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7.2’s Newest Product: 7.2 CURB



SevenPoint2 is excited to announce their most recent entry in the multi-billion dollar health category of Weight Loss with 7.2 Curb. The product release in the US Market has been a resounding success, and we look forward to releasing the product to our other markets in the months to come.


7.2 Curb is the perfect complement to the 7.2 Weight Loss Made Simple program, which  features companion products 7.2 Greens,  7.2 Shake and our flagship alkaline product 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX®.  7.2 Curb helps you take control of your appetite and curb your cravings making weight loss far easier!

“Taking two 7.2 Curb capsules 20 minutes before a meal gives me superb appetite control, and great energy which lasts through out my day.  Even better, when I take Curb before dinner, the appetite control lasts throughout my “problem time” of 7 to 10 at night.”
– Jenn C., OH

“Adding 7.2 Curb to my Weight Loss Made Simple program has definitely taken my results to another level! By boosting my metabolism, aiding fat burning and curbing my appetite, it has given me a “Kick Start” to break my weight loss plateau, and I am really enjoying my results!
 – Oscar A., ID

7.2 Curb – take control of your appetite and curb your cravings! For more information go to www.sevenpoint2.com.


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