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A residual profit on autopilot

By joining 24-7 multimedia, you have opened the door to a vehicle that can help make all your dreams come true.

Let’s Talk residual lncome

We have heard the term “residual lncome” used quite a bit in the network marketing industry. All too often, we have heard the term misused. We have heard people refer to recruiting bonuses, commissions from team member’s sales, and personal sales commissions as residual lncome.

Residual lncome is simply recurring commission from the recurring consumption of products and/or services. The best example of residual lncome is insurance sales … you make the sale once and continue to earn lncome for many years. residual lncome is what pays for all of those impressive “brass and glass towers” that house insurance companies. Quite simply… residual lncome creates wealth and, more importantly … residual lncome creates the lifestyle we all want and deserve.

Your business and 24-7 can set you free. Once your team is built, the lncome is in the bank. You will continue receiving checks regardless of whether you continue to work or not.

Your primary business & 24-7 Multimedia are residual lncome Machines. All commissions are given from the ongoing consumption of products and services. Devote some time, effort, and a little capital to build your business with 24-7 MultiMedia and you will be open to pursue the lifestyle that you have always desired.

What does residual lncome mean for you? Spend quality time with your family. Buy or build your dream home. Start a college fund. See the world. Save money for your retirement years. Grab some time for your hobbies. Go on a second honeymoon. Work when you want to work. Play when you want to play. Above all else, enjoy your life!

Thank you for taking your time to read this article 🙂

Charles Kaluwasha
Virtual Success Team
(206) 801-1910

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