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A mind-expanding ideas that can change your life

Mark Hoverson reviews some of his writings from his famous book called “Solomon CEO” that has some concepts from the richest king recorded in the Holy Bible.

A few years ago, he began to engage his
imagination in meditative rituals that were
based on the ancient writings of King Solomon.

He shared his semi-bizarre rituals yesterday,
and his phone started blowing up…people were
taking page after page after page of notes.

People were awakened and reorientated, and
re-energized in a new way.

He is going to pull this video down sooooooon.

Grab a coffee, a pen, and an open mind, and see
how the ancient whispers of Solomon can transform
your life and biz just like they did for him:

However if you are unfortunate that it has been pulled down,then watch a free video here

Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha



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