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A Fireman Made $625 In his First Hour…

Empower Network is putting money in people’s pockets.

Today I received an email from Vincent Webb, one of the  members of

Empower Network Inner Circle stating that

his phone’s been ringing around the clock with people
who were Jacked about 100% Commissions and I quote:

But one particular phone call struck a strong cord.

I had just met Brian the Fireman recently.

Here’s a man who risks his life to protect people, and is
constantly putting the lives of others first before his own….

He’d been searching around the internet trying to find his
ticket out of the heat, bought course after course, seminar
after seminar and never ONCE earned a commission check.

Brian was at the point where he ready to throw in the towel
on the dream of being successful online, and well the truth is…
maybe you are at that point too.

As he told me of his journey in the industry, his disappointments
and failures I could hear him echoing the voices of thousands of
other people out there who felt exactly the same way.

But he wasn’t sad.

He was over the MOON.

Within an hour of his site being live
, he got an email on his
phone at the station house that he’d just made a  $625.00
commission! Someone he didn’t even know… Someone he’d
never even spoke to…

He was calling me from the station and he sounded so excited
he might burst.

Moral of the Story:
Yeah if you have a list, or if you have a strong
center of influence you can make a fortune quickly…. but if you’re
a Firefighter or someone with NO LIST at all, you can finally make
the money you need to take your Business to the Next Level.

These Masterminds are dishing out all of their secrets that have allowed

some to generate over $22K in Commissions in 48 Hours, and how beginners
are making even an extra $150+ a day and changing their lives…

Click Here if an Extra $150/day Would Make a Difference in Your Life.

This Generic Marketing System is honestly changing the game for
every new beginning on the Internet… I love it.

(Think of this…. with over 2000 members in 5 days, your contacts
are going to hear about this as it spreads… do you want someone
else making 100% Commissions off your LIST?

YES! I Want to Get Paid 100% Commissions TOMORROW

Now we are off to have a glass of wine and do some dancing
to a local band here… but we had to take time to share Brian’s
story with you…

If you are ready to start running in the RIGHT direction Click one
of those links and take action.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Vincent Webb
Building a business while having a life

PS. To See the Live Stream that David Wood did from his house in Costa Rica that brought in over $27,000 in sales for members of the Empower Network Click Here Now
_______________________End of email _________________________________

This shows that Empower Network is a real company that is changing peoples’ life…


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