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5 Ways to “Infect” the ‘Net with Viral Marketing

By Kate Morrison

When we say “viral marketing,” don’t worry — it’s not a reason for you to grab your cold medication and dive under the covers!

All we’re really talking about are marketing strategies that increase awareness of your company by persuading people to pass your material on to friends and family.

Why is viral marketing such a hot topic?

… Because it allows you to exponentially increase your visibility online by turning your existing network of clients and subscribers into a giant word-of-mouth referral machine!

Here are 5 proven strategies you can use to quickly and easily add viral aspects to your marketing campaign, so you can dramatically increase your web exposure — AND your sales!

Viral Tip #1: Give away free articles with valuable information

This one’s a winner on so many levels… it’s so easy to do, and yet few people actually use it.

All you have to do is write a special, information-packed article that your customers would love to read, and include a “pass-it-on” link at the bottom that says something like this:

“Do you know someone who would be interested in reading this article? Click here to email it to them!”

When people click on that link, an email automatically opens up with a pre-written message and the article included as an attachment.

All the reader has to do is put in the email address of the person they want to send it to, along with their own name in the body of the message, and presto! More people are reading your articles than ever before.

… This strategy works particularly well if you have your own e-zine or newsletter. It’s a great way to encourage more people to subscribe to your mailing list!

Viral Tip #2: Write a viral eBook

This one’s another big winner… giving away viral eBooks is a terrific way to drive qualified customers to your website.

Just create a short 10-30 page report that solves a problem or shares valuable information about a topic that’s hot with your customers. Then add a “viral button” that allows readers to easily share your eBook with your friends.

And of course, include links to your site in the body of the book.

… And in no time at all you will have 1,000s of people opening and reading your valuable information — and being redirected back to your site!

Viral Tip #3: Give away free demo versions of your product

Is there any way you could offer a free trial version of your product — such as a software demo or a sample chapter of your information product?

If so, do it! By giving away free “samples” and again including a “pass-it-on” link, you can spread the word about your product very quickly!

… Just be sure to include a link that says something like, “Click here now to get the full version of this product” within the software demo or sample chapter.

After all, once people have tried your product, you want to make it super easy for them to BUY it!

Viral Tip #4: Hold a contest

Everybody loves the chance to win something — which is why contests are so popular, and such a great way to capture people’s contact information.

When people enter your contest, make it easy for them to recommend the contest to their friends, as well.

The more people they persuade to enter your contest, the more chances THEY will have to win! This is a real motivator for people… Even if each entrant recommends your contest to only two other people, it won’t take long for your list to grow exponentially!

Viral Tip #5: Create a viral video

Another way to get the word out about your product is to create a video and post it on a social media site like YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing site that allows you to watch and post videos for free.

… It’s also one of the most popular social networking sites on the Web!

To get your product in front of millions of potential customers, make a short, informative video (up to five minutes long max) that solves a problem your customers have, or offers a quick demo of how your product works, or even features testimonials from happy customers.

Then make SURE you place a link back to your website, either on the same page as the video OR within the video itself. That’ll encourage YouTube users to recommend your video to other members within the YouTube community — which means MORE traffic to your site!

So there they are — five easy ways to create “viral messages” that will spread the word about your business to the far corners of the ‘Net.

These are incredibly effective traffic generation strategies — and if you start using at least one or two of them, I guarantee you will see a surge of qualified visitors coming to your site!
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