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Acquiring Leads to Get More Traffic to Your Site

How will you get your site visitors back? It’s hard to tell. But there is a sure fire way to do this. To target lost prospects for your site, you need to acquire leads. FYI, a lead is a visitor that might want to purchase your products or services. This is a very critical activity in the process of lead generation.

It’s not easy to identify a prospective visitor. Not only will it be a very complex task but it is expensive as well. Some of the visitors might not be ready to be converted. To make the meaning of leads easier to understand, acquiring leads just means that you have to bring people to your site.

What are the ways to acquire leads? Simple, you can use the so called email marketing or the opt-in email lists. You can choose to do it yourself or pay a very good amount of money for internet providers who do this kind of service.

When you choose to do it manually, you will use a lead capture form and place it on your sites landing page. Also place them on traffic entry pages that offer significant newsletters.

You must create a lead capture form good enough to ask for the prospective customers email address. They should also be asked for permission to email regularly.

You can find customers from some of the reliable sources. Some sources can provide prospective customers; they let them rent their prospect lists. These prospect lists can come from a professional organizations trade groups, a list of brokers and even alumni associations.

Another way to acquire leads is through link exchanges. You can exchange links with the other sites that offer the same services on your site. Just choose one which draws a lot of attention. When you exchange links the chances of acquiring leads is good.

These are some of the ways to buy leads when you choose to do it yourself. Its kind of time consuming but it really makes sense when you achieve the site traffic you want.

The other way to acquire leads is to get email opt in lists, sometimes you can find a lot of lists online. Here are some examples of the Opt in Email List providers: acquirelist.net, AllmediaInc., Aboutlists.com, 24/7media, 1touchmarketing.com and 1000lists.com. These are just some of the providers that can help you. If you prefer another list, then you can search online for more.

The following are some of the payment options and terms that you should understand.

CPA or Cost Per Acquisition and the term of payment depends on the results of the emails being sent out. It’s like paying on how many customers you get. This is more of a per sale basis. The good thing here is that you and the provider somewhat become partners.

CPM or Cost Per M, means cost per thousand. Providers of this type of offer are called brokers. Here they are going to send you email. For instance, they will send 50,000 emails, the CPM is $40/M, so that would cost you $2000. You are going to pay them on this basis whether you make sales or not.

CPC or Cost per click is when the providers give emails that, when it goes out, there will be a link to click. This could be a web page that they can visit to acquire some information. The payment term here is actually per click to the targeted URL.

When you are going to pay the Opt in List providers, pay them with a credit card. Why? Because if you have been cheated, you have a way out through the credit card company because they will help you in such cases.

If they don’t want to be paid with a credit card, then, don’t do business with them since they may not give refunds.

So here’s a word of advice for those who will choose to pay for the list providers. Always make sure that you obtain the lists that you order.

Now you have some of the ways to buy leads to generate more traffic. Also, make sure that you give good reasons for these prospective customers to go to your site. Acquiring leads can be easy and affordable. Just make sure that you make the right decisions to get it done.
You definitely will gain more site traffic.
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