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A Transformational weekend in Chicago

This week end a lot is going on in Chicago where entrepreneurs are having fun and exchanging/brain storming on how to change their life styles. One members  sent me this report I am happy to share with you today. Here we go…

It’s Christy here, writing to you after a tear jerking and transformational weekend in Chicago.

My husband an I drove down to Chicago this weekend to attend the Empower Network event.


Now, my husband isn’t involved in Internet Marketing, but is always so supportive and wanted to attend the event with me.Boy am I glad he did!

We were both blown away with the sincerity and authenticty of EVERYONE involved.
I have been to a lot of business events over the years.  I’ve
also made a lot of money and have been fortunate to work with a lot of amazing people.
So ….I went to the event because as a seasoned marketer I believe in Empower Network and the rare opportunity it has to create fortunes for those involved.The funny thing was … and I didn’t even realize this
could happen …

I went from believing to KNOWING!

Knowing that this WILL create financial fortunes for those who follow the simple steps to success.

Knowing that lives WILL be changed because of this
incredible and powerful movement.

Knowing that this company, these owners & these leaders are the REAL DEAL.

Join us today at


Jason & I will personally mentor you no matter what your background, experience or current financial level is.

(Oh yea, did I tell you that my husband, Jason, decided after this incredible weekend, that not only will he continue to be the loving supportive husband, but is now going to build Empower Network too!)

We believe in YOU and KNOW that this could finally be what you need to transform your life!

With all the sincerity in the world,

Christy & Jason Ivkovich

One Amazingly Happy Couple!

(262) 299-5852

I’m literally inspired by this great transformation going on in this industry. I will be more active and help as many people as possible.

I hope you will join us in this movement that is empowering ordinary people through out the world.

Charles Kaluwasha



Power to the people

Power to the people




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