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Affiliate Programs – Where To Find And Select The Best Affiliate Programs For You

by Matt Bacak

What companies do you recommend for affiliate programs? I am interested in Internet marketing and informational financial help such as “get out of debt” products. How many affiliate programs do you recommend we represent at one time?

Answer: If you are on my Monday night calls then you can go to the “Private Area” and look at my list of recommended affiliate programs. There are about 50 programs available.

You should look at competition in your niche. See what products they are promoting. Get on their multiple lists in your niche so you can see what they are promoting. If several of your lists are promoting the same product then that may be a hot product that you should become an affiliate for. Find out the affiliate program for those hot products, join them, and sell that hot product as well.

You can represent as many affiliate programs as you want as long as they make you money. The one thing that you want to look for in affiliate programs is for somebody that will get you ready to promote their products and services. You want them to give you everything in their arsenal that you need to sell their products. For example, they should give you prewritten emails to send out, links, banners, Google AdWords ads, keywords, etc. They should make your life easier.

If you have to recreate the wheel to figure out how you are going to promote an affiliate’s products then you are going to have a hard time. Don’t do it this way.

Another place to find good affiliate programs in your niche is to attend seminars. Find out if the speakers have affiliate programs. They usually do. Since they are speaking at the event then they probably have good affiliate programs. Plus, you can do teleseminars with them because you can meet them at the event and establish a relationship.

Every week there is a new opportunity for an affiliate program. My guidelines that I have as far as affiliate programs is that the person running it has to already make over $1,000,000 per year. You might not be at this level, but have guidelines that will help you choose the most lucrative affiliate programs. There is not a set number as to the number of affiliate programs you should participate in.

Also, look out for what your list also wants. Look at their feedback. They may ask for information about a certain topic. Go out and find products and services that have this information. Become a part of these affiliate programs because it promotes products and services that your list wants.

I knew if I put money in their pocket then they would put money in my pocket and do things for me. So by being affiliates you are making money for somebody that could potentially sell things for you in the future. They will like the fact that you made money for them first.

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