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Water or Coke-What are the health benifits of drinking Coke!

This video is a study by Washington State University…

This is very scary…just image the damage it can cause on your stomach lining each time you take a sip of coke. One has to think… whether to take a coke or water. I know all those who are addicted to drinking coke will say, “its ok, everyone drinks coke and no one dies.” But remember you are causing more damage to the lining cells of your stomach and intestines…this may lead to a condition called gastritis…inflammation of the lining of stomach. This may also be caused by taking non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin,ibuprofen, indomethacin and naproxen.It is recommended to take these on a full stomach for the same reason as below.

A combination of drinking coke and the mentioned drugs above may cause erosive gastritis because they inhibit some of the chemicals-prostaglandin that stimulate secretion of mucus that coats the lining of stomach and intestines,there by protecting it from damage.

So choose whether to continue taking coke or water!

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