If you want to make massive income on line, you have to expose your home business online to as many people as possible. You cant do it single handedly but you need to use the power of leverage and duplication. To do this you need a system that will help you spread the news like ebola virus. Within a shortes time everyone will know about your business!

This is why Viral Express was  created…itis a cutting-edge viral marketing system designed to promote any home-based Internet business. The system generates massive exposure to the right audience and combines high tech with high touch. Because of this unique approach, the system forces duplication and naturally creates ‘layers of leadership’ on your team.

Viral Express was designed with three benefits in mind:

1. Create massive, targeted exposure for YOUR primary business(es).
2. Eliminate YOUR marketing costs and convert them into secondary income streams.
3. Reduce YOUR risk and increase YOUR profits with multiple streams of Internet income.
The main focus of Viral Express is to assist you in quickly building your primary business(es)geometrically. Instead of building linearly (one new member at a time) like most marketers, Viral Express targets active marketers with the goal of building your business geometrically by adding new members in groups.

Because everyone owns their own marketing system, you also have the ability to eliminate your marketing expenses & generate a secondary income stream, by simply sharing the system with your team. Instead of you introducing your team to a lead source or system (Opt-In Leads, Ad Coops,Pay Per Clicks, Newspaper Ads, Solo Ads, etc.) that make someone else wealthy, with Viral Express you are compensated for introducing your team to your marketing system… and training & supporting them. As your team grows, your primary and secondary income streams grow naturally and together.

Since we also understand the value of multiple income streams, you can promote any where from 1-11 business opportunities seamlessly and simultaneously. When you offer prospects multiple choices, it dramatically increases the value of your database and significantly reduces the risks associated with owning a home business.

Viral Express operates like an Internet Vending Machine, promoting your business with cutting-edge traffic tools and our unique viral marketing system. Because of the viral marketing system, ads for your business can appear on hundreds,thousands, perhaps even millions of sites. Nothing like this has ever been available before.The automated sponsoring tools and massive exposure generate automatic enrollments for your business. In the past 15 years, our team has generated over 96,000 enrollments using our Viral Marketing Systems, and the best part is we only spoke to a very small percentage of them before they joined. Over 99% visited the viral marketing websites, liked what they saw, and joined automatically.

We then put those new members through a 3-Step Interview Process to locate the serious leaders. As you probably know from your experience in the industry, there are plenty of people who “talk the talk” … they claim to be willing to do what it takes to be successful. But when push comes to shove, very few actually “walk the walk.” The Interview Process is designed to uncover the select few who will do what’s necessary to create a 6-figure residual income.The Viral Express Viral Marketing System and Interview Process eliminate one of the biggest issues for networkers – they spend most of their time trying to talk the wrong people into joining their business. Because our system generates automatic enrollments, (our average Viral Express PRO member experiences 120-240 personal enrollments each year), we simply interview our new members to find out who is serious and committed. We then work with those serious individuals as ateam to assit them creat wealth on the long overhaul. When you have a team of  serious  and dedicated  members, the benefits  are great.  This is what is lacking in many home based internet businesses.

At Viral express, we care for each other and  regard each other as a family. We have been doing this for  many years secretly. Now we want a few members of the public to know  what we do  and  why we do things differently. This year we aim to have only 500  new Pro members  then we close the door to the  public. If you want to generate massive exposure of your  primary businesses, this is the right time and right place to be!



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Charles Kaluwasha