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Celebrating SFI’s 20 anniversary!

SFI started as a small idea and now has become the largest affiliate company in the world serving over 18 million happy affiliates.

Read SFI President Gery Carson’s special memo about today’s major milestone here:


Happy 20th anniversary to SFI and all its thousands of awesome affiliates across the globe!

Not a member yet?

I love SFI for a lot of reasons. They pay me big checks each month for very little effort… and it’s also 100% FREE to join… So if you’re a little cash strapped this month, this is one you can get started with that won’t cost you any money out of pocket… but you can still make big money with it every month.

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A Start-Up Plan for an Online Home Business

Always be open to all possibilities — keep an open mind. Your mind is apt to change as you learn more as you go along. Don’t be immutable, at least until you can see a few different perspectives. You may then be able to determine what would be involved to facilitate this idea as part of a feasible home business plan.

do it!

There are multiple facets to most dynamic businesses. There are many things to consider as you will realize over time. If you are really serious about building your own online business, it can be much more than you can see right now.

You may have a vision or an idea of what you think your home business will be, and along the way you may discover additional as well as alternative strategies. At any given juncture in your business development you could discover another facet for your business and be able to develop an additional stream of income.

It is always important to sit down and make a list of your interests and skills, as well as your specific work experience. Really think about what you did at each job you had. What did you do well; what did you like the best. This is important so that you know what assets you have to work with.

Another resource to consider is the amount of time you have to invest in implementing your operations procedures. Going forward, consider how much time you can commit to being engaged in running the business on a day-to-day basis, as well as factoring in time for technical and maintenance functions.

To be honest starting up a successful online home business is not about how much money you have to invest, so much as it is about how serious, determined and focused you are in starting a real business that will pay you an income in the future. Remember starting-up is just square one. Many people are all fired up and ready to ‘byte the bullet’ (do whatever it takes to start a business); but then they don’t do anything else beyond setting it up. They expect it to run itself and not cost them a single dime to operate. Let me show you how other people like you are climbing to the top while earning thousands of dollars per month. They work smart behind the scenes

So the first thing you should determine before you waste any time or money, is if you are really serious about being willing to do the work and spend the time. Be sure you would be willing to make sacrifices in making your online home business one of your top priorities. Do you have what it takes to stay motivated on your own and to focus on your business? These are important considerations. There is nothing to feel guilty about if you don’t. It just may not be for you.

P.S Get a free website today!

How to BackUp Your Data

Let this not happen to you….

In 2013 while writing my assessment for the final exam at Victoria University of Wellington, my desk top computer crashed and lost all my saved assignment and other documents.
I had to  write to my lecturer to give me an extension  to re-write my assignment. I had to lose 10% marks for late submission.

In 2016 I bought  an HP lap top to use for my online business. For an unknown reasons, my laptop could not start up, it was dead and lost all my documents including copyright file,campaign and many other important stuff you may think of. I tried to take to IT specialist, the cost to repair was as good as buying a new one.

So I opted to buy another laptop in 2017. This worked for 7 months. I did not bother to  do anything, I was frustrated and hit myself!

Until  I came across the GotBackUp  information this year.
I read all the reviews about this software and I was convinced it was a great solution to backing up my important data. So don’t lose your important data!

Here are the features:

  1. Backup all your photos, music, emails, videos, documents & more!
  2. Automatically backup your computer silently in the background to the cloud without you having to do anything.
  3. Log in to view all of your files online from any web browser. Browse them just like you would on your PC.
  4. Your online files are encrypted with military grade encryption to keep them safe in our online cloud.
  5. There is no limit on your transfer speeds or bandwidth. Our data centers have super fast connectivity.
  6. Works both on Mac and Windows computers. (Requires Windows XP or later, and Mac OS X 10.6 or later)
  7. Access your cloud on their mobile site. They have apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome OS and Windows 8.
  8. If you have a genuine desire and 15 minutes a day, you can start making great money from this program called Got Backup.

P.S In fact,  my team is producing so many sales for this program that the owner (Joel Therien) has a special offer for you to get a Founder’s position when you join through the link below (this gets you setup for the most profit).

