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A successful program to build wealth online that takes very little money to start.

A successful program to build wealth online that takes very little money to start.

This is a complete working sales funnel that does most of the work for you… explaining,pitching and closing your sales.
You main job is to attract potential customers to your landing page and the system will take care of of the rest of the work. However, contacting your leads,applicant and new members will even increase your conversions.

The maeketing funnel consists of the following:
1. Landing Page
Whenyou register, you will be provided a landing page of this website where your potential customers visit first. It is a simple page with very little information to create curiosity, there by encouraging your visitors to enter their names and email addresses requesting more information.
After successfully submitting their information, they will be taken to “Thank You Page” and added to our built in autoresponder, a clever way to remind them through a series of emails to their inbox.

2. Email marketing
Email markting ( autoresponders) is a form of getting a consent from the client accepting them to receive  a series of pre-written emails either daily or weekly. This is the most important element in internet marketing. The gurus state that,”money is in the list” The more people you have on your list, the more sales you will make.

3. Thank you page
This is what your potential customers see after they register their names and emails then activate their registration. Here they will see more details,testimonials and an invitation to purchase the product. This is the most part that is crucial to your business. When you make money, you are able to re-invest and the rest put in your pocket, pay bills and go on vacation.

4. Call center
This is the genius and uniqueness of our marketing system that beats the rest system in this industry. All your applicants will be contacted by our trained professionals within an hour if they sign up during business hours. Each applicant will be assigned with a coach to answer all  questions and assist them getting started!

In a nut shell, this is an outline of our marketing system. If you have been online and do not get high conversion rates, then something is not right with your system.

Make it a wonderful Day !

Charles Kaluwasha

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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