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A 12 Year Old School Boy Inspires The Crowd


Stories coming from people who attended the Chicago Event

are very inspirational and encouraging. One of the exciting

one is that of a 12 year old boy from Holland  who

talked about how he’s made $12,000 in his
Empower Network business…
Working about 2 hours a day…After school…

After he finishes his homework!

By the end of the third day there was actually
money falling from the ceiling!

Christy went on to state that  she can remember growing up, hearing never to expect money to just fall from the ceiling…


Geesh… What did she know?The “Get Money” in Chicago event with
Empower Network was Off the Charts!Every speaker had so much value to share
that motivated and inspired everyone to reach down
and realize their true potential.

But one of her biggest Aha moments…

Was when one of the speakers started talking
about the subject of how most Leaders were Readers.

She had already made something like $700,000
in her EN business and she was sharing the titles
of the books that influenced her the most…

When suddenly she held up this really small book.

The book is called – The Greatest Manifestation
Principle in the World
– by Carnelian Sage.

It contains the Missing Secret behind the Law
of Attraction that will enable you to finally
manifest your desires.

After this Christy got the book right away and she’s almost finished

with it. It’s absolutely over the moon!

So if you want to find out what The Greatest
Manifestation Principle in the World actually is…
(It’s not what you think)You can get the book here….

With all the sincerity in the world,

Charles Kaluwasha
One Amazingly Happy Couple!
(206) 801-1910


PS. We believe in YOU! You can do this!


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