Click here to join Got Backup now!


I have GotBackUp

How To Find Your Deepest Fulfilment

Every day we pass through challenges of life and lose our vision. Most often we are challenged by the forces of life forgetting that we have something greater within ourselves that can counteract the same forces.

It may not be you at the moment, but someone out there is facing those challenges.
If you have a friend, colleague or family member who is challenged by anxiety, worry or overwhelm, longing to live a much more fulfilling life, I have good news for you.

The Pain of Not getting anywhere…

Julia Mikk the Founder of www.BreathofLove.org  and some renown  coaches in the world will be giving talks  that are deeply devoted to helping people embody peace, go beyond conditioning and remember their True Nature. This true nature can be hard to describe in words yet are often called  ‘pure love’ or ‘innermost freedom’ or ‘power of your Soul’. I have listened to some of the amazing interviews and many people’s lives have been transformed and I am confident that you will find them useful  and uplifting.


  • World renowned experts who will share their own personal stories of finding their deepest fulfillment in life as well as teach their most important tools that have helped them drop the excuses and step into their bigger purpose fully.
  • Two interviews a day delivered directly to your inbox. All of the interviews are pre-recorded (they are 30-40minutes each) so you can watch them at a time during the day that works for you.
  • The links to the videos will be sent to you each morning. Schedule time during the day when you plan to listen to them so that you don’t miss any of the content. You never know, one of our speakers may have the most important key for YOU!
  • Each speaker is offering you a FREE gift to help you find your deepest fulfillment and continue this journey of inspiration and transformation also AFTER the telesummit.

I cannot say much, everything is all laid out on the link below:

Find your deepest fulfilment

With gratitude,


The Secrets Of Making Money Online

The secret is having a road map  and proper tools to help you get started online. Many people just jump on line, put up a simple page, sit and hope to make money. It requires good research and proper planning in order to be successful.

Stone Evans, The Home Business Guy, provides details on how he started his affiliate business 17 years ago. He masked out his credit card for over $10,000 in debts before he started making money,and that was $150 after twelve months. Today he is of the millionaires helping  ordinary people like you. He has written an ebook  entitled“Dotcomolgy” the science of making money online. It has a lot of free content that can get you up to speed.

  • How to make your website attractive, interesting, engaging and interactive
  • How to use expired domains to skyrocket your traffic
  • How to build and maintain your credibility online
  • Discover which businesses are succeeding online and why
  • How to set up back-end and cross-selling campaigns to explode your profits
  • What you must do to get high rankings in all the major search engines
  • Pay-per-click search engine techniques to unleash a tidal wave of traffic to your site
  • How to profit with Google AdWords
  • How to launch a profit-pulling reciprocal links campaign
  • How to optimize your website to gain top search engine placement
  • How to optimize your website to gain the trust of your visitors
  • How to use text links and online classified ads to boost your income
  • How to choose affiliate partners that make you the most money
  • How to start your own affiliate program
  • How to attract super-affiliates and earn auto-pilot profits online
  • How to build a massive opt-in mailing list… and profit from it like crazy
  • How to create unblockable DHTML pop-ups (no programming experience required) for FREE
  • Email marketing tactics that can triple your income overnight
  • Which one will make you more money: text or HTML emails? — Click here to get the answer!
  • How often and when to email your list to achieve maximum results
  • How to create an effective online newsletter
  • How to launch your own blog for free and earn easy money blogging online
  • How to set up ezine joint ventures and expand your marketing reach for free
  • How exit pop-ups can increase your income by 200% or more
  • How to make a fortune selling info products online
  • How to publish your own best-selling book even if you hate writing
  • How to create hot software products even if you have no programming experience
  • How to use press releases to gain an avalanche of free publicity for your business
  • Viral marketing secrets to catapult your sales and multiply your online profits exponentially
  • Battle-tested secrets to balance your business and family life
  • Why having a positive mental attitude is your greatest online business asset
  • And much more…..  You are free to download it here! You must have an adobe software.
Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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