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A Simple 4 Step System To Automatic Profits On The Internet!

A Simple 4 Step System People Are Using To Generate Easy,
Automatic Profits On The Internet!

Are you ready to use a simple, proven system that is making an
incredible amount of money right now for hundreds of different

If so, I’m going to reveal a horribly simple way certain "Masters"
of the game are making fortunes all around you right now. It doesn’t
take a genius or a $100,000 investment. In some cases the entire
thing can be put together for $0 cost.

This article assumes you will be selling either information,
software, streaming audio, video seminars, cgi/perl scripts..etc.
Products that can be downloaded immediately after the order is
placed. Instant Access – we all love it.

Let’s get to it.

The first and most vital rule of all is this…

Your site MUST be a Direct Response Site.

Here’s where some shine and the rest just don’t get it. For a web
site to make the most money it must be a Direct Response Web Site.
It must focus on selling one product and get an immediate response
in the form of an order or lead.
(Preferably order)

Most sites exist as nothing more than portals leading their traffic
off in all directions away from their own site. A home page full of
links is just that – a home page full of links. It’s not a profit
machine and never can be.

A web site created out of a hot sales letter and an image of your
product will make you much more money than a web site full of links
ever will.

To me, advertising on the Internet is no different than advertising
in an income opportunity magazine. The only difference to me was the
fact that now I could not only sell the prospect, I could also take
the credit card order and deliver the product at the same time.

That was an exciting thought to me and it’s no less exciting today.
In many way it is even more exciting now. Today we have services we
could only hope for just a few years ago. On today’s Internet you
have services that do it all. A true plug and play opportunity to
sell anything you can come up with.

You don’t have to have a merchant account. You don’t have to know
about password protected directories. You don’t have to install any
affiliate script yourself. And the list goes on. If you choose, all
this can be done very easily for you. All you have to do is acquire
your own products to sell.

Once you have them you are going to create a direct response, self
advertising cash machine to sell them. A simple system that works
even when you don’t.

Here’s an example…

Bill is out clicking around on the net and comes upon a site created
by an obvious programming genius. The owner of the site is a 22 year
old who simply loves to create different software programs. He’s not
really interested in trying to sell what he creates.

Bill sees an opportunity. He contacts the young man and convinces
him to create a custom software program that will create incredibly
professional web sites automatically by simply answering the
questions the software asks. Perfect for newbies worldwide!

Bill immediately begins creating his direct response web site to
sell the product. A Buy, Bookmark or Leave site.

He chooses a combination of…

www.digibuy.com and www.affiliatetracking.net

…to accept credit card orders, give instant access to his product,
accept affiliates to sell his product and have affiliate checks sent
out all automatically. Once the software is done, Bill uploads it
and he’s ready to sell.

Bill then contacts e-zine owners in an attempt to make a deal. He
offers the e-zine owners a large percentage of the profit if they
will make an announcement about the offer. Bill contacts a total of
138 e-zine owners. 23 bite on the offer. Bill’s in the money.

Over the next 3 weeks Bill sells 400 copies of his software and
acquires 227 affiliates who will promote his product for him. After
the e-zine runs cooled down Bill averages $2,400 a month in sales
and growing. As more people visit Bill’s site he signs up more and
more affiliates to sell for him..all automatically.

Now this may seem like small numbers to you but realize that Bill
has a whole world of products available to him. He also has 23 e-zine
owners that already know him and will more than likely deal with him

Bill can duplicate this system 100 times if he wants to with 100
different products. More than this, Bill can go to the Bahamas any
time he chooses without having to worry about much at all. His money
machines are on autopilot. Everything is done for him.

This is not fantasy talk. It’s happening right now. One of my own
clients uses the service www.clickbank.com to sell over $11,000 a
month worth of one of his offers. ClickBank accepts the credit card
orders, allows him to accept affiliates AND pays his affiliates.

I’m talking about a simple system with huge potential. Anyone from
any place in the world can do this. The product and the web site are
all you need to concentrate on. The rest can be done for you. You
are only limited by the limits of your own imagination.

Here are the simple steps:

1. Get A Product.
2. Create A Direct Response Web Site To Sell It.
3. Plug In A Card Processing And Affiliate Tracking Service.
4. Do An E-Zine Blast. (Paid Ads or Commission Based Deals)

And wherever you may get stuck in the process, members are standing
by to help you through it in our forum. There is not a single
question you can ask about this process that can’t be answered.

Here’s another awesome bonus I do only for Warrior members. Once you
have your product created contact me and I will include a link to it
in one of my newsletters. I have over 90,000 readers as I write this
so if you have a hot product this should give you a great start. The
only requirement is that it must be a new product created by you or
someone you made a deal with.

To Your Success,
Allen Says


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