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Artiful,the #1 lucrative Art e-commerce business opportunity

Welcome back to your favorite blog, it is a pleasure and honour to have you on board. Your contribution to make this blog useful is always appreciated. Leave a comment at the end of this posting. Kind regards, Charles Kaluwasha!

Artiful Limited is a private member’s Investment Art Club specializing in art prints wide wide.At Artiful, they sell art Investment from a variety of well known artist.They have been in business for over 10 years and have become trusted service for superior art prints.

They provide the highest level of customer service, unique,exciting and lucrative club membership concept for entrepreneurs who wish to make money by referring business to them.
They don’t advertise or promote the business by traditional means, but solely rely on personal referrals. This allows the re-distribution of advertising revenues in the form of generous sales commission directly to members who recommend the products to others.
If you are looking for a viable e-commerce platform at an affordable rate, Artiful offers a unique lucrative and global e-commerce business opportunity that provides you with:
-An exclusive range of Limited Edition Prints that sells itself
-A secure e-commerce infrastructure to manage, monitor and control your business
-A dedicated and automatic service to dispatch orders directly to your customers
-Marketing sales materials including brochures and online digital presentation
-High level of potential presentation
-No set sales targets
-Low capital outlay to establish your business
-Lucrative pay plan for everyone:

It is paying commission to its members based on sales generated by members.
Start packs are of $100,$300,$700 and $1500

1.Direct referral bonuses are as follows:
$10 on $100 start pack
$30 on $300 start pack
$70 on $700 start pack
10% on all subsequent art purchases

2.Share ownership

When the company achieves $20,000 RB commission each member will be portioned US$0.01 share and pay $25 one time admin fee

3.Royalty Club
When you reach 6 star level you will get $5000 for 2 months there after $5000 every month as long as you maintain your 6 star level

4.Revolving Board Commission
Those who purchase $100,$300 and $700 start packs:
Get $2,500 if they have only 2 personal referrals
Get $1000 if they have only 1 personally referral
And get $500 if they do not have any personal referral

5.Leadership bonus

You get 2% of the 1st revolving bonus commission….
Entitled to $5000 monthly expenses

This is how the payplan is; there is something for everyone.
So be the VIP and a leader by doing something different when the economy is down!

Register NOW and get your website set and pay later after 10days when the other payment options are finalized

==> http://www.artifu.com/lifeonthenet7

To your success,

Charles Kaluwasha

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