Recruiting people into  your  organization is the  hardest  part  I  have  encountered  in this  industry. No wonder only  nine percent of  marketers  make it online.

Leads  are  the  source of  your  income if  you  ever  decide  to start  this  business.  Many  affiliate companies will  give you free  websites but  will never give you  free  leads…  you  have  to  tail off  to get  one lead.  they  may   tell you  that  they  will teach you  how  to, But  when  you  sign up, you  are  left  alone  to  figure it  out  on your  own.

I  have  experienced it in the  last  7  years of  my  journey.

You  must  learn the  skills  to  do it  properly  otherwise, you  will be  wasting your  time, money  and  resources.

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He  has  created short  courses  that teach you  how  and  where  to get these hot leads…

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