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Ardyss Reshaping Garments

Are you tired of dieting and going to the gym every week in order to shade of those pounds?
There is a very simple way of losing weight without restricting yourself on diets that do not work.
Ardyss international has formulated and designed specialized garments that can help you reshape your body instantly.

Scholars have found that during Our Life cycle, as the Body Ages
• We notice the effects of gravity pulling down
• Forward motions in daily life cause poor posture
• By mid life we’ve often lost our waistlines, gained varicose veins

During pregnancy stress and strain on our bodies increases as a result:
• Stretch marks develop as the body grows to accommodate the baby
• Additional weight, less exercise compromise circulation & varicose veins develop
• Internal organs shift as baby grows and can cause inflammation

Due to the poor lifestyle we have adopted, many of us suffer the epidemic of Being Overweight:
• Excess fat affects our ability to fully engage in life’s activities
• Back problems, knee problems become amplified
• Weight pulls us down and posture suffers

When it comes to sports,Men & Women many be affected in many ways,
• Can suffer back pain from improper equipment/improper alignment/form
• Constant pounding & inadequate support can cause breasts to sag
• Many athletes cite accelerated aging as a result of sports

But the Ardyss Line of Reshaping Products can reverse all the above effects on our bodies so that you Look & Feel Better Instantly.

Body Magic
• Our Reshaping garments improve and restore these attacks on the body
• Reinforces & firms the entire abdomen to the thighs
• Moves the fat position towards middle abdomen to burn & discharge
• Thins hips while lifting buttocks

Abdomen Men’s Shirt
• Provides abdomen & lower back support
• Protects, improves spinal alignment
• Prevents back pain & muscular fatigue
• Reduces body size up to 2 sizes

And the sky is the limit if you visit our store
Keep your body healthy and live longer!

Charles Kaluwasha
Proud member of Ardyss International


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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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