of Leadership is a unique program designed to produce massive exposure and massive activity for any home internet business.Unlike other biz opps, Christy’s Layers of Leadership hasn’t been originally developed to be a business. Christy built all these funnels and products for herself. Which means – she rigorously tested them with real traffic – free, paid and JV. You’re getting all of her highest-converting funnels, upsells and products. Tested stuff. Not created to be sold to you, like almost every other biz opp out there right now. It has the following:

  1. Viral marketing
  2. Automated Sponsoring Tools
  3. Drip Marketing Campaigns
  4. Personal Mentoring System
  • 3 Fast Track Training That is Simple and Cristal Clear

I have been involved in different trainings in this industry, but the FT Training  is different in that, you will have an extremely clear vision of what a home business success actually looks like.Will also show you how to laser focus your attention and efforts on the right prospects.

  • 4 Forced Duplication in Your Business by cutting your recruiting time as much as 95%

Forced duplication is one of the key secrets in marketing, that will literally result in growth of your team faster,stronger, deeper and wider.Even though I’m not an advocate of free traffic, I recognize the value of having Christy show you how to get some free traffic through forced duplication first, because I get a ton of emails from people saying they can’t afford to buy traffic right now and they desperately need money. Christy’s figured out a way to drive free traffic from Facebook (backed up by science) as well as other free sources. These are slow ways to drive leads, but they work if you do it the way Christy does it. Once you’re making money with free traffic, you can reinvest your profits into paid traffic to scale!

  • 5. No Middle Man but Instant PayPal Commissions direct into your account

If there’s anything I hate, it’s having a middle man between me and my money. When I make a dollar, I want to put it to use immediately: buy more traffic, buy a software, buy a book and so on. Christy gives you a reseller rights  and qualify receiving Instant PayPal commissions. No middle man. No delays. No refund periods and holding charges.

  • 6.“Make $50,000 in 1st 24 Months” Guarantee

I triple-verified this with Christy before joining. She guarantees her 50k/24 Foundation series will make you $24,000 in the 1st 24 months of you being a member (when you follow the steps, of course!) or she and her team will personally “take over” your elite membership and work with you to get you there. Can’t lose if you’re seriously aiming to make at least $2,000 per month from home.

  • 7 Multiple Streams of Income

This is optional, but if you want to put eggs in  several baskets, there are proven and tested opportunities in the back office that you can tap into and start earning multiple streams of income.


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