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Are You Stuck With Time Share?

Are you feeling stuck and like you can’t get out?  Find some

alternatives to timeshare here (and at a jaw-dropping membership price):

I’m sure that if you’ve never owned a timeshare or you

don’t own one now, you’ve at least heard of them.  Right?

Timeshares are a great option for some people.  But not all

people benefit from owning a timeshare, and if you have ever

fallen out of love with your timeshare, you will understand

exactly how it feels to be “stuck” in one.

Some Quick Timeshare Facts:

• Average Cost for a New Timshare – $18,000

• Average Cost for Annual Fees – $500-$1000

• Average Cost to Get Rid of a Timeshare – $1200 (plus

deed/mortgage transfer costs and maybe even closing costs)

Yowza!  Our membership is a much better deal (and a tiny fraction

of what a timeshare costs).  I’m sure you’ll agree after you
see this:

There are many, many people who don’t use their timeshare (for
various reasons).

Take my aunt and uncle, for example.  They bought a Timeshare

years ago.  And it really hasn’t been all fun and games for

them (at least not like the timeshare advertisements portray).

A few years ago, my uncle got sick and they fell on hard times.

With my aunt now as the family breadwinner, their yearly vacation

is the first thing that got cut.  But you know what?  They are

still paying their annual timeshare fees.  Timeshare resorts

don’t give you a break on those…even during the lean

times…even if you can’t use your timeshare like you wish you


If you are stuck and you feel like you can’t get out…

It’s not your fault.

If you just can’t take a vacation at the same time you have

access to your timeshare week and your efforts in getting the

timeshare week you really want are futile (timeshare exchanges

are never guaranteed)…

It’s Not Your Fault.

If you have to pay your annual timeshare fees year after year

after year, even though you aren’t using your timeshare…

It’s not your fault.

The timeshare companies spend millions of dollars on their slick

advertising.  They hire the most aggressive salespeople who know

exactly how to push our “buy now” buttons.

The timeshare resort salespeople know that if you are stuck in a

room with them for hours on end, and if they keep pitching to you

and handing you different contracts to sign and offers and

bonuses, they just might eventually get you to sign up. 

And it’s not your fault.

Most of us are unprepared for a timeshare presentation.

Timeshare companies send us some kind of free offer that states:

“Attend our presentation and get a free 7-day cruise.”

Or maybe you get a “free stay” at their resort.

They can spend money on you like this and give you freebies all

day long just to get you to attend a presentation because they

know that most people will buy from them. 

Fortunately, we are NOT a timeshare company.  And even though we

aren’t, our members have access to the same timeshare resorts

at a fraction of the price that a lot of other people are paying

for (an average of $18,000).  We have no annual fees and no

mortgage payments.  See how we compare here:


Do you know what some of the timeshare resorts do when people say

no to them and the salesperson finally stops trying to sell them

the timeshare week? 

They try to sell them a membership just like ours, that uses the

same travel provider, for 3 times more than what we charge.

Imagine that…

The “timeshare resort hype” stops right here with our membership:

Before you buy a timeshare, do your due diligence.  IF you are

willing to pay annual fees, make sure you at least buy a resale

timeshare.  They’re a lot cheaper than the new ones (but still

not as good a deal as ours).  ?

All My Best,
Charles Kaluwasha

P.S. If you own a timeshare (or know of someone who does) and you
think you may have been taken advantage of or just want to get
out of it, please call me.  I know of honest companies that can
help you.  00-644-237-8910.  You will not be under any obligation
to buy our membership.
P.P.S.  …But if you do want our membership, it is here for the
taking: httt://www.roitravelnetwork.com

9 Tararua close, Aotea, Porirua
Wellington 5024
New Zealand


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