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Discover How You Can Earn More Than Investing Into A Bank

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I hope that all of you are doing good this fine day. In the city I live, it is snowing and freezing cold but life goes on…

As the subject line reads… Discover how you can earn more than investing into a bank.

Not a member of our team yet, you really need to read what we can do for you!

Ez-BizQuickCash (EBQC) – 2X2 MATRIX

Entry into Ez-BizQuick needs to be purchased directly for $22.00 even. The 2 x 2 matrix only requires six (6) positions to fill your your level One (1) matrix. Upon completion of your level One (1) matrix in EBQC, you will be entered into EZ-BizBuilder ($43.00 value) and you will receive a re-entry position into your Level Two (2) Matrix of EBQC. In addition, you will be paid $10 cash back and every time that position is filled, you will receive $50.00 and another position in EZ-BizBuilder. And to top this off, you will also receive $10 every time that one of your direct members fill their matrix.

Ez-BizBuilder (EBB) – 2X3 MATRIX

Entry into Ez-BizBuilder can be earned through our Ez-BizQuickCash program or purchased directly for $39.95 + AlertPay fees ($43.00).

The 2×3 matrix requires only 14 positions to fill your EZ-BizBuilder Level One (1) matrix. Upon completion of your Level One Matrix in Ez-BizBuilder you will be entered into the first premium program, Ez-Biz1000, and receive a re-entry position into your Level Two (2) Matrix of Ez-BizBuilder. Upon completion of all re-entry positions in Ez-BizBuilder, you will receive an entry into another premium program, EZ-Biz1000 and a re-entry position.

Ez-Biz1000 – 2X2 MATRIX

Entry into Ez-Biz1000 can be earned through our Ez-BizBuilder program or entered directly for $350 + fees.

Your earned entry position into Ez-Biz1000 will be placed in the next available position within your teams fast moving matrices. Requiring only 6 positions, when filling your matrix the first time in Ez-Biz1000, you will receive $500 cash, an auto re-entry of that position and a new bonus position.
All bonus positions upon completion of their 1st cycle will receive $500, a re-entry position and another bonus position.

All re-entry positions upon completion of your matrix being filled will receive $1000 plus a re-entry position to cycle for $1000 over and over again!
Re-entry and bonus positions create multiple self-qualified income earning positions that are cycling for $500 and $1000 over and over again.

This alone is amazing earning opportunity but we are not done yet!
Upon completion of your Level Two Matrix in Ez-BizBuilder you will be entered into the 2nd premium program, Ez-BizPlatinum (coming soon), and receive a re-entry position into your Level Three (3) Matrix of Ez-BizBuilder.

Ez-BizPlatinum – 2×3 Two Level Matrix – Coming Soon!

EZ-Biz Platinum will be going public soon and it is going to be huge folks so please reserve your position now, before the rush, by sending me an email informing me that you would like to be placed on the list to purchase a direct position in Platinum before it goes public. All of you are in a very unique position to get in ahead of the expected rush.

Entry into Ez-BizPlatinum can be earned through completion of your 2nd cycle in Ez-BizBuilder or purchased directly for $350 + fees.

Upon completion of a cycle on the first level matrix called the Silver Board, you will receive $700 in cash, a new bonus position on the Silver Board and entry onto the Platinum Board.

Upon completion of your 2nd Level Matrix called the Platinum Board you will receive $10,000 in cash and a re-entry position to begin cycling for another $10,000 and another re-entry position. That’s right; $10,000 smackaroos. That is not a typo folks!!!

All bonus positions upon cycle completion will earn you $700 in cash, another new bonus position on the Silver Board and a new position on the Platinum board to begin cycling for $10,000 over and over again. The benefit of having multiple self-qualified positions in Ez-Biz1000 and Ez-BizPlatinum is that you as a member will be creating multiple income earning positions of $500, $1000, $700 and $10,000 over and over again.

The Ez-BizBuilder system with its unique business model of leveraged programs is capable of generating a huge income for every Member of our Team! Going it alone is not an option. Join Team Utopia today!

Team Utopia has put thousands upon thousands of dollars in the pockets of our members. Does it happen overnight… of course not. But does it happen… You Betcha! The fact is this; there isn’t a bank out there that can even come close to paying the kinds of returns that the EZ-Biz programs do in the same amount of time. Why not invest a one time payment today and secure your future. It makes perfect sense.

Don’t sit by the sidelines and watch everybody else bring in the big bucks. As you have read, there are 4 programs to choose from. Each of which will earn you large amounts of money. Obviously, the bigger the payouts, the bigger the investment. So please choose whichever program suits your budget. Even if you just start with EBQC, you will be on your way to making the big bucks because as you cycle, you receive a position in the next higher level.

To join us today, please send an email to our team leader on the email below indicating which program that you would like to join us through. You may also choose to buy positions in each of these programs. Just let me know. 🙂 Remember, this will only cost you a low one time fee. You seriously can’t beat it.

Here is the email: ourteamutopia@gmail.com

Charles Kaluwasha


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