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6 Little Used Online Marketing Strategies

I remember 8 years ago when life was tough,  every one started a business of rearing chicken with the intention of selling. Because everyone was selling, the market became saturated and many people dropped the prices.

I thought of an idea to woo customers… I started growing tomatoes and onion in my back yard garden.

This was part of the package. Each dressed chicken I sold, I added four bulbs of onion and six tomatoes to add value to the chicken. This strategy kept the original price and for sure people were buying my chicken.

In short being creative sometimes brings profitability. In today’s competitive marketing, you need to be creative in order to sell your services or products.

Stone Evans, wrote  an article on 6 little online marketing strategies that works:

1. Utilize Your Knowledge

Do you have extensive knowledge in a particular subject?
Offer people free consulting or advice on that subject via
e-mail if in exchange they either link to your web site, run
your promotional ad in their e-zine or place your banner
ad on their web site for a set period of time.

2. Become A Publisher

Publish e-zines for other people for free. In return for your
work in designing, updating and gathering content you
request that your promotional ad be placed at the top of
each issue. Their duties will be to promote and send out
each issue to their subscribers.

3. Persuade Them To Sign

A great way to get e-mail addresses and testimonials for
your online business is to ask people to sign your guest
book. The problem is a lot of people won’t take the extra
time to sign your guest book. An effective way to persuade
them to sign your guest book is to give them something
free in return.

4. Create An E-mag

Publish your e-zine in ebook format. You could offer more
articles per issue. You could add graphics with the articles
just like in print magazines. Your advertising revenue would
increase because you could charge businesses for full page
color ads.

5. Tell Them What’s Next

Get your visitors excited about revisiting your web site.
Tell them about upcoming articles, prize drawings, free
stuff, etc. If they know what’s in store for them, they will
revisit. Tell then to sign up for an e-mail reminder or tell
them to bookmark your web site.

6. Share Your Information

Create a web book that’s related to your web site topic.
Give people the option of linking to the web book so they
give it away to their visitors. Put your ad on top of the
title page to get free advertising. This strategy will easily
multiply your advertising exposure.

Quote of the Day:

“A part of kindness consists in loving people more than
they deserve.” — Joseph Joubert

Use the above strategies and multiply your income!

Make it a great day,

Charles Kaluwasha

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