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Are You Swimming with Sharks

Are You
Swimming with Sharks?

Copyright © Charlie Page

A number of years ago a business book was written with the title
"Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive". The Internet is a
lot like the title of that book. The water is certainly full of
sharks, all ready to take their $39.99 (or more) bite out of YOUR

Before you become someone’s next snack and make your credit card
scream "Not again!" let’s look at the things you will need to
succeed now and in the future.

Before we go further let me say that you CAN make a living online,
pretty much without regard to your age, experience or education
level. Let me also add that I’m not going to recommend anyone’s
product or service, even mine.

The FIRST thing you need is knowledge, and plenty of it.
Fortunately, there are great resources you can tap that won’t cost a
dime. This ezine is one of those resources!

Here are the five things I would tell any person wanting to "make
it" online.

—–> Know the Language

Imagine being dropped by helicopter into the deepest, darkest jungle
you can imagine. The natives don’t speak your language and you
certainly don’t speak theirs.

Welcome to the Internet!

The *first* thing you must understand is the language of the Net.
You must become familiar (not an expert, just familiar) with things

* Autoresponders

* Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

* Ebook

* Ezines





* Opt-In


* And more!

The more you know, the more time you will save sifting through the
offers you receive and the less money you will waste buying
something you really didn’t want.

Here’s a tip. When you find a site that defines terms well, copy the
definitions and create your own "Internet Dictionary". Soon you
won’t waste time OR money.

—–> Avoid Confusion

There is a proven path to success on the Internet. It includes great
web copy, getting traffic to your site, placing ads in ezines, using
autoresponders to follow up, having a way to collect money, selling
more stuff to existing customers and so forth.

The *problem* is that there are about a thousand web sites and
"gurus" who are all saying the same thing … but in different
words. No wonder most people are confused!

Here’s a great way to avoid confusion. Make a list of the things you
will need to succeed. A good list to start with is the list above.
Then find *one* eBook, eCourse or ezine that deals with that
subject. Now, here’s the really hard part … you have to READ it.
Read it all. From cover to cover. Pretend you are going to make a
book report on it.

You must have this basic knowledge to begin in earnest.

—–> Understand the Cost of "Free"

We would all like to believe that you can get everything you need
for no money and go on to make millions on the Net. But that’s not
the real world.

The fact is that you will need to spend money at some point. You
simply won’t want the limitations that "free" requires such as other
people’s ads in your auto-responders.

Here’s a tip. Look for services that have either been around a long
time (that’s anytime before the year 2000 in the Internet world) or
one where you can upgrade to a paid service when you are ready.
Switching services later will cost time and money.

—–> Avoid the Hype

If there were a magic formula, a "shortcut to success" or a way to
make millions in 90 days everyone would be doing it.

The next time you get a "too good to be true" offer ask yourself if
it makes sense for someone who makes a million dollars a year to be
spending time sending YOU an unsolicited email. Then hide your
credit card for the next 24 hours. If you still want the product
after cooling down, go for it!

—–> Have a Plan

I’m NOT talking New Year’s Resolutions or time management

here. I’m talking about sticking with something until you have the
chance to succeed. SO many people on the Net join a program, don’t
make a dime in the first couple of months and then quit that program
to do another. No one can succeed this way.

The best advice I know is to find something that interests you,
investigate it well, make sure real people (not just the
super-promoters) are making real money and then make a commitment to
it. How long to commit will come out as you investigate it.

Want to make this your best year ever? Focus on the basics of
success, be persistent and smart and success will be yours!

Charlie Page is the owner of the Directory of Ezines, the first and
most comprehensive list of quality ezines that accept advertising
available on the Internet. Charlie can show you how to sell more
products and earn more affiliate commissions using the Internet’s #1
marketing method … ezine marketing!

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